Best Free Prank Call Websites to Prank Friends {Working Sites List}

Free Prank Call Websites: You might have seen there is a lot of pressure in one single person. That might basis on his/ her daily routines, office work, or any!!! Due to such huge work schedules, people think at least once in 6 hours to take a break and get relax. But how?

There are many ways that help people coming out of stress. How? Well, I am going to help you in explaining one best idea or method that can easily release all your stress. None other than a prank call.

Free Prank Call Websites

Citizens either they might be celebrities or working employees or youth whoever loves to make prank calls and obtain bit fun. This greatly helps you to come out from such huge stress in your life and turn yourself back on focusing on the work you are going with.

What is a Prank Call? 

Well, doing a prank call, making a bit of fun, and coming back to your daily routine is fine enough. But the thing is how can I choose the best free prank call websites? Even though there are a huge number of web sites, how can I pick? For all these types of queries, I have come with a strong and best enough solution. Today I have bought a few best free Prank call websites. By which you can select one continue access to make your day a bit exciting and funny. So, are you ready to go through all such sites? If your answer is yes, then why late? Good to go!!!!!

Lists of Free Prank Call Websites

Below are the lists of free prank call websites. In which you can pick any based on comfort or convenience. And then can start accessing it without stepping back. So, therefore, let us go and learn the details mentioned below in the form of bullet points.

  • Comedy Calls
  • PrankDial
  • Wacky Prank calls
  • Easy Prank

Comedy Calls

Comedy Calls is going to offer various funny calls successfully. The major motive behind the introduction of this website is to create humor large in number and at the same time avoiding all the calls that are completely suspicious and annoying.

free prank call site

It can be accessed and work in a smooth way. But the only thing you have to do is picking up the humorous call taking through its database and enter the receiver’s contact number. This is all just to make one of the free comedy calls. Other features like ad-free interface, timing feature, and many more were well supportable.


This is again one of the best prank call websites offering a variety of pranks to all the members respectively. You have the possibility to choose any prank and can be forwarded to friends and family undoubtedly. Also, you have a chance to add the friend’s contact number along with the country code.

free prank call website

And one person should take responsibility for recording calls and send them in terms of the prank calls. By accessing this site, you can well enjoy making fun moments and laugh at certain reactions encountered by the other person. Make sure this is only to make fun but doesn’t even try to misuse which in turn hurts them badly.

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Wacky Prank calls

While there are many websites, why Wacky Prank calls site? This also offers a wide variety of pranks but with a unique feature. Yes, absolutely!!! No person has to dial the number through the site and access, it only offers one specific number for making a prank call.

prank call websites

All the things you have to enter the victim’s contact number for starting a prank call. Make sure you are also following the entire IVR instructions respectively. Other than this, the entire work is going to be done by the site itself. Also, remember this respective tool no more undergo downloading any type of other Softwares into it.

Easy Prank

When you come back to the Easy prank, it also does the same on offering a wide variety of pranks perfectly. This no more offers funny calls trolling the friends/ family members respectively. Also, no more encourages caller ID spoofing feature just similar to other websites.

prank calling websites free

But yes, you can use the alias number in order to make a call. It totally enhances the user’s freedom for making calls irrespective of time and place. Well, as there are a lot of websites, why Easy prank? Let me tell you this is simple, easy to understand, and at the same time accessing can be done without facing hurdles.

Final Words:

I hope everything provided here is very simple and easy to understand. If you have any doubts regarding these sites, post a comment. We will help you in clearing out. Also, if you like the article, do share it with your friends/ family and also through social networking sites without fail. Thank you. Stay connected with techrulz for learning more and more essential details posted over here.

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