Download Nova Launcher Prime Mod Apk V7.0.57 Free

Are you looking for the Nova Launcher Prime apk latest version to download on your Android device? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Get the download link and installation steps for Nova Launcher Prime apk here.

The Nova Launcher application has been downloaded by more than 50 million people. This indicates that the Android launcher application is indeed selling well in the market and is relied upon by many Android users. The best edition, Nova Launcher Prime APK Full Mod Tesla offers an even better experience.

nova launcher prime

The APK edition is a better size, offers more features, and makes Nova Launcher perform better with more optimized performance. Apart from that, the app is 100% free.

What Is Nova Launcher Prime?

Nova Launcher is a multi-functional Android launcher application. Nova Launcher will replace the Home screen and take over various settings functions on the Android system that you are using. This application allows you to set what cannot be done because it is not allowed by the system.

For example, Nova Launcher can control and modify the user interface, including app drawers, folders, and the desktop. As a result, you can design your own how the application is displayed, how various items are stored, and manage how to make your Android system work more optimally.

Nova Launcher also supports a variety of attractive themes and icons. The biggest benefit that you will get from using Nova Launcher is that you can freely customize the appearance of your Android phone. In addition, Nova Launcher Prime APK is proven to be able to increase the productivity of its users.

Nova Launcher Free Vs Nova Launcher Prime

Before knowing more about Nova Launcher Prime APK’s features, it’s a good idea to compare Nova Launcher Free (free) with Nova Launcher Prime (paid). The following is a comparison table between the two applications.

Nova Launcher Free Nova Launcher Prime
Only provides 1 type of gesture All types of gestures are available
Provide only 3 kinds of transition effects Provides all kinds of transition effects
Does not provide the Notification Badges feature Provides the Notification Badges feature
Does not provide the Hide App feature Provides Hide App feature
Does not provide the App Drawer Group feature Provides App Drawer Group features

You have three choices regarding the edition of Nova Launcher. The first option is to use the free edition, the second option is to use the paid edition, or the third option is to use the APK Full Mod edition. The APK edition of this app lets you get premium features for free.

Nova Launcher Prime Features

Here are the features that you can enjoy by downloading and using Nova Launcher.

nova launcher prime mod apk

1. Custom Icon Theme

Nova supports thousands of icon themes available on the Google Play Store.

2. Night Mode And Dark Theme

You can activate Night Mode according to the schedule you made or let your phone use the Dark Theme.

3. Customizable App Drawer

This is the main feature of this app. You can now scroll horizontally and vertically, add effects when scrolling through the page, and use things you can’t find in system settings. This feature is fun and can increase your productivity.

4. Fast Performance

The animations and effects provided by Nova are so light. Old cellphones are able to display animations smoothly, and quickly, and don’t burden HP.

5. Backup And Restore

You can save your customization. Later, you can easily choose your creations and will not worry about losing every creation you make with this app.

Apart from the free edition, this app also has a Premium edition called Nova Launcher Prime. This edition is paid with a number of features that are more and better than the free edition. Here are the premium features that you can only enjoy using Nova Launcher Prime.

6. Gestures

You can create your own commands to access apps or have your phone do certain jobs. You can execute all these commands in the form of gestures (pinch, double press, etc.).

7. App Drawer Group

For better control and organized apps, you can create app drawer groups.

8. Hide Apps

You can hide apps from the app drawer without uninstalling them altogether.

9. Customize Notifications

Tired of symbols and notification signs on your cellphone? Relax, this application provides a feature to customize notifications according to your taste.

Nova Launcher Prime Mod Tesla Exclusive Features

Nova Launcher Prime APK + Mod + Tesla is a very complete version. This application includes all the features available in Nova Launcher Free and Nova Launcher Prime. In addition, modifications were also made to make this application able to work better than the previous application.

Here are some of the superior and promising features that you can get from the APK Mod Full edition.

  • All features of Prime are available unlimitedly and without any conditions.
  • These Prime features can be accessed for free.
  • The quality of graphics and visuals for applications appears more optimal.
  • The Rate and Social Menu features are turned off.
  • The Unwanted Permissions and Receivers and Services features are turned off.
  • Analytics and Crashlytics features are turned off.
  • There is a Color Mod feature.
  • The language in the application is English and Russian.
  • The launcher icons and user interface have been replaced with better ones.
  • The default wallpaper is removed.
  • Compressed (lighter) graphics.
  • Tracking is turned off.
  • Firebase and Measure Series are turned off.
  • Optimized graphics settings.
  • Some unnecessary items in Nova settings were moved to Advanced.
  • Changed color scheme.
  • Tesla Unread plugin.
  • The plugin includes features such as hiding apps and adding swipe effects.

You can conclude that this Full Mod APK edition has indeed been optimized. Nova Launcher Prime will appear with cleaner graphics and lighter performance. In other words, this APK edition only shows the gist without the negligible stuff of the original app.

How To Download And Install The Latest Nova Launcher Prime Apk

You can’t get Nova Launcher Prime Mod or Pro edition on Google Play. Thus, you need to look for it on various websites that provide Android APK applications. You are lucky because now the download link for the latest Nova Launcher Prime APK is available.

Download Nova Launcher Prime 

This application is safe to use. Here’s how to install the Nova Launcher Prime application.

  • Download the application via the download link above.
  • Before installing, it is highly recommended to first uninstall Prime Launcher on your cellphone.
  • After cleaning from the previous Nova Launcher, the installation can be done.
  • Install Nova Launcher Prime by opening the app after successful download.
  • Grant permission to install apps from “Unknown sources”.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Because this installation is already the Full version, there is no request for requirements (passwords, etc.).
  • If the installation is successful, you will be notified.
  • Done, you can open Nova Launcher Prime and use it.


You are lucky enough to be able to download and use the latest Nova Launcher Prime APK. Many people say that Nova Launcher Prime changes the way they use their cellphones with the Android system to be better and more productive than before. So, get this app today and start using it. Hope this article was helpful. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more useful guides.

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