What Does PUBG Ga Qi Mean? Here He Is, Not Noob!

Maybe you are wondering what PUBG Ga Qi means, and how come it can go viral on social media. If you look at the word PUBG, it is certain that this term is not far from the activities of game fans themselves.

What Does PUBG Ga Qi Mean


PUBG Ga Qi means slang that is being viral on several social media platforms, this is indeed often used by players of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground game or better known as PUBG.

PUBG Game Overview

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which was developed by PUBG Corporation. This very popular game was designed by Brendan Greene, an Irish photographer, and has been released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Android, and iOS platforms.

On Microsoft Windows, the PUBG game was released by PUBG Corporation, while for Xbox One it was released by Microsoft Studio and for the mobile version, it was released by Tencent Games.

This game with the battle royale genre can be played by single players, teams of two or four people and can invite other players to join the game as a team. Even this game can also be played by 100 people at once online.

At the beginning of its appearance, PUBG has indeed attracted the attention of gamers, this is proven by the number of players online simultaneously and even beating the record number of players in the Dota 2 game.

In the Play Store itself, this battle royale game has been downloaded by more than 500 million Android users with a pretty good rating. To play this game, the smartphone specifications are 2GB/16GB or more, 4GB/64GB (lite version), and 6GB/128GB are recommended for the original version.

To play this game requires a stable internet connection and it is recommended to have an Android system 5.1.1 or higher. Meanwhile, for other devices, you can try PUBG Mobile Lite.

The achievements of this battle royale game cannot be doubted, because in 2017 PUBG won an award at the 35th Golden Joystic Awards and won the Best Multiplayer and PC Game of the Year categories.

Still in the same year, PUBG also won the Best Multiplayer Game category for The Game Awards 2107. Meanwhile in 2018 it won for the Action Game of the Year and Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay categories at the DICE Awards.

Behind this proud achievement, apparently in several countries such as India, Nepal, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and China, they have banned the PUBG game because it is considered too cruel, destroys culture and can lead to bad behavior.

On the Play Store itself, it is stated that PUBG has a rating of 16+ which indicates violence and criminal activity in it.

What Does PUBG Ga Qi Mean?

The term PUBG Ga Qi is indeed quite popular on various social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but do you know what PUBG Ga Qi means? It turns out that this term is an invitation to mabar or play games together.

PUBG Ga Qi itself first appeared in a TikTok video posted by the @syavqi account. In the uploaded video, @syavqi’s WhatsApp conversation with his friend is shown playing PUBG. With a message, “PUBG Ga Qi”, and then the answer is “gas” or come on.

What makes this conversation interesting and then viral is the PUBG Ga Qi invitation that keeps repeating almost every day. And even if you look at the chat date, it is known that the same conversation took place for almost two weeks, namely January 7-21, 2021.

gameloop mobile legends

No wonder the upload of the conversation has since gone viral among social media users and has been watched by more than 5 million people. The reason is that the conversation of these two friends only contains an invitation to the PUBG Mobile mabar which takes place almost every day.

The term PUBG Ga Qi, which was originally only used by PUBG kids, eventually gave rise to similar terms for other games, such as Free Fire and Mobile Legend. Not infrequently they write messages “FF GA Qi” or “ML Ga Qi”. Even though the friend who was invited to play the game did not have the name Qi.

Until now, many game fans have finally used the term PUBG Ga Qi for an invitation to mabar with their friends. It doesn’t even matter whose name you invite, the invitation is PUBG Ga Qi.

PUBG Ga Qi means the slang that invites playing together this PUBG game is finally getting more popular and is often used on various social media platforms. The funny thing is, this term is often used for post comments that don’t even have anything to do with PUBG.

If you already know the meaning of the viral PUBG Ga Qi, now is the time to try playing PUBG. If you have never played this game, then here is a review on how to play the PUBG game that you can try.

How To Play PUBG

The mobile version of PUBG is one of the most favorite games because it can be played anywhere and anytime. To play this game you need to know the correct flow of the game so as not to get confused when entering the battlefield.

Like fighting games in general, in this PUBG game you also have to be able to survive from enemy attacks. In this game you are required to compete in various fields with very dynamic weather cycles. From urban urban areas to dense forests and frozen tundra.

Tips For Playing PUBG Mobile For Beginners

If you have just downloaded PUBG mobile on an HP device and are still confused about how to play the game properly and correctly, then here are some tips that you can try.

1. Control Settings

Before starting to play, make sure to do the control settings first. Because the default settings do not necessarily match your playing style. You can adjust the movement sensitivity at the button position according to your desire and convenience.

2. Safe Landing Place

Pubg Safe Landing Place

At the start of the game you will be in a plane bound for an island and you have to land there. Every landing place has a risk so you shouldn’t land carelessly. You have to find a safe landing place.

For example, if you land in a place full of players and haven’t had time to boot, you can be sure that you will be the target of other players. It would be better if you land in a small town even if the loot is little but safe and far from the battle zone.

You can slide quickly and point the analog virtual button upwards. Next, after the parachute opens, immediately determine the landing location as close as possible to the vehicle or building.

3. Loot Equipment Or Hunt Items

If you have successfully landed in a safe place, then you must immediately loot whatever equipment is needed. Starting from weapons, bags, helmets, medical items, and other items in the houses.

Before looting the house, make sure the door is closed so that no enemies come. You also have to know the types of weapons when looting weapons such as shotgun, sniper rifle, assault rifle, DMR, pistol, SMG, and melee.

But don’t focus too much on loot if you land in the middle of the map, make sure to stay focused on how to finish off the enemy as quickly as possible so you can scavenge calmly.

There is also armor whose level can indicate its ability to reduce the damage you will receive. That is level 1 which will reduce damage by 30%, level 2 by 40% to level 3 by 50%.

When looting you will also find healing items that are useful for recovering items scattered in the game as well as boost items that provide additional status for you.

4. Use Mini Map And Earphones

The mini-map will really help you to find out the location of the enemy, the direction of enemy fire, and the type of vehicle that is close to your position. It’s in the top corner and from there you can see what’s around you.

The mini-map alone is not enough to anticipate the arrival of the enemy. Don’t forget to use earphones to detect the sound of footsteps from your opponent who might be getting closer. With these two tools, you will be more alert so you know when to hide and attack.

5. Changing Vehicles

You can start combing and move to the safe zone with a vehicle, you can use a car to provide more protection. Do not forget to pay attention to fuel so that the trip is not disrupted, and replace the car if the energy starts to run out.

6. Knocked Down Enemies

Knocked Down Enemies in Pubg

Don’t rush to take the enemy’s luggage that has been knocked down, because he can play as a duo or squad so it’s possible that his teammates are still alive. If the situation is conducive then you can take the items needed.

7. Communicating With The Team

In addition to playing solo, you can also play in teams so you have to always communicate with the team. Take advantage of the microphone or speaker on your cellphone to exchange news about where you are.

8. Keep Moving

In this game, players are required to keep moving towards the point that has been determined by the team captain. Therefore, you should not focus on looting which will only make the battle zone narrower and prevent you from entering the safe zone on time.

You have to keep moving calculatingly. If you play as a squad team then divide into 2 teams with 2 players each and move side by side. This will divide the enemy’s attention so that there is a chance to finish him off.

9. Safe Zone

The safe zone or safe zone on the PUBG map is marked with a white circle that will shrink over time. You must always be in the safe zone so as not to be hit by tick damage generated by blue circles or EMPs.

If the safe zone gets smaller, the greater the risk of damage you receive when outside the safe zone. Make sure not to meet and be intercepted by your opponent when you enter the safe zone.

Now you know what PUBG Ga Qi means and how to play it. So don’t be confused anymore if there are friends who invite mabar with this term and of course, you can immediately play if the circumstances allow. So, are you ready to play PUBG today?

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