Garena FF Mod Apk V1.81.0 Unlimited Diamonds And Free Coins

Currently, games can not only be enjoyed on consoles or PCs. But with a smartphone in your hand, there are many interesting games that can be played. Starting from the genre of racing, adventure, shooting, and many others.

One of the best games that are now widely played is Free Fire or more commonly referred to as FF. So many players from the game, now you can also find FF Mod APK which is guaranteed to make the game even more interesting.

ff mod apk

With this FF mod apk, you can unlock all the premium features, get free cheats, free weapons, and much more. So, download the latest version of FF Mod apk now.

What Is FF Mod APK?

Fire Fire or FF Mod is a software developed by unofficial third-party developers from Garena. So this kind of mod will not be found on the Google Play Store. This is because the application has been modified in such a way that the premium features in it open automatically.

In other words, actually, this application can also be called a game cheat, just like special applications that provide a number of free diamonds for a certain game. You no longer need to top up with real money to get diamonds.

Although it is not an official application, this FF Mod is still safe to use because there are no viruses or malware in it. However, the biggest risk of using this mod is that your account could be banned, either temporarily or permanently.

Indeed, this application has been claimed to be anti-banned, but it is not impossible that the developer, namely Garena, can detect the use of this mod. This could be because it was reported by another account, who is aware that you have used a cheat or mod.

So even though there are many advantages that can be presented in this mod application, try not to rely too much on it, especially when the game is already underway. Only use features that are safe and not suspected by others.

Features Of FF Mod APK

It has been proven that the number of users of this Free Fire Mod is quite a lot. Of course, it’s not without reason, doing various features that can make it easier for you to get diamonds as well as in games or gameplay. Well, here is a detailed explanation of some of the features of FF Mod.

1. Auto-Aim

You could say Auto-Aim is the main feature of this game. Actually, this feature is classified as a cheat, because it has a function so that the character you play is able to automatically determine the enemy’s target.

When viewed from the gameplay in the original version of FF, of course this is a fraudulent move. The reason is, that in the original game you need to determine the enemy’s target manually and this is not an easy thing.

As a battle royale genre game, Free Fire allows each player to move freely anywhere, including when overcoming enemies in the game. When moving freely, the process of doing Aim is of course not easy.

2. Auto Headshot

As a Free Fire player, of course, it becomes a matter of pride when you succeed in killing your opponent with a headshot or shooting right in the head. In fact, this headshot is usually only able to be done by pro players.

Well, by using this one feature, it will make you look like a professional player who can kill enemies with just one shot in the head. No need to bother aiming Aim at the enemy’s head, you only need to direct the shot at the enemy.

When the rifle is shot, the bullet will automatically hit the head and die immediately with just one shot. If the shot misses alias and is not in the head, then only the enemy’s blood is reduced.

3. Acquire Airdrop Weapons

In the Free Fire game, the type of weapon that is most sought after by players is a weapon that comes from Airdrops. Usually, this Airdrop will appear the first time the game takes place. Of course, you have to scramble with other players to get these weapons.

But if you use this FF mod, then you don’t have to bother anymore to scramble and wait until the Airdrop comes. This is because you will get Airdrop weapons such as Dragunov, Groza, and AWN directly from the start of the game.

4. Unlock All Characters 

Free Fire offers its players a variety of very interesting characters. However, there are some characters that are still locked and cannot be used. To open it, you need to use the diamonds obtained from the top-up process.

free fire mod menu apk

For some people, spending money just for games is not an easy thing. But don’t worry, you can outsmart it by using this FF mod apk. From the first time the game starts, you will immediately get several characters as below.

  • Ford
  • Andrew
  • Kla
  • Misha
  • Kelly
  • Maxim
  • Olivia
  • Nikita

When this feature is used, you can immediately choose one of the characters mentioned above. So you don’t need to top up first to get diamonds which will be used to buy the desired character.

5. Swim While Shooting

In the original version of the Free Fire game, you cannot shoot while swimming. Whereas in gameplay, the swimming position is a very dangerous position. In addition, many missions in other places can only be achieved by swimming.

It’s different again if you have used this FF mod. Because the Free Fire mod allows players to shoot while swimming. Not only can attack the enemy, the ability to shoot while swimming can also serve to protect yourself.

6. No Root Required

Usually, application modifications or mods of a game, require a root process on the cellphone first in order to be used. Considering that rooting a cellphone has a high risk such as loss of warranty, it makes many people discouraged from installing the desired mod.

But don’t worry, because this FF Mod Apk can still be used without the need to root the cellphone first. So the HP you use will remain safe, and games in Free Fire can run as desired.

Download FF Mod APK

After knowing some of the features of the FF Mod above, of course, you can’t wait to use it right away, right? Even if it’s not on the Google Play Store, don’t worry, you can download it via the link given below.

Download FF Mod APK Latest Version Here 

App Name FF Mod APK
Size 46 MB
Version 1.5.70

How To Install FF Mod APK

Follow these steps to install the FF Mod apk successfully:

  • First, download the APK file and OBB file from the FF Mod above.
  • After that, go to settings and enable installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Then open File manager, open the Android folder, then open Data.
  • Then change the name from dts.freefireth to
  • Go back to the Android menu, and click OBB.
  • Rename the dts.freefireth file to
  • If so, uninstall the original Free Free game.
  • Finally, open the download folder and install the APK file.


For some people, using cheats in a game will make the game feel less fun. But a few also have the opposite view. If you want more in the Free Fire game, then immediately use the FF Mod APK and win all your Free Fire battles easily. If you have any queries related to this post, ask us in the comments below. Visit Techrulz for more rela

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