GTA SA Lite Download 200MB (MOD, CLEO Cheats) Official

GTA SA Lite version is GTA SA which has been modified by an independent developer. This Lite edition of the original GTA has a small size.

This makes GTA SA Lite much sought after by GTA game players. Downloading the GTA SA Lite apk is easy and completely free.

gta sa lite

You need to pay attention, this GTA SA Lite cannot be played on any GPU. Make sure to see the HP specification requirements before deciding to download and play this exciting action game from Rockstar.

What Is GTA SA Lite?

GTA SA Lite is a light version of the original GTA SA game. Besides being light, this game has also been modified and added a variety of interesting content that you can’t find in the original game. GTA SA Lite even comes with Indonesian which will make you sad if you miss this game.

For those who don’t know, GTA SA or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is an open-world action game developed and released by Rockstar. In the game, you will play as Carl “CJ” Johnson who returns to Los Santos (San Andreas) to lead the Grove Street gang to glory.

This game, which is set in 1992 and was first released in 2004 for the PS2, offers very interesting gameplay. The SA Lite edition of this game will provide a plus and a new experience for those who have played it on Android or on Playstation 2 many years ago.

GTA SA Original Vs GTA SA Lite Comparison

What is the difference between the original GTA SA and GTA SA Lite? That is the question that arises in the minds of many people including you. Knowing the difference between the two games is a wise step and a must before downloading GTA SA Lite or choosing to download the original GTA SA.

So that you really know the difference between the two, please read and observe the differences below.

GTA SA Original GTA SA Lite
File size can reach 2 GB File size 100 – 300 MB (can be up to 1 GB)
OBB game data format Cache game data format
OBB data files are stored in the SDCard/Android/Obb folder folder Cache Data files are stored in the SDCard/Android/Data folder folder
Compatible with all GPUs Can only be played by GPU Mali or Adreno
The New Game feature can be played and there are no errors In some versions of the New Game, it can’t be done and some errors sometimes appear
Requires up to 8 GB of memory or more Minimum specifications for low memory
Can be played both online and offline Can be played both online and offline
Application is difficult to modify Application easy to modify
No additional features, as per the developer Many additional features (drag motors, skins, etc.)

Features Of GTA SA Lite

Here are the features and advantages of the GTA San Andreas Lite Full Mod version.

gta sa lite apk

  • Has a small size. This makes your internal memory will not be burdened with this game. The original version of GTA SA even requires up to 2 GB of memory.
  • GTA SA Lite supports cloud saves. This means that you can continue to save even if you switch devices to play this game.
  • The Control customization feature is available. This allows you to adjust the controls to be better and more comfortable for you, especially when it comes to driving vehicles (including planes).
  • Can use the gamepad Playing with the gamepad feels more comfortable.
  • GTA SA Lite already is also available in different languages.
  • Improved in-game graphics quality. Some objects have undergone transformations and improvements. You can get HD graphics with smooth performance in this Lite edition.
  • Gameplay modifications and content additions. You’ll find the content you didn’t find in the original GTA SA. You are guaranteed to have unlimited fun in this game.
  • Additional missions. In addition to the missions provided by the game developer, you can also work on new missions that will keep you from getting bored and doing repetitive things.

Minimum System Requirements To Play GTA SA Lite

Before playing GTA SA Lite, you need to know in advance the minimum system specifications and other important technical things. This is done so that you don’t waste time and force yourself to play this game if your HP specifications don’t meet the minimum requirements.

In addition to whether or not the game can be played, you also need to know the recommended specifications to play this game smoothly. Fortunately, GTA SA Lite has a lightweight and accommodating minimum specification system for low-spec Android phones.

Version 11
Updates March 23, 2020
Size 300 MB
Condition Android 4.1 and up
GPU Mali or Adreno
Developer Androgamer
RAM (Minimum) 512 MB
RAM (Recommended) 2GB
Internal Memory (Recommended) 16GB

As can be seen above, to run this game you must use an Android cellphone version 4.1 and above with a Mali or Adreno GPU. Apart from the two GPUs, it is feared that you will not be able to play this game smoothly. There are a lot of error reports when playing this game with other GPUs.

Although it can be played with 512 MB of RAM, you should have 2 GB of RAM so that you can play this game very smoothly. The capacity of this game is indeed small so it allows HP with small internal memory to accommodate it. However, we recommend that you leave 500 MB of space.

If you’re confused about your cellphone’s system specifications or don’t even know it, you can use the CPU-Z application. This application will detect the specifications of your cellphone, including what GPU is embedded in your phone. This application can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store.

How To Download GTA SA Lite Full Mod APK V.11

Here’s how to download GTA SA Lite Full Mod APK V.11.

  • Open the browser on your Android phone.
  • No special requirements, any browser so (preferably Google Chrome).
  • Look for websites that provide the latest GTA SA Lite applications.
  • So that you are not confused, you can use the link below.

Download GTA SA Lite Apk

  • Before downloading, make sure your internet network is prime and without interruptions.
  • Press Download APK to start the download process.
  • After successful download, check the download folder.
  • Make sure the GTA SA Lite app is there.
  • It’s time for you to install the application on your cellphone.
  • Enter the Settings menu, select Privacy, and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Copy the folder to com.rockstargames.gtasa and save it to the Android/Data folder.
  • Open the application file and start the installation process.
  • Because you have activated Unknown Source you will not experience obstacles.
  • Shortly after the installation process is complete, type the password.
  • After the installation process is complete, you can open the game application.
  • Now, you can play GTA SA Lite Full Mod.


Download the GTA SA Lite full mod and start playing it today. Be careful because this game is guaranteed to make you lose track of time. Don’t forget to also monitor battery health so you can play this game smoothly and the condition of the battery and cellphone can continue to be healthy and durable. We hope this article was helpful. Stay tuned to our Techrulz site for more useful and informative guides. Have a great day!

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