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For those of you smartphone users, of course, you have the WhatsApp application on your cellphone, right? Well, have you ever felt bored with the look of WhatsApp that seems monotonous and just like that?

Don’t worry, maybe this article will help you deal with the problem. Have you ever heard of a modified application or mod of WhatsApp?

nswhatsapp apk download

Yes, these kinds of apps are not official apps, but they usually have more features. Of the many WA mod applications, on this occasion the mod that will be discussed is NSWhatsApp.

What Is NSWhatsApp?

NSWhatsApp is actually a modified version of a famous WA mod application, namely GBWhatsApp with a 3D edition. This WhatsApp mod was developed by developer Nairton Silva and his team.

Even some of the features that are owned by GBWhatsApp such as message planning, privacy, application themes, auto-reply messages, block feature, and so on. NSWA comes in three different packages. Of course, you can use all three packages at once.

NSWhatsApp Review

The design carried on this WA mod has a 3D (3-dimensional) impression with application icons that are different from the original WA application. Of course, this WA icon looks better than the original version and will make the WA menu look more attractive.

The developer from NSWA will continue to provide updates regularly. In addition to making the use of the application safe, of course, many bugs are constantly being fixed. Do not forget that updates are also carried out so that the use of this NSWA mod becomes unlimited.

The NSWA mod does not have an official website page. So it will be quite difficult when you are looking for the APK file for the most recent update. But don’t worry, this article will provide a link that can be used to download the latest version of NSWA.

But before that, maybe you will feel interested in learning more about the features of this WhatsApp mod. For that, continue to refer to the information that will be explained as follows.

NSWhatsApp Features

As previously stated, NSWhatsApp still brings features to the GBWhatsApp mod. But apart from that, of course, this mod also has other features that were in the GBWA mod. Well, below are some of the features of NSWA that you need to know.

1. Privacy Features

Privacy is an important aspect that must be in every WhatsApp mod. This is because the original WA application is considered less able to maintain and increase the privacy of its users. Therefore, NSWA also supports extra privacy for each user.

Some of the privacy features of this mod include hiding online status, hiding last online view, two ticks and two blue ticks, status in the form of the words “typing ..” or “recording ..”, and many more. All options are in the NSWA privacy menu.

2. No Distraction Mode

When you browse the internet, read articles, watch videos, or various other activities, sometimes WhatsApp message notifications that appear will interfere with the activities being carried out.

To overcome this, the developer has provided this NSWA with an uninterrupted mode feature. If you activate this uninterrupted mode, then WA messages from friends will still come in. It’s just that the notification doesn’t appear on the cellphone screen.

3. Scheduled Messages

If you want to send WA messages to friends at the right time, such as birthday greetings, greetings, or something else, then this WA mod has a feature to do it. So, you don’t have to worry about being left behind when you want to say hello, congratulations, and so on.

This message scheduling feature in NSWA will help you manage time to type and send messages. In addition to giving greetings, of course, this feature can also be used as a reminder of certain moments.

4. Themes And App Design

So far, probably all the features of NSWA are the same as GBWahstapp. But in terms of design and theme, of course, the two versions of the WA mod have significant differences. In the NSWA mod, the style on all icons will change to 3D with black base color symbols.

As for the theme on the main screen, you can customize the theme that will be used. To date, there are more than 100 NSWA themes available. You can choose one of the preferred themes.

5. Text Style

In most WA mod applications, you usually need to download the font file first if you want to change the font in this application. Of course, this will feel quite inconvenient again, especially if the fonts that have been installed do not meet expectations.

But if you use this NSWA mod, you don’t have to bother anymore. Because NSWA has brought more than 40 different types of fonts or text styles. So you don’t have to bother downloading one by one and choosing the most appropriate type of text.

6. Home Screen Style

NSWA mod allows you to change the style of the homepage background on the WhatsApp application. There are 7 home screen styles to choose from. These styles include contact and group icons, unread message counter positions, internal chat locations, and more.

7. Conversational Style

Apart from the home screen style, you also have the option to change the conversation style. In this mod app, you can change the position of various chat tools. Starting from the gallery, camera, emoji, messaging tools, and so on.

Download NSWhatsApp

If you already know the various features of the NSWhatsApp mod above, of course, you are ready to use the application. No need to be confused even though this application cannot be found on the Google Play Store, here is a link that you can use to download NSWA.

App Name NSWhatsApp
Size 66 MB
Version 7.0


How To Install NSWhatsApp

Since NSWhatsApp is not an official WhatsApp application and is not on the Google Play Store, the way to install it is also different from the general application. If you are confused, then here are the steps that need to be followed.

  • In the first step, please click the link that was given above.
  • Wait for a few moments, then the process of downloading the NSWA APK file will begin.
  • If the file download is completely finished, don’t install the application right away.
  • Before that, you need to open the settings application or settings on the cellphone.
  • After that, scroll down and open the Security and Accessibility menu.
  • Continue by looking for the Unknown Sources option.

ns whatsapp update

  • Tap to enable the option.
  • If so, then open the download folder where the NSWA APK file was saved.
  • Finally, open the APK file and perform the installation by tapping on the “Install” button.
  • Congratulations, you can now use the NSWA mod application and experience all the features it provides.
  • Tap on the “Open” button to start using the app.

By using this NSWA mod application, it is guaranteed that using WhatsApp will not be as boring as before. What you need to do is update regularly to keep the application safe.


We hope this article was helpful to download and install the NSWhatsApp application on your Android devices. This is a great alternative to WhatsApp if you want more features and additional security. You can easily download NSWhatsApp by using the link given here. Keep visiting TechRulz for more related posts.

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