12 Best Logo Maker Apps To Create Unique Logos

Confused about how to create a logo? No need to worry. Some of the logo maker apps that will be discussed in this post can help you deal with it.

It can be said that the logo is one of the important aspects used for branding a business, business, team, community, and so on. If you want a logo that fits your wants and needs, then designing your own is the best choice.

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You can choose an application according to the device you are using. Be it Android, iPhone, or even PC there are many online logo maker apps available that you can use for your business.

Best Logo Maker Apps For Beginners

Actually, there are many online logo maker apps that can be used to create a logo. However, not all applications are able to provide convenience in making a logo. So, some of the applications that will be mentioned, are recommendations for the best logo maker apps, especially for beginners.

1. Logo Maker – Design & Create

As the name implies, Logo Maker is a logo maker application created for Android smartphone users. This application developed by Shopify carries a simple interface. In addition, this application also has a variety of interesting features for creating a professional logo.

Download Logo Maker For Android

2. Canva

Maybe you’ve heard the name of this one application. Yes, Canva is one of the most popular graphic design and logo maker apps. This app allows you to design a wide variety of creative designs online.

This app is available for Android and iOS devices. There’s even a web version. So you don’t have to bother to download this application if the memory on your cellphone is starting to get full. Canva has quite complete features such as color, text, palette, transparency, filters, branding, and many more.

Download Canva For Android

The next one on our list of the best logo maker apps is Logo Maker Plus. This application was developed by Logopit and tends to be more flexible for various needs. So besides creating a logo, you can also design magazine covers, headers on Twitter, to thumbnails for YouTube.

Logo Maker Plus also has several advantages, one of which is that it supports various image formats. Don’t worry, because this application is easy to learn. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to create a logo.

Download Logo Maker Plus For Android

4. PixelLab

For those of you who use an iPhone or iPad and want to create a logo, it is mandatory to try an application called PixelLab. This application does focus on a combination of text and photos that you can customize for various needs, including logo creation.

In fact, this application also provides a choice of templates that you can use to create a logo. When viewed in terms of features, this PixelLab application has quite complete features. There are sticker, text, draw, import, share, and photo editing features.

Download PixelLab For iOS

5. Design Evo – Logo Maker

best logo maker apps

Design Evo – Logo Maker, is an application to create logos easily, quickly, and attractively. This application, created by Pearl Mountain Technology, has been equipped with thousands of logo templates. Then you will also find tons of tools that support logo creation.

The great thing about this app is that you can use it for free. After the logo creation process is complete, the resulting logo design can be exported into JPG, PNG, and transparent background PNG format files.

Download Design Evo For Android

If you want to create a logo for your esports team, then one of the most appropriate logo maker apps is Logo Esport Maker. As the name implies, this application provides lots of logo templates typical of esport teams.

Not only can it be used to create logos, but this application also allows you to look for slogan ideas and also suitable esports team names. Of course, the tools provided in this application are quite diverse and are able to support the process of making a professional logo.

Download Esports Gaming Logo Maker

7. InstaLogo – Logo Creator

Instalogo is no less interesting to use as a logo design tool for your business and business. In addition to logos, this application also allows you to create posters, brochures, banners, and so on. In essence, this application supports the creation of sponsored media for your business.

Download InstaLogo For Android

8. Logo Generator & Logo Maker

This is another one of the top logo maker apps that are highly recommended for beginners who want to create creative logo designs. Logo Generator & Logo Maker provides a variety of features that are easy to use. This application also provides lots of logo templates that are ready to be edited and customized. This is one of the best logo maker apps.

In addition, there is a large collection of tools that support you in creating a logo that looks professional and has high selling value. Then, there are also more than 100 fonts and features for coloring. Once the logo creation is complete, you can export your design to various digital files.

Download Logo Generator & Logo Maker For Android

9. Logo Maker Design Logo Creator

If you want to create various logos such as business logos, brands, communities, and so on, then this application called Logo Maker 2020 can be an option. This application was developed by Splendid App Maker and provides more than 5000 templates that you can edit.

Download Logo Maker Design Logo Creator For Android

10. Logo Maker: Logo Creator

Recommended logo maker application, the next one is Logo Maker – Logo Creator, Generator & Design. You could say that the application developed by Content Arcade Apps has a menu display that is similar to Adobe Photoshop.

There are lots of artworks, backgrounds, colors, and textures in this application that you can use to design a logo. In addition, this application also provides various professional photo and text editing tools.

Download Logo Maker: Logo Creator For Android

If some of the previously mentioned logo maker apps were made for smartphones, then AAA Logo is an application for creating logos designed for PC and laptop users. This application is specifically used to create logos, so there are lots of interesting logo templates available.

Unlike other logo maker apps, you don’t have to manually draw the elements that will be included in the logo. Later, there will be lots of images that you can choose and edit to match the logo that is being created.

Download AAA Logo For Windows

12. LogoYes

LogoYes is a professional logo maker application used for the Windows platform. In this application, you will find a custom logo feature that you can change freely. The size of the logo can also be adjusted as needed so that the quality is maintained.

You have lots of logo templates that are ready to be changed and redesigned to be attractive. Although it is often used by professionals, it is guaranteed that even beginners will have no trouble using it thanks to its friendly and simple interface.

Visit LogoYes Here


Even though you are still a beginner in making logo designs, it is guaranteed that some of the logo maker apps above will help in producing a unique and professional logo. Just choose the application according to your needs and desires. We hope this article is helpful. Keep visiting the TechRulz site for more informative guides.

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