Get Free EA Access Codes Now {100% Working Codes}

Free EA Access Codes: First of all what is EA. EA is actually meant for all the gamers. But you need the codes to play and enjoy the games. If at all you were ready with the codes, then you can go ahead playing EA games successfully. Once you earned enough EA Play Free membership code Xbox One, PS4, and other consoles, then you can start playing games like Sims 4, FIFA 20, NHL 20, and many more very well without facing any issue.

Before we step into learning how to earn these free EA Access codes, let us learn a few interesting lines about the EA now without wasting our valuable time. EA is actually the best wide-gaming subscription available on both Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 respectively. On using this or undergoing the EA, you are going to get the perks just like Massive collection, Member discount, and also the early trials respectively.

free ea access codes

Well, however, when you come for a member discount, it is going to provide around 10% on all the discount purchases, on either the Xbox or PS4 respectively. Any user can access this without any fail. But the only thing you need is of earning free EA access codes. However, there are certain methods that help you to access EA Play Code Kostenlos (free) within a short period of time.

How To Get Free EA Access Codes Now

The good news is waiting for you!!! All this means now you can earn free EA Play free membership codes successfully by accessing the below methods.

  • Requesting or asking EA support for free of cost.
  • Requesting a friend/ relative for earning left-over codes.
  • Look out for the EA play trial codes or free trial.
  • Using the Free EA access codes available over the Web.
  • Fill out the online surveys and get free EA access codes.

Let’s go into each and every method in detail and learn how to earn free EA Access codes now without any fail. So, are you ready? If your answer is yes, let’s go now.

1. Requesting Or Asking EA Support For Free Of Cost

You have an opportunity now on requesting or asking all about EA support for earning free EA Access codes successfully. So, let’s now learn the simple points mentioned below in simple understandable language.

  • The very first check out whether your internet connection is enabled. Once done, now open the regularly used web browser.
  • Go to its in-built search bar and now open the official site address respectively.
  • Once the page gets open, log in by providing the needful details. If in case, you are new, then you are requested to create a new account. Well, but remember one point. As you have already played various EA games, you will definitely go to have the account.
  • Wait for a while till you get connected with the EA supportive or representative. And this takes lesser than 10-15 minutes.
  • Once the support representative gets connected successfully, you have to claim that the Access codes are not working properly.
  • Then the representative goes and asks to share the code. And you are allowed to tell or share the random code. It comes with only 16 characters. For instance let me tell you an example, the EA access code: 4PB7L7AXE8VWX1AR respectively.
  • Do not copy and paste but just do some alterations replacing the letters or numbers.
  • Thereafter the support representative going to ask where exactly you got the game.
  • Just do tell the name like either Bestbuy/ Gamestop/ Walmart/ any.
  • The support representative will ask you to wait for a while and provide the free EA access code. Enjoy playing on accessing these codes now without stepping back.

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2. Requesting A Friend/ Relative For EA Play Free Code

Well, let me tell you a secret about it. Whenever your friend or relative makes a purchase regarding Xbox, they will get the EA access codes. You are allowed to ask or request them for the codes to apply and play the games successfully. Once they share with you, you can access or locate the codes that are available on the manual itself.

ea access codes for free

3. Looking Out For The Simple And Free Trails

The EA Access doesn’t provide you the free trails. But it offers occasionally. So keep focusing on its home page. This is why because anytime you have a chance of winning the free trails. So keep connected to the home page without any fail.

4. Using The Free EA Access Codes Available Over The Web

Well, for instance, I am going to share certain free access codes that can be available over the web. This is all to build a better idea in you without any fail. Now let’s go and look into the free EA Play Code so that you can grab them immediately.


EA Access Codes Free 2022


Free EA Access Codes For PS4


Free EA Play Code


5. Fill Out Online Surveys To Get EA Access Membership

We know that using an EA play free trial code or free EA access codes is not available all the time. The free-trial option is given only occasionally and free codes are always used up if not grabbed at the right time. So, there is another method that you can use to earn free EA access codes. This method will be accomplished by spending money, but you don’t have to pay for it actually.

You might have heard about online survey websites that pay for filling out your feedback. SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks, and SurveyVoices are the recommended ones. Just fill out the surveys and complete the tasks to earn points. Once enough points are gathered, redeem the points to get real money on your PayPal account. Use this to buy an EA Access membership.

These are certain methods that you can use to find and earn EA play code free of cost. No single penny is required to get these EA access codes now. I hope everything shared here is very clear and understandable.


What is an EA Access code?
EA Access Codes or EA Play Free Membership codes give a lot of perks for EA gamers. With an EA Access code, the players can access many games like FIFA 20, SIMS4, and can also get other benefits such as early trials, discounts, etc.
Can you get a free trial of EA Access?
If you are signing up on EA Access for the first time, then you can enjoy a one-month free trial of EA Access. Your subscription billing will become active once the trial ends.
How to get free EA Access codes?
  • Requesting or asking EA support for a free EA Access account
  • Requesting a friend/ relative for earning left-over codes
  • Looking out for the simple and free trails
  • Using the Free EA access codes available over the Web
Why do I need free EA Access codes?
EA Access Codes offers a lot of perks for EA gamers like discounts, an early trial option, and a massive collection of games. Those who cannot afford the subscription fee for EA Access can use the free EA Access codes.
Which is the best way to get free EA Access codes?
If you are signing up for the first time, then use the one-month free trial. If you have already used the trial, try to search for free codes over the web. You can also fill out some online surveys to gather enough money to buy EA Access.


Hopefully, the methods of accessing and getting free EA Access codes had become easy now by picking one of the ways from above. If you still have any doubts, share them with us. So that I am going to help in dealing with and explaining in simple and easy terminology. However, for more updates and new tutorials, keep going with the Techrulz without undergoing second thoughts.

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