6 App Categories On Mac For Improved UX Which You Can Download

Being an Apple user means having access to a wide variety of apps. Whether you need an application for interface, video editing, listening to music, photos, security, anti-virus, video player, or even to solve a specific problem.

Apple offers a plethora of options. You can either download the apps from Apple App Store or get them from a third-party website.

App Categories On Mac For Improved UX

Several apps are free, while you need to pay for others with exclusive features. If you want to learn about your options, here are some of the best apps you can download on your computer.

6 App Categories On Mac For Improved UX

As I have mentioned above the six best app categories which can improve your Mac UX are mentioned below. Check them now and make your mac more productive. Let’s check.

1. Productivity Apps

These apps are not just simple application launchers, but they can perform various tasks other than just launching an app. With the use of a keyboard shortcut key, some of these apps can help you open the desired application or can provide you with the requested web search. You can also perform calculations, search for definitions, try spell checker, and more using the app. While the latest version enhances the workflow, other features make your work just easier.

Productivity Apps for mac

There are apps that prevent your MacBook from going into sleep mode and are considered the best application for macOS users. They keep the system or your Mac’s display awake by a simple on/off switch. These apps are best for those who use their computer for long hours without using a mouse and keyboard. Moreover, they are appropriate for video creators, Video streamers, YouTubers, and for anyone who spends more time on screen for hours.

2. Utility Apps

Some utility apps serve as a menu bar organizer for your Mac. The app acts simply like a minibar that lets you choose which apps you want to see at the front and clear away all others that are not needed by you. They create a series of apps in the menu bar that gives a clean and tidy look to your workspace.

Even the app’s icon itself disappears from the menu bar. These apps are used by those who deal with a cluster of apps on a daily basis as they help cut down all the clutter and give you only useful things in your hand.

3. Cleaning Apps

As the name specifies, the cleaning apps are used for storing files, notes, pasteboard clips, and much other information in an organized manner. Some of these apps come with an easy-to-use interface that helps you to quickly access the app just by swapping on the top of your screen.

Cleaning Apps for mac

Most of the latest apps in this category come in a dark theme and integrate an option for dragging cards. Several cleaning apps help you learn about how to check mac storage and enable you to manage the used and available space on the hard drive. It’s apparently the best option for those who wish to make an organized space for the files.

4. Fun Apps

Are you fond of listening to light music while working on your computer? If yes, try the fun and entertainment apps that play soothing sounds to help you stay focused on what you are doing. These apps come up with a number of playful sounds and allow the users to add their own customized music for a better playlist.

They give clear control to the user of what they are listening to, which can also help them to perform their tasks efficiently. These apps also provide features like setting a timer to fade out noise before you wake up and include various themes such as dark themes. In addition, they include many customizable widgets and other productivity features.

5. Web Browsers

Most of the web browsers work perfectly fine on all operating systems, while some are platform-specific. Browsers like Google Chrome provide fast, easy, and even data-saving browsing to the user. When you are on a slow internet connection, it automatically optimizes the page that saves 90 percent of your data and boosts the page search speed manifold.

It automatically syncs all your information like bookmarks, searches, and history tabs by logging into any other device. You can also download your content and can view it even without having any internet connection. On your Mac computer, you have the option to use Safari, but you can download Chrome to get the best browsing experience ever.

6. Editing Apps

These apps allow you to fill up online forms as well as edit, annotate, and sign the files digitally without getting a printout. You can also leave your document unfinished on one device and can complete it by logging into another device using such apps.

It also works fine with Mac, so if you are looking for an app that can solve all your PDF-related problems, these apps are for you.


We hope you have got the complete information on the best 6 app categories on Mac for Improved UX Which You Can Download & make your work more productive. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to techrulz for more informative guides.

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