KPN TV APK Download Latest Version For Free Streaming

In the modern era like today, almost everyone has a very large dependence on smartphones. This is because smartphones can be used to carry out various activities, ranging from playing games, social media, to watching tv shows.

Maybe for some people, it is not surprising that cable tv services can be accessed via Android phones. Then what about local channels that are not subscribed? You can still watch it on your phone by downloading the KPN TV APK.

kpn tv apk download

We have provided all the information you need to know about this KPN TV APK here. Know about its features and benefits and download this apk from the link given here.

KPN TV APK Streaming

KPN TV is an application for watching tv by streaming that you can do through your Android phone. This application provides many TV channels from various countries according to your choice.

No need to worry, because you can also find domestic TV channels such as Indosiar, RCTI, MNC TV, SCTV, TransTV, TV One, Net TV, and many more. In addition, you can enjoy premium TV channels, which are usually paid for, through this application.

Basically, this KPN TV promises a tv viewing experience with a large selection of channels through an Android phone that is in your hands. Therefore, watching TV activities can be done anytime and anywhere.

KPN TV Features

The fun and excitement of KPN TV, of course, come from the many features that the application has. Now for more details, here are some interesting features that have been provided by the KPN TV application.

1. Provides Many Channels From Various Countries

Not only local TV channels such as RCTI, ANTV, SCTV, and others, you can also find various kinds of TV channels from abroad. Starting from Japanese, Thai, United States TV channels, and many others.

 kpn tv android-pop

No kidding, the channels available on KPN TV are very cool. There are several themes or categories that you can choose according to your wishes. Such as the sports category that broadcasts Bein Sport, to the special animation channel in the form of Animax.

2. Compatible For All Android Devices

The next feature of this application is that it is compatible with all versions of Android devices. So you don’t have to worry that the Android phone you are using will not support this one application. Then can APN TV be installed on iOS or PC?

Until now, the KPN TV application is only available for the Android platform. So if you’re using an iPhone, you can’t access this tv streaming app yet. Maybe you can outsmart it with an Android emulator application on your laptop or PC.

3. HD Video Quality With Easy Navigation

Although there are lots of channels, the navigation applied to the KPN TV application is very easy. Without the hassle anymore, you can explore and become the favorite channel you want.

 kpn tv apk

This is due to the channel category feature from several countries. In addition, the channel menu in this application also has categories. Starting from special channels for sports, animation, adults, and so on. So it is guaranteed that everyone can use it, even if they are beginners.

4. Stream Special 18+ Channels

Maybe this one feature has its pluses and minuses. For pluses or advantages, those of you who are old enough can watch 18+ special channels without the need for the help of a third application such as a VPN. So it will not waste space on memory.

As for the minuses or shortcomings, that is, channel 18+ can be accessed by anyone. So this feature is quite vulnerable, especially if the user is still a minor. So your child or sister who is not old enough to use this application, of course, needs to be supervised.

Download KPN TV APK And How To Install It

Actually, you can download this KPN TV application on the Google Play Store. But if you don’t have the Google Play Store or the app has problems, there’s no need to worry. You can still download KPN TV APK via the link below.

Download link: Download KPN TV APK

Well, if you download the KPN TV APK via the link above, then the way to install the application is also different from how to install the application from the Google Play Store. So that there are no problems and the application can still be used, here’s how to install it.

  • The first step, open the download folder where you saved the APK file from the KPN TV that was downloaded earlier.
  • After that, tap to open the app and select the “Install” option.
  • If the option appears to give permission to install apps from unknown sources, then enable the option.
  • Then the KPN TV application will be installed.
  • Wait, until the installation process is complete, and the application can be used.
  • Tap on “Open” to start using the app.

How To Use KPN TV APK 

If you have successfully installed the KPN TV application on the mobile you are using, do you know how to use it? If you don’t know, then don’t worry. Follow the instructions that will be explained as follows.

  • First, open the KPN TV application that has been installed on the cellphone.
  • When you first use this application, you will be asked to create a profile first. For that, create a new profile by filling in information about your personal data.
  • If you have successfully created a profile, the KPN TV main menu will appear.
  • You can choose a channel theme in the left column such as music TV, Indonesian TV, Japanese TV, Korean TV, and many more. Tap on one of the desired channel themes.
  • After that, many channels will appear that can be watched according to the theme that has been selected.

How To Fix KPN TV APK Error

Every application sometimes experiences errors or bugs when used, including the KPN TV apk. Well, if the KPN TV APK you are using suddenly gets an error where the application cannot be opened or something else, maybe you can try some of the following solutions.

1. Force Close Application

The first method you can do is force close the KPN TV application. To force close apps on Android, you can do this through the app settings. Then clean or clear the data and cache of the application.

2. Changing To Old Version

KPN TV does support all types of devices. However, it still depends on the specifications of the cellphone used. So if the KPN TV apk has an error, it’s possible that the HP specifications you are using are too low. For that, try using the old version.

3. Restart Phone

Maybe you think that restarting your phone doesn’t have much effect on app performance. But this can refresh the system and make the application run flawlessly. There are no guarantees, but it never hurts to give it a try.


If you already know various things about KPN TV APK as described above, are you ready to use the application? An application that allows users to enjoy various channels anywhere and anytime. Download this app now and enjoy streaming your favorite channels. Hope this article was helpful. Stay tuned to TechRulz for more useful guides.

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