Download Gameloop FF PC (Free Fire) 1.69.1 For Windows

Download GameLoop FF PC application for free now and start playing your favorite Free Fire game on your computer or laptop. If you are looking forward to downloading Gameloop FF on PC, then this article is for you.

Gameloop FF is an official emulator that allows you to play Free Fire games on your PC or laptop. This emulator developed by Tencent can be the best choice for those of you who want to enjoy the exciting sensation of playing mobile games on PC devices.

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This emulator is fairly light and very suitable for playing FF games on PCs with standard specifications. For more details, the following is a complete review of Gameloop FF that you need to know.

Overview Of GameLoop FF Games

As previously mentioned, Gameloop FF is an Android emulator application that can be used to play mobile games on PC or laptop devices. This emulator provides an exciting gaming experience because it is supported by a large screen and cool graphics.

At first, this emulator was only used for PUBG Mobile, but in its development, it can be used for various other online games such as Call of Duty, Chess Rush, Clash of Clans, and Mobile Legends, AOV, including Free Fire.

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Around the world, FF games have many loyal fans. One of the reasons, of course, is because of the required HP specifications and relatively smaller size when compared to PUBG Mobile.

The FF game is indeed very popular and the most downloaded globally in 2019. No wonder this battle royale game won an award for the Best Popular Vote Game category in 2019 on the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, in 2020, the game developed by 111 Dots Studio also managed to break records with more than 80 million daily active users worldwide.

Advantages Of Gameloop FF Game

As one of the best Android emulators for Windows 7-10, this emulator definitely has several advantages. Following are some of its advantages:

1. Is An Official Emulator

Gameloop is an official emulator product released by the well-known developer Tencent Gaming. With these advantages, it is certain that Gameloop FF offers more guaranteed security features, one of which is the availability of regular updates.

You can download this application through the official website. This is very important so that when used the application does not experience crashes, lags, or other obstacles that are often encountered in illegal applications.

2. Easy Control Settings

Although this application is used to play Android games, it doesn’t mean that the control settings are difficult. Precisely with this application you can easily adjust control settings and adjust them to your playing style.

You can make these control settings before starting the game or when you enter the game lobby. Please note that each game has different controls and you can customize them as you wish.

3. Multi-Window Support

Another advantage of Gameloop is its multi-window support which will provide convenience for those of you who like to play games while streaming. Not much different from the usual way, you can use two or more PC screens.

4. Presenting Cool Graphics

You can compare the Gameloop FF emulator with other emulators, you will find that this emulator presents cool and stunning graphics. In this case, you can also adjust the graphic display according to your taste and PC specifications.

Graphic settings according to PC specifications are very important so that the game continues to run smoothly without problems. Because the settings are too high, the running game will experience lag and burden on PC performance.

5. Support For Other Games

Not only supports PUBG and Free Fire games but Gameloop FF can also be used for various other mobile games such as Mobile Legends, CoC, CODM, etc. You just need to find the game you want and install it on your PC or laptop.

But before installing the desired game, make sure you have checked the capacity of the available storage space on the PC. If the space is still sufficient then you can directly download and install the desired game.

6. Support Video Recording

This feature is one of the advantages of Gameloop which is very suitable for gamers who like to create Youtube content. With this emulator, you can do video recording while the game is in progress.

With this feature, you can easily make video tutorials and walkthroughs. But again you have to make sure there is enough storage space on your PC because the space needed for recording is quite large.

In order not to burden your PC or laptop workload, it is highly recommended to do video recording for a short duration.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Gameloop FF Games On PC 

Gameloop emulator provides a different Free Fire gaming experience. Some of the advantages of playing games on a PC are the reasons why many gamers are interested in installing emulators and playing the games on a PC.

1. Advantages Of Playing Games On PC

The following are the advantages of playing games on PC:

Wider Screen And Stunning Graphics

Playing games with a wider screen display and stunning graphics certainly provide a more satisfying experience, when compared to the HP screen.

All objects also look more detailed and clear, especially if your PC specs are qualified. Free Fire graphics that are often underestimated will definitely look cooler on your PC or laptop screen.

Internet Network Is More Stable And Durable

Unlike playing games on a cellphone, playing games on a PC that is connected to a wired internet connection will usually be much more stable than a cellphone that relies on an internet signal from the operator.

In addition, the limited HP battery capacity is only enough to play FF ​​games for a few hours. It’s different from playing games on a PC, which can take longer without fear of low bat, especially if it’s supported by a non-stop power outlet.

Provides More Varied Control Options

The existence of a keyboard and mouse will certainly make you more flexible in playing games because there are more control options. Besides being able to move with the WASD keys, you can also create other shortcuts to play games.

For those of you who are trying to play games on a PC for the first time, of course, it will be a bit of a hassle, but it won’t last long because you will get used to it and eventually become more comfortable playing games.

2. Disadvantages Of Playing Games On PC

The following are the disadvantages of playing games on PC:

Emulator Applications That Tend To Be Heavy

With the emulator, you will be invited to enjoy mobile games on PC more easily. It’s just that emulator applications usually take up a lot of storage space so it will burden PC performance.

A heavy workload on a PC will make the games you play experience lag. As a solution, you can use a lightweight emulator application, like this Gameloop.

The change in the method from analog on HP and then using a PC keyboard will make the movement of characters in the game look more rigid. So in terms of players, you have to make adjustments first.

Actually, customization on a PC keyboard can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Because to play the first time you have to memorize all the code, so the possibility of pressing the wrong button is very possible.

Minimum Specifications For Gameloop FF

To be able to use Gameloop FF, you need a PC or laptop that supports it. The following are the minimum PC/Laptop specs for Gameloop:

1. Windows Operating System

Basically, this Gameloop emulator can only be installed and operated on a Windows PC/laptop. This application can be installed on Windows 7 to Windows 10 with any version.

2. Recommended Processor

To get good performance, the recommended processor is at least an Intel Duo Core or AMD class with 1.5 GHz. And the recommended processor is Core i3 2.4 GHz, equivalent or above.

3. RAM

To enjoy exciting FF games without lag, it is highly recommended that the RAM specifications on a PC have a minimum capacity of 4 GB. If you want it to be even smoother, you can upgrade the RAM to 8 GB.

4. VGA

To run Gameloop without problems, the minimum recommended VGA is Intel HD Graphic 4000, AMD HD 2600, 3600, or NVIDIA GeForce GT 8600, 9600. This recommendation is the minimum with the lowest graphics settings.

If you want to enjoy games with better graphics support, it is recommended to use a VGA from NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, or AMD R7 265, which is equivalent or higher.

Because the better the VGA is used, the graphic display can be set to the highest mode.

5. HDD Capacity

The storage space capacity for the emulator application must be sufficient. In this case, you only need 1 GB of storage space to install the Gameloop emulator. However, this does not include downloading and installing the game to be played.

So it’s best before installing the game you need to make sure the file size of the game and check if Disk C on your PC still has enough space.

6. DirectX

To support playing online games on PC, the right version of DirectX is needed. DirectX itself is a collection of APIs that function to support the ongoing games being played. In this case, the recommended DirectX version is 9.0.

How To Download And Install The Gameloop FF Application

To enjoy playing FF games on PC, all you need to do is download the Gameloop FF application and install it. You can download the Gameloop application at the following link:

Download GameLoop FF PC 

gameloop latest version

If it has been successfully downloaded, then you must install it on your PC or laptop in the following way:

  • Please open the download file and click install, follow the installation guide until the installation process is complete.
  • Search and find the Free Fire game in the search field.
  • Please click Free Fire and press the download button.
  • Wait until the FF game file is downloaded and installed.
  • When it’s finished you can start playing FF games on PC.


With Gameloop FF and easy installation on PC, you can immediately start playing FF games with your coolest playing style. So, are you ready to win the battle in Free Fire today? Download the Gameloop FF application now for PC. Keep visiting Techrulz for more useful guides.

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