How To Grow Mushrooms In Minecraft? Step By Step Process Explained

Do you want to know how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft easily and protect them from mobs? This post is specially written for those who are looking forward to learning some farming skills in order to survive and grow many things in Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the largest sandbox video games in the world. From kids to teens, you might have not seen someone who doesn’t know about Minecraft. With two game modes available, creative and survival, this game brings out the best of your creativity.

how to grow mushrooms in minecraft

For surviving in this game, you need to build, create, explore, fight, and also search for food. You can create almost everything out of this world by following the requirements needed for that respective material. In this post, we will show you how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft.

What Is The Use Of Mushrooms In Minecraft

As you know in order to survive in the game, you must feed yourself or you can starve to death. You can use these mushrooms to stew a soup and fulfill your hunger. Other than that, mushrooms play a key role in making potions. If you want to make a fermented spider eye potion in Minecraft, then you will need a brown mushroom. Hence, farming your own mushroom spread will be better than running out every time to find mushrooms in the forest.

Requirements To Grow Minecraft Pe Mushroom Farm

Similar to the real world, in Minecraft, mushrooms need a darker place to grow. You can’t grow mushrooms directly under the sky. You need to harvest them in some dark areas or underground with some minimum light falling on them. The light density should not be higher than 12 if you want to grow Minecraft mushrooms successfully.

Also, taking care of mobs is really necessary. Mushrooms have a high risk of being damaged or stolen by mobs. Therefore, it is better to keep your farm small and if you plant them in the Nether, then it will be even better as the enemies can’t enter there.

If you do not want to keep your mushrooms in a darker place with low light, then you can harvest mushroom farms in the below areas.

  • Nylium: Growing Minecraft plant mushroom in Nylium is easier. You can find Nylium in two places, one is in warped forests, and the other is in crimson forests.
  • Mycelium: You can find mycelium in mushroom field biomes. Using this biome, you won’t have to worry about light density. 
  • Podzol: Podzol can be found inside giant tree taiga and giant spruce taiga biomes. Growing mushrooms in Podzol land does not depend on the light level anymore.

How To Grow Mushrooms In Minecraft In 4 Steps

Here is how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft easily. Make sure to keep the light level at less than 12 since small mushrooms only grow in less light. If you don’t want to worry about light, then plant your mushrooms in Podzol or  Nylium area. Nether is also a good place to plant mushrooms to avoid any mob attacks. Below is the process that describes how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft.

  • First of all, dig the land for making an underground room. Dig 7 blocks to build a staircase.

minecraft mushroom farm

  • Now, go down through the stairs and create a 7 X 5 room.
  • At the very front, middle, and the very last of the room, dig three blocks and add torch lights.
  • Next, place mushrooms in the room leaving some gaps. It will grow into a mushroom spread automatically.
  • Finished. Just wait for the mushrooms to grow bigger and spread across the room to give a beautiful mushroom farm.

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How To Grow Huge Mushrooms In Minecraft

Giant or huge mushrooms are the best way to create something unique and grow them into giant-looking trees. If you don’t want to grow regular mushrooms, then you can opt for the huge mushrooms. One huge or giant mushroom can break down into 20 small mushrooms.  The method is almost similar to how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft.

You will require a space of 7 X 7 blocks for each huge mushroom to grow. Also, the height of the room or ground where you grow huge mushrooms should be 7 blocks. Once, you make such a room, place a mushroom in the sand and provide a bone meal to the mushroom. That’s it. You will get a huge mushroom in return.

Growing Mushrooms In Nether

If you think it is difficult to spawn a mushroom spread in Minecraft and if you also think it is hard to protect these mushrooms from the mobs, then a better option is available for you. Nether is the most suitable place in Minecraft to spawn mushrooms. Nether is also a good place when it comes to finding mushrooms for spawning them.

If you don’t know how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft in the Nether region, then let us take you through the steps. Firstly, you have to find a dark and safe place in the Nether and make a walled-off section for this place. This step will make sure the mobs can’t attack and steal your mushrooms. If you have a soul lantern, then place it here so that your mushrooms get enough light and mobs can’t enter the area.

how to grow mushrooms in nether

That’s it. Just wait for your mushrooms to grow into a huge spread of mushroom farm. This is another easy way how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft. This way, you can spawn both red and brown, regular and giant mushrooms easily.


What is a mushroom in Minecraft?
Similar to real mushrooms, Minecraft mushrooms are fungi that spread in darker areas. You can use these mushrooms to eat.
What is the required environment for growing mushrooms?
The mushrooms should be grown in darker areas with a light level of less than 12. You can’t grow mushrooms under the sky unless you use Podzol or Nylium land.
How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft?
Make a 7×7 room and dig up some blocks. Place mushrooms in the blocks and adjust the light level to less than 12. 8 to 10 is the identical light for growing mushrooms.
How many mushrooms can you grow at one time?
Depends on the size of the land that you use to grow mushrooms. If you want more mushrooms, then you can dig more blocks and wait for the mushroom spread to grow.
How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft in a bigger size?
Huge mushrooms grow bigger in size and are equal to 20 small mushrooms. You have to feed bone meal to the regular mushroom in order to grow it into a huge mushroom.

Final Words

Here we have explained how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft successfully. You can grow both small and huge mushrooms in Minecraft without any hassle. Just follow the requirements in order to get the desired fruit. If you want to let your friends know how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft, then share this post with them. For more useful guides, please visit the TechRulz website.

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