GB WhatsApp IOS Download Latest Version For IPhone

GB WhatsApp iOS is an application that allows you to change the user interface or appearance of WhatsApp according to the appearance of the iPhone. WhatsApp only provides two options to change the appearance, namely dark and light.

However, some users seem to want the appearance of WhatsApp on their Android smartphones like the iPhone which is considered more elegant and aesthetic. Well, the GB WhatsApp iPhone or iOS app allows you to easily change the look.

gb whatsapp ios

Download the GB Whatsapp iOS application on your iPhone and start using it right away to take advantage of the latest features that are added to this app. Know how to download and install the GB Whatsapp for iOS app below.

What Is GB WhatsApp IOS?

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp but still uses the same server. In short with the GBWhatsApp application, you can easily find many features that are not available on the official WhatsApp.

With the use of GBWhatsApp, you will find features such as hiding the last seen or last seen description to changing the theme to look like the elegant look of WhatsApp iOS.

 gb whatsapp ios theme

WhatsApp itself is not actually an open-source application, so the GBWhatsApp iOS application is the result of tweaks or cracks from the official application. As a result, you have to download through sites outside the Playstore.

Likewise, regarding application updates, you must regularly visit the official site of the GBWhatsApp iOS application provider. It’s different if you download via Playstore where updates can be done automatically.

Is The GB WhatsApp IOS Application Safe To Use?

The question above may be the most frequently encountered question because some users are worried about personal data security issues when installing GB WhatsApp iOS because it is not an official application from the Playstore.

Until now there is no evidence that there are reports of unwanted things happening when installing the GB WhatsApp iOS application. In line with this, the results of the application scan from the malware detection site, Virustotal, stated that GB WhatsApp iOS was safe and clean from malware.

It will be an exception if you download GBWhatsApp iOS files from unofficial sources which may contain malware, adware, or spyware. Therefore, make sure your download source really comes from an official link.

Advantages Of GB WhatsApp IOS

Besides being able to make your WhatsApp look like the iOS user interface, there are many other special features that you can get. This is because basically GBWhatsApp iOS still uses the basic GBWhatsApp application. Here are the full details of the GBWhatsApp iOS features:

1. Keep Using The Original Server From WhatsApp

Although the GBWhatsApp application is referred to as a tweak or crack application from the original version, it is still connected to the official WhatsApp server. So you will still get automatic updates if WhatsApp is scheduled to update.

But it’s different when talking about updates from the GBWhatsApp as a third-party application developer, you have to do it manually. The trick is to visit the official website of GBWhatsApp.

2. Reading Deleted Messages

Several years ago WhatsApp officially released a feature to delete messages or chats even though they were sent to the recipient of the message. Well, the normal recipient of the message will not be able to read messages that have previously been deleted.

It’s a different story if you use the GB WhatsApp application because in the end messages that have been deleted can still be read. You can also disable this feature if you feel you don’t need it.

3. Free To Set Last Seen Or Last Seen

The official WhatsApp application normally cannot be set to show last seen to certain contacts. So when you configure it to hide last seen all contacts will not be able to see it.

The WhatsApp feature does not seem to satisfy some users who have the desire to set the last seen or last seen only for certain contacts. But GBWhatsApp has a feature to let you choose multiple contacts.

4. Can Add Various Languages

Some users usually try to configure some settings on their WhatsApp accounts so that the display will look more elegant. One trend that is currently emerging is changing the WhatsApp language to Spanish or Italian.

GBWhatsApp can also make it easier for you to change the language just by clicking on a few menus. The choice of languages ​​available on the GBWhatsApp application is also very large and almost covers all languages ​​​​in the world.

Disadvantages Of GB WhatsApp IOS

Although GB WhatsApp iOS has a myriad of advantages, it also has some drawbacks. The factor that becomes the lack of GBWhatsApp iOS is mostly because this application is not official. Here’s the full description:

1. Can Be Banned By WhatsApp

As has been said before, GBWhatsApp is not an official application so it could be banned by WhatsApp. According to data and history, WhatsApp has conducted raids on mod users from 2015 to 2019.

As a result, during these two times, many WhatsApp mod users were eventually banned. In order to avoid this risk of being banned, you can use the application wisely to avoid reports from other users.

2. Must Update Manually

If you download an application sourced from the Playstore, you will automatically get automatic updates. It’s different when you use GBWhatsApp which requires you to check the official site regularly.

Likewise, if there are problems such as maintenance or something else, you must also check directly on the official GBWhatsApp developer site.

How To Download The Latest GB WhatsApp IOS App

As explained earlier if you need to make sure if the link where to download the GB WhatsApp iOS application is safe from viruses or malware. To ensure this, you can download the latest GB WhatsApp iOS application via the download link below:

File Name GBWhatsApp iOS
Version Latest version
Size 27.50 MB
Developer GB WhatsApp Team
Updated On April 2022

How To Install The Latest GB WhatsApp IOS

GBWhatsApp iOS is not only different in terms of downloading it, namely through the link listed above, not through the Playstore. In terms of the GBWhatsApp installation steps, it is also different from the official application because it must first give permission for installation from unknown sources.

  • Download GbWhatsApp iOS via the link listed above or through the official website of the official GBWhatsApp iOS.
  • After downloading the application, give installation permission through your smartphone settings because it is not an application from a known source.
  • The trick is to click the Settings menu or settings then go to the Security or Privacy menu.
  • Tick ​​or slide the slider to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Install the application that you downloaded earlier and then follow the instructions or instructions listed on the application.
  • Enter the phone number that you will use to register a WhatsApp account on GBWhatsApp


GB WhatsApp iOS provides an interesting option for those of you who want to enjoy the elegant appearance of WhatsApp through an Android smartphone. Besides that, you can also enjoy other features of the WhatsApp mod application which is designed to have more features than the official WhatsApp account. Follow us on TechRulz for more related posts.

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