Download KRWhatsApp Latest Version Anti-Ban For Android

Download KRWhatsapp mod latest version: If you want to download and install the KRWhatsapp application mod on your Android device, then this post is for you.

For now, it can be said that WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger application in the world. This is the reason why many developers decide to develop the application with their own version.


Well, if you are a WA user who likes to use the WA mod application, then it is mandatory to try a mod called KRWhatsApp. Curious about this WA mod? No need to wait anymore, just take a look at the information that will be explained as follows.

What Is KRWhatsApp?

KRWhatsApp is a modified application or WhatsApp mod that is intended for Android users. This mod, allows you to change the appearance of the interface on the WA application and also increases your privacy.

It can be said that KRWhatsapp is included in one of the popular WA mod applications. Of course, its popularity is due to various features in it. There are lots of interesting features that you probably won’t find in the original WA application.

Some of these features include the ability to share media files with a much larger size capacity than the original WhatsApp. So file sharing activities such as photos, videos, and audio can be done more freely.

So far, most KR WA users choose this application for the reason that it can send various large files to other WA contacts. You don’t have to worry about errors and bugs, because KR WA often updates from time to time.

KRWhatsApp Features

Previously, we mentioned some of the features that KR WA has. But not only that, this WA mod application certainly still has many features that are worth considering. For more details, here are some features of the KRWhatsapp mod application.

krwhatsapp download latest version

1. Protect Chats Using A PIN

The most interesting feature of this KR WA mod is that there is a feature that functions to protect chats using PIN security. Of course, the existence of this feature will make your chat privately with other WA contacts safer.

Therefore, you don’t need to bother using the app locker for WhatsApp. Because this feature only applies to predefined chats. So for other chats, it can still be opened without using a PIN.

2. Banned Features

The main problem that is usually faced by users of modified applications is being banned by the original application. This also applies to the WhatsApp mod application, which is likely to be officially banned by WhatsApp.

However, you don’t need to worry if you use this KR WA mod. Because KR WA has been equipped with a special feature that functions to anticipate being banned from WhatsApp. So the WA account will remain safe, even if you use a modified application.

Another reason that makes KR WA immune from being banned from WhatsApp is the use of the base application version 2.18.122. Therefore, this application is still safe to use because it will be read as an original application. Maybe this is what makes KR WA different from most other WA mods.

3. Message Translator Features

You like texting with strangers in a foreign language that you may not know. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bother copying the message and then looking for its meaning through a translator application like Google Translate.

In this KR WA mod application, a message translator feature is available which certainly cannot be found in the original WhatsApp application. To use this feature is also very easy. You only need to press the “translate” feature, then the message will be translated by KR WA directly.

4. Auto Reply Feature

If you just look at the name, you probably already know that Auto Reply is a feature that functions to answer messages directly without the need to type first. Well, now you can find this feature on KR WA. So if you are lazy to open WA, then just activate this one feature.

5. Copy Status

In the original WhatsApp application, you need help from a third application if you want to copy someone else’s status. But not with KR WA, which allows you to copy someone else’s status directly. Just open the status owner’s contact, then copy the status directly.

Not only the feature to copy the status, but you will also find a feature that serves to write the status. Actually, this status writing feature also exists in the original or official version of the WhatsApp application.

However, in the original WA application, status writing will be limited to only using a maximum of 30 characters. Unlike KR WA, which allows you to write a status of up to 250 characters. So writing status can be done more freely.

7. Changing The Theme

In terms of appearance, it can be said that KR WA brings an application display that is not boring and also very interesting. However, sometimes using the same theme for a long time will make its users feel tedious.

Therefore, KR WA also provides an option for its users to change the theme of the application. You can choose the theme as desired without any limitations, unlike the original WA application which only provides two themes, namely original and dark mode.

8. Hide Status And Last Seen

As it is well known, the Hide Status and Last Seen features are two features that can also be found in the original version of the WhatsApp application. Hide Status is a feature that prevents other (defined) people from knowing or reading the status you created.

While Last Seen or last seen, is a feature that shows when you last opened the WA application. Well, if you also use this feature, then the feature can still be found and used even if you change to KR WA.

Download KRWhatsApp

If you already know some of the mainstay features of KR WA as mentioned above, are you ready to immediately use this WA mod application? If you are ready, below is the link to download KR WA for free.

How To Install KRWhatsApp

After successfully downloading the APK file from KRWhatsapp via the link above, do you know how to install it? Yes, because this application does not come from the Google Play Store, of course, the installation method is also different. For that, see the following explanation so that KR WA can be installed and used correctly.

  • If the APK file of KR WA has been downloaded, you need to open the settings application first.
  • After that, find and open the Security and Accessibility menu.

kr whatsapp latest version 2022

  • Then look for the Unknown Sources option.
  • Activate the option, then open the download folder.
  • Install the KR WA APK file by following the instructions given.


Maybe besides KRWhatsapp, there are still many WhatsApp mod applications that are often used as options. But of the many available WA mods, KR WA is one of the mods that have the highest security. So there’s no need to be afraid that your WA account will be banned if you use KR WA. Hope you found this article helpful. Stay tuned to TechRulz for more updates.

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