How To Become A Great Video Editor: 6 FAQs Answered

Become a Great Video Editor: The field of graphic designing and video editing is gaining all the traction these days. The reason being? All big organizations have realized the importance of great design and design thinking as a way of convincing and persuading the audience.

However, it is still not the kind of job that pops into your head when you think about a dream career, but it’s definitely in demand.

How to Become a Great Video Editor

As a battle of who is better among Netflix, Hotstar, HBO Max, Hulu, and other OTT mediums, the struggle to create more and more scripts is on. Guess what, all this content needs editing, a lot of it. So if you feel this could be a potential career opportunity for you, keep reading.

6 Questions On Becoming A Great Video Editor

We have tried to answer a few FAQs related to this profession that can come in handy if you wish to move towards the creative field of video editing. The Questions are as follows:

  1. What does a video editor do exactly?
  2. How much does a video editor earn?
  3. What skills are needed to become a video editor?
  4. What qualifications are needed as a video editor?
  5. How to become a trained and experienced video editor?
  6. What else can one expect from the video editing role?

These are the 6 questions that many new video editors or people who are willing to become a video editors is having in mind. Let’s check them one by one now.

What Does A Video Editor Do Exactly?

As the name suggests, the video editor edits videos and joins together a few fragments of the videos with audio footage, VFX effects, graphics, music, sound effects, and other elements that beautify the video. This is the same for all types of video content, including YouTube videos, films, documentaries, news, and other types of motion content.

However, professional editing is far more complex than the regular edits that are needed in the videos. Don’t expect to work on the same kind of tasks every day. Sometimes you might be involved in enhancing a video clip & another day, your task may require you to turn mkv to mp4 without compromising quality.

Become A Great Video Editor

A typical video editor might work on a documentary having footage of 15+ hours, which he has to edit in a 3-hour film. This is a profession that can be worked on from home as well as from the office with the latest devices and high-end software.

How Much Does A Video Editor Earn?

It’s simple, you will earn as per your talent. The packages of a video editor are at par with other professional profiles, and they earn a decent amount of money.

What Skills Are Needed To Become A Video Editor?

Video editor requires specialized software to edit and create VFX effects which is not a skill that you know. It requires specialized training with an institute that teaches these technical skills. You need to have a great understanding of software like Photoshop, and other video editing applications.

A successful video editor needs to have an eye for detail and unwavering focus to precisely edit the video into a refined piece of content. Other skills would include being a good problem-solver, discipline, knowledge of aesthetics and design. Certainly, sophisticated communication skills, collaboration skills, and other nitty-gritty of video editing.

What Qualifications Are Needed As A Video Editor?

Good question, You don’t need any kind of professional degree to become a successful video editor. Some companies specifically call for graduates in related subjects and skills.

This is because they will have a fresh perspective as opposed to experienced and older candidates. Employers, in general, are much more interested in your capability to edit videos rather than a piece of paper with your qualification. And since there are different uses for video professionals, the odds of finding a job are relatively decent.

How To Become A Trained And Experienced Video Editor?

Both training and experience in the video editing field go hand-in-hand and are intertwined. One cannot happen without the other, and vice-versa. Simple, you learn by doing. Although that is true for every job, the video editing profession runs with this principle. Learning on the job is the only way to get your head around video editing.

You start by enrolling yourself in a professional video editing course. This need not be from a fancy or expensive university; a regular designing institute would also do. However, big renowned universities can have an impact on the salary you can draw as a video editor.

What Else Can One Expect From The Video Editing Role?

Once you get hands-on with editing software and applications which can actually take a considerable amount of time, you’re all set to look out for experience, wherever you can find it. This is the part where you also learn about different video formats and how to edit each one of those.

The video type can either be a container or codec. Usually, all container files are those which are visible on your computer with extensions such as .mov; however, what is not readily available are codec files.

There may be hundreds of codecs available for your container video files. Without the correct codec installed on your device, you might not be able to open the video. It might also mean funding yourself while working for free and curating a portfolio for the future. Much like other creative professions. On the brighter side, patience and perseverance are key drivers of a successful career path regardless of what choice you pick.


We hope you have got the complete information on the main questions on how to become a great video editor. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more informative guides.

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