5 Best Working Ways To Fix Twitch.Tv/Activate Not Working

Are you facing the twitch.tv/activate not working issue? Did you get the twitch.tv activate code not working error? That means your Twitch account is free to be used by someone else! You definitely have to fix this problem ASAP.

Even though it’s really easy to log in with twitch, but sometimes there are some issues that stop people from using their accounts correctly.

twitch.tv/activate not working

In this article, we have shown possible solutions on how to fix twitch.tv/activate not working problem?

Why Is Twitch.Tv/Activate Not Working?

This is an error that occurs when you are trying to activate your Twitch account.

There are many reasons why twitch.tv/activate not working, but the most common reason is using a code that has already been used on another Twitch account.

twitch activate code not working

This means your codes have been compromised and someone else has activated their accounts with them.

Why Is Twitch TV Activate Code Not Working?

Remember when you first started using Twitch and you were given a code to activate your account. Well, this is what we call an Activate Code or sometimes referred to as a “Confirmation Code”. This code confirms that you are the owner of the account, and it’s unique for each Twitch account.

There is no limit in terms of how many times you can use this code. However, the Confirmation Code is one-time use only and if it’s already been used on another account, it will not work for you.

5 Best Working Ways To Fix Twitch.Tv/Activate Not Working

We have tested many ways trying to fix the twitch.tv/activate not working error, and we found out that the best ways to resolve this problem.

1) Disable Your VPN Service

Nowadays, we can’t access twitch because of geographic restrictions. But don’t worry! There are many virtual private networks that allow you to change your IP address and appear from other countries.

Sometimes this error could be caused by incorrect network settings or it could be because of the wrong proxy server IP address.

2) Clear Cookies From Your Browser

To further determine the root of the problem, we recommend that you clear your cookies from your browser and see if it works. Your IP address changes whenever you clear your browser cache, so this means that you can now load Twitch with a different IP address.

3) Clear Twitch Cookies

If you are still unable to log in to your twitch account, then we recommend you clear all of your twitch cookies and try again.

Remember: You can set your Twitch activate email to something else other than the default one, so make sure it’s saved in a different Preferred Email address.

4) Preferred Email Address

After clearing your browser cache and cookies, if you are still unable to activate your twitch account, then you can try setting a different Preferred Email address. To do this go to the Twitch settings page and change your Preferred Email to something else.

5) Change Your Password

It’s possible that twitch is blocking any active sessions with the previous owner of that account.

So it might be helpful if you change your password and set a strong one. If that doesn’t help, then you should try contacting Twitch support since they will be able to further assist you with this problem.


These are the best ways we have tried and tested in order to fix the twitch tv activate code not working problem, we hope it will work for you as well.

If none of these fix the twitch.tv/activate not working error and you still can’t access your account, then we suggest that you report this issue to Twitch and they will surely help you out! Stay tuned to Techrulz for more informative guides.

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