Download Free Fire Advance Server Apk + How To Register

To enjoy the exciting and tense Free Fire (FF) game, you only need to download it on the Play Store. The original version of the FF game on the Play Store is indeed fun, but you can also try this game on the Free Fire Advance Server Apk which provides a variety of the latest features.

For those of you who want to enjoy the latest leaked FF games, Garena FF has opened Advance Server Apk registration for the second wave. This is in accordance with the information that has been submitted on Garena FF’s Instagram account.

download free fire advance server apk

If you also want to download Free Fire Advance Server apk, then you must read this article till the last. Get all the details about Free Fire Advance server apk, its features, how to download and install this server, and also learn how to register on Free Fire Advance server apk below.

What Is Free Fire Advance Server Apk?

Free Fire Advance Server Apk is a special application from Garena for playing FF games. The goal is as a form of feedback from Garena for the loyal survivors of FF. This application allows FF players to find out the updated features of the Free Fire game.

With this application, FF players can try out and enjoy the latest features available for free before being released on the main client. Starting from skins, weapons, and other interesting features that are a pity to pass up.

free fire advance server apk download 2022

Not only have the opportunity to enjoy the various features available, but players also have the opportunity to get other benefits. The reason is that Garena has prepared a gift in the form of 3,000 diamonds or the equivalent of a nominal value of Rp. 300,000.

These prizes will be given to FF players who manage to find bugs that are considered to be very influential on the course of the game. This is what makes FF players compete to join the Free Fire (FF) Advance Server Apk.

Difference Between Free Fire And Free Fire Advance Server Apk

Even though they both have the Free Fire label, FF and Free Fire Advance Server Apk are two different applications. You can download the original version of the FF server game on the Playstore, while for the Free Fire Advance Server Apk you have to visit the official Garena website.

In the Play Store itself, the Free Fire application has been downloaded by more than 500 million users, and this of course makes FF’s prestige as one of the favorite battle royale games shine even more. Like other battle royale games, in this game, you will be placed on a desert island.

You will be faced with many enemies and must be able to survive if you want to win the battle. As a FF survivor, you will be given the freedom to choose a position to start the game using a parachute. The main objective of the game is to survive as long as possible in the safe zone with the most appropriate defense strategy. Starting from driving a vehicle, exploring the map, hiding, attacking, and surviving.

To improve service and provide the best for FF players who are already so loyal, Garena as a developer is always updating. One of them is to improve and update various features in the application. For the original version itself, the Free Fire Game is equipped with a variety of interesting features and makes the game tenser. Some of these features include:

This feature allows FF players to load weapons faster so they can take advantage of the limited time to be able to attack and defend again with the existing strategy. This feature features an island that is getting bigger and a new race track that can be utilized optimally.

This hall of fame was built next to the Social Zone, allowing survivors to meet their favorite players. This feature will allow survivors to revive teammates so they can fight again. This feature can only be used for some bundles. With this feature, you can hide the backpack so that it is not visible when in a match. Your appearance will remain cool with a bundle that looks perfect and is not blocked by a backpack.

The number of members when building a Guild in FF is usually limited and as the Guild grows, the number of members will increase by itself. If you use the Guild capacity expansion feature, you can increase the number of members instantly.

The many features provided in the Free Fire game are the main attraction that makes this game even more exciting to play. However, with the Free Fire Advance Server Apk from Garena, the features in FF will always be updated and even bring up new, very interesting features.

Different from the original version on the Play Store, the Free Fire Advance Server Apk often experiences glitches and this is considered a natural thing because it is a trial stage. If you find a bug that will interfere with the running of the FF game then you must immediately report it to Garena.

This information will be very useful and will be followed up by Garena by making the necessary improvements. And those of you who report the bug will be rewarded in the form of diamonds.

What Are The Advantages Of Playing Games On Free Fire Advance Server Apk? 

If you are interested in joining the Free Fire Advance Server apk then there are several benefits that can be obtained, including the following:

Opportunity To Try The Latest Free Fire Features

It is certain that the Free Fire (FF) Advance Server Apk is filled with various kinds of the latest features that have not been published in general. By joining this application, you can become one of the players who have the opportunity to try out the latest FF features.

There are many new features that can be tried, such as new characters, weapons, and pets that will be presented sometime in the future. So can’t wait to try it right?

Can Be Used To Create Free Fire Content

Leaks about the latest features of the Free Fire game are one of the topics that are quite popular to be used as material for making videos for FF content creators. If you want to create content about FF leaks, then this is the time to join the Free Fire Advance Server apk.

Diamond Rewards For Bug Hunters

Another advantage that you will get when playing the Free Fire (FF) Advance Server Apk game is to have the opportunity to get diamond prizes for free. There are many prizes waiting for you if you manage to find a bug in this game.

For bug hunters, a prize of 100 diamonds is provided, while for super hunters and uber hunters, they will get prizes of 1,000 and 2,000 diamonds, respectively. Meanwhile, for the master hunter, a prize of 3,000 diamonds is provided.

How To Register And Download Free Fire Advance Server Apk

To be able to enjoy the latest features and get a chance to get 3,000 diamonds, you must register first. The quota available for FF players is quite limited, so you must register immediately if you don’t want to miss out.

From the official Garena FF website, it is stated that registration for the FF Advance Server has been opened from May to June 2021. And of course using a first-come-first-served system, because there are many players who want to join and enjoy the latest features provided.

free fire advance server registration

For registration, you must register using a Facebook account. The following is a guide and an easy way to register Free Fire Advance Server Apk.

  • The first step to register is to visit the Free Fire Advance Server site at the following link:
  • Next, please tap the Facebook Login button.
  • Then you can fill in complete personal data, such as name, cellphone number, and email.
  • Next, please click the Join option.
  • Wait for the registration process for a few moments until it is declared successful, Garena takes time to confirm your registration.
  • If your registration is successful, the following notification will appear: “Your application is passed”, accompanied by an activation code in the form of a combination of numbers and letters.
  • And you will receive a notification “Congratulations. Please use this activation code to log into the game”.
  • You will be redirected to the Apk Download menu.
  • Next, please tap the download button to start the download and install process on your cellphone.
  • To download this application make sure your settings have given permission to download from unknown sources.
  • If the download is successful, the Download Apk button will change color from gray to green.

If the registration and installation process has been successfully carried out, you will get the latest FF Advance Server activation code provided by GarenaFF. You can use this code to log in to Advance Server FF. Meanwhile, to get the skin you can use the Free Fire skin tool.

For those of you who find bugs, you can immediately report them through the Bug History menu, while to get prizes you can go through the Rewards menu available on the official website

Issues That Can Appear When Registering On Free Fire Advance Server Apk

One of the problems that appear and is experienced by many FF players who register to join is the activation code that does not appear. This also raises questions about the unused Free Fire Advance Server activation code.

This is because after the player made a successful registration process on the Garena site, the activation code was not found. Even though this code will be used to login to the Free Fire (FF) Advance Server Apk.

This FF Advance Server activation code will usually be sent via email if your registration process has been successful and confirmed. The delivery process can also take 2×24 hours, so you have to be really patient to wait.

Please note that this activation code can only be used once so that if you have received it, it can be used directly for your own Advance Server account do not give it to others, unless you really want to give it.

If you don’t get the activation code even though you’ve already done the registration process, then it’s very likely that the quota for this FF player has been fulfilled, so you don’t get a place. The solution, of course, is to register immediately if the FF Advance Server registration has been opened.


The existence of the Free Fire Advance Server Apk from Garena provides its own advantages for FF survivors who want to know the latest FF game updates. So for those of you who want to join, register right away and enjoy the newest, up-to-date features! We hope you found this article helpful. Keep visiting Techrulz for more game updates.

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