7 COC Mod Apk Latest 2022, Unlimited Gold, Elixr, Diamond

Are you looking for the best COC mod apks? If yes, then this article is for you. Know the 7 best COC mod apks and also get to know how to install these mods on your device easily here.

The online game Clash of Clans is one of my favorite games. This game is getting a lot of attention from gamers, especially Android users. COC carries the theme of the game where you can build a clan as you wish. Now there is a COC MOD APK that you can use.

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For gamers, the term MOD APK may be familiar. But for people who are new to the hobby of games, MOD APK is definitely still foreign. Even though the functions of this MOD APK are very many. Your game can be more exciting when you use this feature.

Description Of COC MOD APK

MOD APK is short for Modification Application. MOD APK means an application that has been modified. MOD APK is an application created by a third party. The concept is to change and modify the original application.

So it can be concluded that the MOD APK does not come from the original developer. Likewise with the COC mod apk game. The original developer of COC must have only installed the official version on the Play Store. While this MOD version of the application is available outside the Play Store.

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MOD APKs usually have a lot of extra features than their official COC apps. For example:

  • There is a modification of the paid features to be completely free (free).
  • Usually unlocks all premium features in the game.
  • Modify the game for example the character’s life that is endless or can’t die.
  • Unlock all kinds of premium weapons.
  • Unlock the gem or diamond feature that is locked in the game.

MOD applications are usually created by IT experts or hackers. The goal is that people can fully enjoy the game’s features. All the features that were originally paid for or had to go through a certain level, you can easily get thanks to the COC MOD APK.

7 Latest COC MOD APK

The following are the best 7 COC Mod Apks that you can use for your Clash of Clans game. If you were searching for COC mod apk to install on your device, you can give it a try to these mods.

1. Clash Of Clans MOD – Supercell

You can use the MOD APK from the Supercell developer which has been around since 2020. This MOD APK can turn your Clash of Clans game into an unlimited version. All previously premium features are available for free thanks to Supercell.

This MOD game has a size of about 149 MB. There have been 500 million downloads since this MOD app launched. There are many advantages available in the Supercell version of COC MOD, namely:

  • There are 13 new town halls that you can use to your heart’s content.
  • Has the same UI Interface as the official version.
  • Many features of diamonds, gold, troops, elixir, and resources are completely free and you can use as much as you like.
  • You can upgrade your clan to be safe from enemies when an attack occurs.

2. Null’s Clash MOD APK

One of the most popular MOD APKs since 2021 until now comes from Null’s Clash. This MOD APK can make your COC game have unlimited resources such as diamonds, troops, gold, and so on.

The advantage of Null’s Clash is a smooth server without any bugs or lags. Then there are many other fun features that were not present in the original COC. You’ll also get a very similar look to the original game. The only downside to this MOD is that there is no night mode.

3. COC MOD APK Of Miroclash

You can also download the MOD APK from Miroclash. This modified game can let you play without any effort. The problem is that in this MOD application there are already many premium features that are open, for example:

  • Unlimited gems.
  • Gold elixir.
  • Unlock all premium features.
  • Lots of troops.
  • Unique spells.
  • Unique building form.
  • The server is smooth without lag.
  • Available attack in night or day mode.
  • You can already use the command.

It’s just that the weakness of Miroclash is the lag. Especially if you create a lot of troops (troops). So be wise when you have to increase the number of troops in your clan.

4. MOD APK Of Clash Of Magic

 coc mod apk unlimited troops

Clash of Magic features a true-to-life COC game. It looks very similar to the various features that have been unlocked. You can get many premium features such as:

  • Unlimited gems (diamonds).
  • There are 4 servers to support your game. These four servers also have several different features.
  • Server 1 has unlimited troops and strange building shapes to outwit opponents.
  • Servers 2 and 3 have fewer unique features than server 1.
  • Server 4 has a very similar look and structure to the original Clash of Clans. You can use these 4 servers for practice before actually competing.
  • Server 4 features TH12.

5. COC MOD APK – Clash Of Lights

Clash of Lights apparently already has 2 servers that you can use to play online. Each server turns out to have different premium features. What are the advantages of Clash of Lights?

  • Unlimited resources such as gems, gold, troops, and so on.
  • There are 2 servers namely th11 and th12 servers. Each server features unlimited troops with unique characters.

It’s just that you can’t use Clash of Lights to attack in night mode. This weakness is not a problem because you can still use the day mode to practice the game.

6. Clash Of Heroes COD MOD

This MOD APK of Clash of Hero is being hunted by gamers. Because this MOD application already has a very similar appearance to the original game. Apart from that, there are several other advantages that you won’t want to miss:

  • Has unlimited premium features.
  • Full gems and other resources.
  • Troops are numerous and unique.
  • There are already characters like electro dragon and so on.
  • TH12 you can use properly without lag.
  • The dark mode is available, but you can’t use it to attack yet.

7. Clash Of Soul MOD APK

This MOD game not only features like the original. Even this Clash of Soul game adds some cool features for you. What are the advantages?

  • All resources are available in unlimited mode. For example, gold, troops, and gems.
  • There are 4 servers that you can use interchangeably to play online.
  • Many unique building features are available.
  • There are buildings from the Bombeach game included in this COC MOD game.
  • Night mode is available, it’s just that you can’t use it to attack enemies.

How To Install The COC MOD APK Application On HP

Since this MOD application is not from the Play Store, the installation process is a bit more complicated than the official application. You have to tinker with HP first before the installation process begins. Following is the general way to install MOD APK files: Download APK

  • Open the Settings menu or Settings on your cellphone.
  • Then go to the Security Settings sub-menu. Slide the bar or enable “Unknown sources” mode. This means that you allow HP to install applications from sources that have not been verified by the Play Store.
  • Go to the website and look for the COC MOD APK link.
  • Click on the available Download icon and wait until the process is successful.
  • Go to the Download or Downloads folder on the HP. Then find the MOD APK file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Open it and click Install. Wait a few minutes until the process is complete.
  • Please try to open your MOD APK game. If the game works fine, then the installation process was successful.

Disadvantages Of COC MOD APKs

Many people are after MOD applications for various reasons. For example, paid original games or features that are still locked. The modified application does bring a myriad of excellent features. You can play to your heart’s content without the need to spend a lot of effort.

But it turns out that this modified application has several weaknesses and potential dangers. You do not believe? Here are some risks that may lurk you:

  • The MOD application is made by a third party, not the original developer of the game. When you play, your data will be stored on this third-party server. Even though there is no guarantee of security that they provide.
  • MOD applications are usually less up-to-date. You will find it difficult to keep up with the latest versions of games which can sometimes be upgraded in just a matter of days to months.
  • The COC MOD APK app size is bigger than the original app. So you need a cellphone with RAM and large internal memory.
  • You cannot download and update apps from the Play Store.
  • You have to find the download link for this MOD application yourself on Google.
  • Applications are usually easy to error or lag, especially if the third developer server is not large.
  • MOD applications expire faster. So you should often download the latest version if there is one.
  • MOD games can be detected by the system as cheating. So you can get banned by the original game developer.


If you want to install COC MOD APK, you should choose a trusted developer. Apart from that, only use this MOD feature for practice. Don’t use it in an official match because you could be indicated as cheating. Hope this article was helpful. Visit Techrulz for more useful articles.

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