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Download Gameloop PUBG Mobile on PC now and enjoy playing your favorite PUBG game with your friends on your computer or laptop. We have provided the download link for Gameloop PUBG PC here.

Playing PUBG mobile is now a trend in itself among lovers of the battle royale game. But for those of you who want to enjoy the excitement of playing PUBG on PC, you don’t need to worry because PUBG Gameloop is available for you.

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As one of the most popular games today, PUBG does provide a different gaming experience with challenging games in it. Not only limited to smartphone users, but the latest innovations make PUBG also accessible on PC.

PUBG At A Glance

The popularity of PUBG as one of the best battle royale games is unquestionable. Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) was developed by PUBG Corporation and was first released in 2016.

This fighting game is equipped with several interesting features such as the following:

1. Customizing The Character

In the PUBG Mobile game, you can customize your character as you wish. You can customize helmet skins, masks, glasses, clothes, pants, bags, and hats to character shoes. In addition, you can also get season and event prizes or buy them in advance.

2. Complete Armament

There are many choices of weapons available such as Crossbow, MG, SR, SMG, HG, AR to Explosion. Each weapon has a variety of skins that can be obtained by purchasing or through season and event prizes.

3. Explore Maps With Full Vehicle

To survive and escape to the safe zone you need not only weapons but also vehicles. You can use maps and various types of vehicles to support your defense and attack strategy.

4. Loot To Survive

In order to win the game and get the title of Chicken Winner, you have to get a variety of weapons and other equipment needed to enter the battlefield.

Gameloop At A Glance

Gameloop is the latest emulator developed by Tencent. The presence of this Android emulator allows you to download and play mobile games on your PC. This is certainly good news for gamers who want to play with a different sensation on PC.

Game loop is the official Android emulator for PUBG, Call of Duty: Mobile as well as other gaming platforms that allow players to interact. This emulator was released in 2018 and has been used by more than 50 million active users worldwide.

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Like other First Person Shooting (FPS) games, PUBG mobile requires players to process gameplay flexibly on PC. With the AOW engine from Gameloop, players can improve their shooting and aiming skills precisely.

Not only that, with the support of cool graphics, you will be invited to enter the game world on PC with an immersive gaming experience and a more detailed display.

To play Gameloop PUBG on a PC you only need to adapt the control system so that it is in sync with your keyboard and mouse. No special skills are needed to play it because everything you need is installed automatically.

GameLoop PUBG 

PUBG mobile initially only had a mobile version of the battle royale mode without the Gameloop. But now new models and backgrounds have been added to this version of the Gameloop. One of the most popular models is the team deathmatch.

In this mode, there are two teams of four players. These teams will fight in very small settings and the first team will get 40 points and win the game.

In this Gameloop PUBG, you can modify the level of detail in the graphics by using the menu in the settings. This feature also serves to adjust the appearance of the game to the capabilities that exist on your PC.

This feature is able to detect the best configuration for you, but you can still adjust it manually. The visuals displayed in the PUBG game on Gameloop also look good compared to the original version on the game console.

How To Set Gameloop PUBG Mobile So It Doesn’t Lag

An important factor that will greatly affect the performance of PUBG on PC is the internet connection and PC specifications that you have. So even though the PC specifications are fairly high, the game will still not run smoothly if the internet connection is unstable or weak.

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Likewise, if the PC specifications have a RAM capacity of 2 GB or even below, then you should upgrade first so that the game can be played smoothly without lag. The minimum recommended RAM for this game is 4 GB.

The following is how to set Gameloop on PUBG Mobile that you can do:

1. Change Gameloop Language To Your Language

You can change the default language in PUBG Gameloop first to make it easier to operate. The method is as follows:

  • Open the emulator application and click the three lines next to the minimize button.
  • Select the third menu and enter the settings menu.
  • Please change it to the desired language.

2. Emulator Engine Settings And Game Resolution

The next step is to set the emulator and game resolution according to PC specifications.

  • If you use a PC that is still an AMD VGA then you have to change the rendering settings to OpenGL +. Also, select the option for Smart Mode or DirectX.
  • Furthermore, the resolution section can be changed according to the resolution on your PC monitor. For example, for a 1080p monitor, the resolution setting used is 1920×1080.
  • While in the DPI section, if the RAM capacity is 8 GB, please choose 160 DPI (dots per inch), and for 4 GB RAM capacity, choose 120 DPI. The higher the DPI number, the smoother and sharper the resulting image will be.
  • If your PC specifications are high enough then you can increase the DPI number according to taste. In this case, the pixel density will greatly affect the overall sharpness of the image.
  • You can also experiment with the Enforce Global Render Cache and Render Cache options. You can activate it and play the game, if there are no problems then the rendering can be left active. This will make the game lighter.
  • However, if it doesn’t match and there is a lag, then you should activate the Rendering Optimization option according to the VGA specifications used.

3. Setting The Paging File Size (Virtual Memory)

Another important setting to do in Gameloop PUBG is adjusting the Paging File or Virtual Memory size. In Linux, the Paging File is named swap and its function is to help RAM performance.

The setting is to move some passive files that are in RAM while the application is running. We recommend that you use the minimum size of a portion of RAM. For example, if the RAM is 8 GB, then at least use a paging file with a RAM size of 4 GB.

You can also use RAM with a larger size which is important not to interfere with a smaller RAM capacity than that. The way to change the Paging File on Windows can be done with the Advance System menu. Here’s how:

  • You can enter through Windows Explorer then right-click on the Computer icon and select Properties.
  • Select the Advanced System Settings menu > Advanced tab > select the Performance menu by clicking the Settings button.
  • Then the Performance Options window will open, please select the Advanced tab in the Virtual Memory section and click the change button.
  • Please change the Virtual Memory size as needed, and finally, click OK.

4. Graphic Settings In Game

The last step that needs to be done in PUBG Gameloop settings so that it is smooth and doesn’t lag is to set the graphics preferences of the game. In this case, you can adjust it according to your taste and needs in the most comfortable setting.

The graphics set is HD while the frame rate is Extreme. This is so that the game becomes smooth when you have to make fast movements. As for the style, you can choose classic with the Anti-aliasing option that doesn’t need to be activated.

Its function is to smooth out details in games such as trees, buildings, grass tips, etc. However, if you activate it again, it will make the game heavy, especially if the PC specifications are limited.

While the Auto-adjust graphics section should be set to disable or turn off. Because if it is activated and does not match it will make the graphic display not good. But if it often drops when playing FPS, it can be activated in the settings.

Tips To Minimize Ping On Gameloop PUBG

Ping or Packet Internet Groper is the internet speed needed by a PC when accessing data from the main server or vice versa. The higher the ping number, the greater the possibility of lag when playing games, even though the settings are right.

To anticipate this, then you can try the following tips to reduce Ping:

1. Use The PUBGM Network Accelerate Feature.

This feature is useful for making the internet network more optimal. You simply activate the lightning sign that says Accelerate on the top right bar.

2. Turn Off All Auto-Updates On Apps

Usually, when you turn on your PC, you often run several applications or software at the same time. Applications that run in the background usually update themselves frequently and this makes the ping size bigger.

3. Avoid Using VPN

When playing online games it is best not to use a VPN. The VPN will redirect the connection through a remote server for anonymity, and this will only increase the ping on your PC.

4. Turn Off Location Features

The location feature detects your location in real-time and consumes a lot of bandwidth. To turn off this service you can do it through Settings and select the Privacy option at the bottom. On the left menu select Location and turn off Location Services.

Download Gameloop PUBG Mobile On PC 

At the beginning of its appearance, Gameloop PUBG provided PUBG Mobile competitions under the name GPA (Gameloop PUBG Arena). While the mode used is Death Match 4vs4 which is the battle system.

For those of you who want to feel the sensation of playing Gameloop PUBG Mobile on a PC with better graphics and sound support, here is the Gameloop download link:

Download Gameloop PUBG PC


With Gameloop PUBG that has been downloaded and installed on a PC or laptop, you can easily play your favorite PUBG game. So, are you ready to be a Chicken Winner today? We hope this article was helpful to download PUBG PC mobile games. Keep visiting Techrulz for more updates.

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