Download Whatsapp Indigo APK V5.60 Official (Latest Version)

Download Whatsapp Indigo: One of the reasons for having a large number of users on the WhatsApp application is because of the various features it has. Even so, it turns out that a few users feel that the features on the original WA are still lacking.

Therefore, they decided to switch to using the WhatsApp mod application. Mod WhatsApp itself is a WhatsApp application that has been modified in such a way that it has many features that are not in the original version of WA.

whatsapp indigo

Well, of the many available WA mods, WhatsApp Indigo is one of the most widely used mods. With Whatsapp Indigo apk mod, you can access a wide variety of features on Whatsapp that are not available in the original version.

What Is WhatsApp Indigo?

As already mentioned, WhatsApp Indigo is one form of modification of the existing WhatsApp application. WA Indigo is here as an answer to WhatsApp users who complain about limited features in the original WhatsApp application.

WA Indigo comes with a different look than the original application. Even the appearance is also different from other WA mod variants. This is the reason many WA users prefer WA Indigo over other mod versions.

Apart from the appearance, the developer also does not rule out features. The features in WA Indigo have also been designed optimally. So it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed while using this WhatsApp mod application.

WhatsApp Indigo Features

Talking about features, Whatsapp Indigo is able to provide various features that are no less interesting than other WA mods. Then what are the features brought by this WA Indigo application mod? Immediately, here is a little explanation about the Whatsapp Indigo feature.

whatsapp indigo features

1. Many Unique Theme Options

In the original WhatsApp application, you can only choose one of the two themes that have been provided, namely the original theme (green color) or the dark theme (dark mode). Of course, the intense use of WhatsApp makes you feel bored quickly when you see the same look?

Therefore, this indigo WA has been wrapped with an interface that is much more attractive than the original application. Not only that, the display is still beautified with a variety of themes that you can choose according to your wishes.

2. Auto Reply Feature

For those of you who use the WhatsApp application as a medium to run a business, it is highly recommended to use this WA mod. The reason is that this mod has been equipped with a very functional Auto Reply feature.

By using this feature, you no longer need to bother sending reply messages one by one to each buyer. To use the Auto-Reply feature, of course, you need to set the message format first.

3. Maintain The Quality Of The Files Sent

One of the reasons for a large number of WA users is the feature to send files. However, the original WA limits the sending of the file. This means that every file sent via WA will decrease in quality, be it photos or videos.

If you use the WA Indigo mod, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. This is because the application allows sending files in the form of images and videos without reducing the quality. You can even use WA Indigo to send files up to 1 GB in size.

4. Increased Length Of Video And Number Of Text Characters In Stories

The original WhatsApp also puts a limit on stories. For video stories, you can only upload videos with a maximum duration of 1 minute. This also applies to stories in the form of text, which are very limited in number.

If you want to make a video story with a longer duration, then WA Indigo allows you to upload videos with a duration of up to 7 minutes. As for text, you can create a status of up to 256 characters.

5. Privacy Features

Privacy is one aspect that is needed by WhatsApp users. Well, Whatsapp Indigo is here to bring a variety of privacy features. This feature will help you in various ways such as viewing other people’s stories without being noticed, removing blue ticks, and online status.

Not only that but there are also features that can be used to turn off the call button, hide status while typing, to block certain contacts so they can’t call your WA number.

6. Personalize Display

It seems that the developer is very concerned about the appearance of WA Indigo so that its users feel comfortable. This is evidenced by the existence of features that can be used to adjust the appearance of the application so that it really fits what the user wants.

Users of this WA application mod can adjust the appearance by changing the font shape, font size, chat bubbles, header tabs, and much more. If you’re bored with the current look, it’s easy to re-customize it.

7. App Lock Feature

Do you feel uncomfortable when your friends open their phones? Afraid they will open the WhatsApp application and find out what chats are in it? Just use the application lock feature that has been provided by this WA Indigo mod.

Application Lock is a WA Indigo feature that you can use to lock applications. Later the application will be locked with one of the available methods, namely a password, pattern, or PIN. Even if your phone already supports fingerprint access, you can also use it.

8. Anti Ban Feature

Anti-ban is a feature that must exist in all modified applications. The reason is that the modified alias application is not official, prone to getting banned from the original application. Not only the application but also accounts used in the application will also be banned.

Fortunately, WA Indigo has been equipped with an anti-ban that is guaranteed to keep its users safe. But keep in mind, that this feature will be effective if you always update the application regularly.

Download WhatsApp Indigo

Just like other WA mod applications, you won’t be able to find WA Indigo on the Google Play Store. But don’t worry, below is a link to download the WA Indigo mod that you can use for free.

How To Install WhatsApp Indigo

If you have successfully downloaded the APK file from WA Indigo via the link provided above, then just install the application. If you don’t know how to install applications from outside the Google Play Store, then you can follow the steps described below.

  • In the first step, you need to open the settings application or settings on the cellphone.
  • After that, scroll down and open the Security and Accessibility menu.
  • Within the menu, tap on the Unknown Sources option to enable it.
  • Now,  open the download folder and install the WA Indigo APK file according to the instructions from the system.

Maybe there are so many WhatsApp mod applications that are currently available, making you confused about choosing one of the best applications. However, many users have proven their comfort and fun when using WA Indigo.


We hope this article helped you know more about the Whatsapp Indigo apk mod. If you think your Whatsapp application is lacking any feature, you can try out the Whatsapp Indigo apk by installing it on your smartphone today. If you have any questions about this apk, feel free to ask us in the comments. Keep visiting TechRulz for more useful guides.

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