8 Best Translator Apps For Travelers (Text And Voice)

Best Translator Apps: Google Translate is not the only online and offline medium that you can use for text translation. Today, there are many translator and voice apps that you can rely on for various types of translation efforts.

The majority of these translator apps can be found on Google Play. Besides being easy to find, the majority of these applications can be downloaded and used for free.

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There are 8 best translator apps that you can use right now. Here is a list of those translator apps that you can easily install from the Google Play Store and start using them.

List Of 8 Best Translator Apps (Text And Voice)

The following are the 8 best language translator apps for Android that you can use to translate both text and voice. This means you can either write or record the audio and then translate it in real-time.

1. Google Translate

The first order in the list of the best translator apps is of course Google Translate. Well, there is indeed a debate whether this application can support the work of translation professionals. However, at least Google translate provides complete (multi-language) and fast translation services.

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The most popular and most commonly used translator application can be accessed online via the website or offline via the application. You can do word and sentence translation. The application version can even translate images/photos. Voice or pronunciation features are also available.

In addition to the regular (standard) edition, the Google Translate application also provides a Premium option with additional features that are much more complete and satisfying. In the Premium edition, you can use the conversation mode, access the phrasebook, and use the handwriting mode.

2. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft has a translator app that’s translation quality is accurate and light to use. Microsoft Translator supports more than 70 languages. You can do text, voice, conversation translation. You can also translate photos and images through the camera’s translation feature.

The camera’s translation feature will really help you in identifying real objects that you don’t understand. The translation and pronunciation features in this application are also smart. There are many dialects in a language that will add to your accuracy and insight.

This translator and voice application is also equipped with good connectivity. You can use this app to talk to other users from all over the world (different languages). This is one of the top translator apps.

3. ITranslate

The iTranslate translator application is one of the most popular translator apps. Not only for Android users, Apple users also use this application a lot. Ratings and reviews can also be said to be very satisfying. iTranslate supports the translation of more than 100 languages.

For voiced pronunciation, you can choose a male or female voice type. There is also a Thesaurus that you can use to learn more about different words and their meanings. This translator app is free to download and use. For the offline edition, you must purchase Premium.

The Premium Edition of iTranslate provides even more features. You can download language packs for offline use, camera translators, conversation studies, and adjectives and conjugations. For general, non-detailed users, the standard edition alone is fine.

4. SayHi Translate

SayHi supports translation in more than 90 languages. The main feature of this application is that you can speak directly and your words will be instantly translated into various languages. In addition to supporting various languages, this application is also intelligent in detecting the dialect of the language used.

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This feature makes it easy for the app to understand what you are saying. The customization features of the voice translation are quite complete. You can edit the gender of the voice, set the speed, etc. The appearance of SayHi looks modern, elegant, neat (no ads), and is guaranteed to make you comfortable.

This writing and voice translator application is suitable for use as a “friend” traveling far, both for vacation purposes as well as for business and school purposes. By using this application, you are expected to have no trouble communicating with local people in the country where you are.

5. Dict Box

By using Dict Box, you no longer need a physical dictionary as a translation tool. Dict Box is a generic offline dictionary with a very large number of words. This application is useful for those of you who are in junior high/high school education to university.

As with any dictionary, you’ll have no trouble finding the word you’re looking for. This application is lightweight, small in size, and requires absolutely no internet to use. You can translate words in the camera as well as pictures. Dict Box is equipped with several interesting features.

Finding the same word or term in different languages ​​is very easy and fast. If it’s not enough, you can download various languages ​​into this application. The management and customization features of your translation progress are also satisfying and guaranteed to make your work more structured.

6. Translate Now

Translate Now will help you face the language barrier wherever you are. Translate Now can be used as a general dictionary and translator for educational and work purposes or as a tourist guide when you are on vacation and traveling abroad.

You can do text and voice translation. There are more than 60 languages ​​that can be translated. The translation results are accurate and will appear immediately. There is also a correct pronunciation and text correction feature. This applies to both text and voice translation.

To facilitate your interaction with strangers, there is a conversation mode that will translate your speech quickly and precisely. Translate Now has an easy-to-master interface. You will have no trouble navigating and optimizing every feature this app has.

7. Text Grabber

This is another one of the best translator apps. It is able to translate text into more than 100 languages. One feature worth reviewing is the ability to translate text into images offline. Text Grabber will identify text in real-time for later translation.

You don’t need to take a picture of the text first because the app will instantly detect the language of the text and translate it instantly. With this smart feature, you are guaranteed to have no trouble translating shopping receipts, recipes, travel documents, and directions.

Text Grabber also provides document editing features directly within the app. This application supports various document formats, from TXT to DOC. This allows you to edit the translation faster without having to do it on another device or application.

8. Naver Papago

The number of languages ​​that can be translated in this application compared to similar applications is indeed limited. There are 13 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, and French supported by Naver Papago. However, this app is smart when it comes to translation.

Armed with a good and accurate AI translator, you can do fast and accurate translations. Naver Papago is capable of translating text, voice, images, websites, and even handwriting. Naver Papago can also be a reliable dictionary.

The conversational translator feature is considered good, fast, and accurate. Naver Papago is more suitable as a translator application for holidays and cross-country trips. Another thing that makes this application superior is the offline translation feature that allows you to save on data plans.


The text and voice translator apps are very useful when you are traveling across countries. You will have no trouble communicating because the translator apps will help you understand a foreign language in the country where you are. So, install one of these translator apps and get rid of the language barrier no matter where you are. Hope this guide was helpful. Keep visiting TechRulz for more information.

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