How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video? {Cancel My Prime Video Subscription}

Well, before learning how to cancel Prime Video, let us focus and learn a few interesting details about Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime Video is also known for Prime Video, considered as one of the famous American Internet video services introduced and equally owned by the company called Amazon. Initially, this has come into existence in the year 2006.

And the owner is none other than the company Amazon Inc. This is HeadQuartered at Seattle, Washington D.C, the United States of America. Activating Amazon Prime at their homes, start enjoying watching numerous movies, accessing various apps like Youtube, Zee5, Aha, SunNxt, Hotstar, and many more respectively. Small aged people to people aged around 60+ years also enjoy watching Amazon Prime.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video

But the point is how can I cancel Amazon Prime Video. Are there any methods? Well, you have a chance to cancel Amazon Prime Video successfully Online itself. How and in what way were discussed just below. Let’s start looking out these points one by one now and make an attempt to cancel Amazon Prime video now at your home successfully.

A Few Lines about the Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is usually available in numerous countries and territories high in number. And the Membership offered by Amazon Prime equally varies from one to another. So when you are accessing, starting at the time of the signup process, it is going to ask you to select a location for helping you learn all the membership options one by one successfully. In general, the Prime Memberships it is going to involve or the following.

  • 30-days Amazon free trial Period
  • Monthly Amazon Prime Membership
  • Annual Amazon Prime Membership
  • Annual Amazon Prime Student Membership

These are the four options you are going to have in general. These options change and vary based on the location you are likely to activate and access.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video?

Whenever the subscription involved is created by a third party like a mobile service provider, you are requested to contact he/her for undergoing further assistance.  Noting down this point, let us dig more to learn the process involved for canceling the Amazon Prime membership now successfully without facing even a single bug or error respectively. Anyhow the cancellation can be done in two ways.

cancel amazon prime video

  • Turning Off Auto-Renew option now at
  • The process involved canceling Amazon prime when your part of the Amazon Prime Membership.

Depending upon the connection established, you are allowed to choose one process, follow the steps, and then implement them accordingly to cancel the Subscription now without undergoing any kind of second thought.

1. Turn Off Auto-Renew Option on

This is one method where you can easily cancel the subscription facing zero trouble of bug at the time of access. Go through these simple steps, apply the same, and then you will be done perfectly.

  •  The very first, you are allowed to move the accounts and settings page.
  • And right there you are going to locate and option the so-called Your Membership section available in the form of menu lists. Do select it.
  • Also, select the option called End Membership and then tap confirm.
  • Well, you are successfully done!

2. As a part of Amazon Prime Membership

This process is when you access or watch all the Prime Videos by enabling Amazon Prime Membership respectively. Without undergoing any second thought, go through these simple steps, and implement or apply the same now to cancel the Subscription successfully. So, are you ready to go through these simple points? If your answer is yes, no need to waste the time. Just go and apply the steps now one by one.

  • Initially, you are requested or allowed to move a section of so-called Accounts and Settings.
  • Now just below the Account Section tab, tap on the option edit on amazon present over the amazon Membership Tab.
  • And finally, do select one of the options called End Membership and benefits respectively. Or just the option called End trail and benefits.
  • Finally, tap on the button called to confirm.

Note: When you cancel the Amazon Prime Video Membership, the additional subscriptions activated along with it are no more going to be renewed too. All these completely end successfully.

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3. How to Cancel Your Prime Video Channel Subscription

To let this happen, follow the below simple three steps mentioned in the form of bullet points.

  • You are allowed to move the option called Manage the Prime Video Channels.
  • Now if you have observed closely, you will be able to locate an option called Subscription.
  • Right there, do tap on the cancel channel option and finally tap confirm.
  • That’s all!

Next to this, you will be able;e to find a subscription date appearing on the screen. Also, remember one point that cancellation of the subscription will no more be allowed to generate a refund related or regarding the subscription charges previously made.


Following any of these ways, you can easily cancel the Amazon Prime Video Subscription with zero bugs or disturbances respectively. I hope I am cleared explaining the points over here. If you still have any doubts, post a comment. We will help in guiding you and resolving all the doubts very well. Thank you.

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