Best Wishlist Apps For Android And IOS

Want to know about the wishlist app for your device which can create all the wish lists and choose the best one for you. Nowadays online shopping is becoming more and more popular to buy anything like clothes, books, electronics, etc from your home. And if you want to send gifts to your friends or family then these best wishlist apps will help you. You can create all the lists of gifts and then send them to your friends without repeating them.

The wishlists apps for android or ios will make your work be done easily. You can easily create a wishlist of all your basic requirements and send notifications to them. You can easily remove the re-gifts so that you can simply filter the gifts that you already have.

best wishlist apps

The wishlist application will easily let you create and list all of your favorite items and then sort from them. Basically, you don’t know exactly what your friends need so these applications will help to sort the best items for you.

Best Wishlist App For Android And IOS

Here we are going to share wishlist applications for android and iPhone, that will help you to create all types of wishlists that you want to have. This application will simply help you to create the lists for weddings, shopping, birthdays, etc.

1. Wishupon

Wishupon is one of the best wishlist apps for android and ios that helps you to create your shopping wishlist easily. This app is having more than 1000 different stores which can easily get your favorite list online. This is a wishlist app android that can be used very easily. You can save all your wish lists from one place in online shopping and whenever the product is available it shows you an alert.

There is no need to take the screenshot or to add to bookmarks. You can create and share on the social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter for free. You will have an option to browse thousands of online stores and you can save it on your web browsers also.

Download Wishupon App From Google Play Store For Android

Download Wishupon App From iTunes For iOS

2. Wish Explorer

Wish explorer is the new version of the shopping wish list application that allows you to create all your requirements with a single click. Your needs will be saved on the store in your android and ios. This application allows you to share your wishes with your friends and family and present the best gift for them. This app is having the best feature to make your own opinion and compare them.

 wishlist app android

This app wish explorer is designed as the wishlist app iPhone and it compares the products in all the best online stores.  It is available for mobile and desktop and is fast synchronized to manage the shopping lists and wishes.

Wish explorer Download From Google Play Store

Wish explorer Download from iTunes

3. Wishworks

Wishworks is one of the best wishlist apps that was developed for android and ios users. This app allows users to easily build their own wishlist on their smartphones and share them with their friends and family. The main feature of this application is that you can easily browse any of the products from different websites. Once you browse the products you will find the one that is with less price.

The application can be used for different occasions. Along with this, it allows you to easily make your cheerful birthdays with your friends and beloved ones. You can easily save money with this app and you will have a great customer experience too.

Download Wishworks App From Play Store

Download Wishworks From iTunes

4. Estimate

Estimate is the wishlist app android that can easily be used for ios devices too. This application was developed by DanWakeem. It is a simple app that is used to create a shopping list and share the list from anywhere with anyone. You can use this app as a calculator app in order to calculate the expenses too. This application gives you the full details of what you need.

This app is having the main feature that with the barcode scanner you can easily identify the price of the product. You will be easily fixed to the budget of shopping and when the price increases, it will let you know with the alerts.

Download Estimate App from Play Store

Download Estimate App from iTunes


These are the top wishlist app for your android and ios devices, if you think there are any other apps that are better than these wishlist apps that we have provided, then you can simply share with us using the comment below. Visit our TechFries for more information. Stay tuned to TechRulz for more useful guides.

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