11 Best Free Novel Reading Apps To Download Books

Best Free Novel Reading Apps: Do you have a desire to keep your favorite novel in your pocket so you can read it anytime and anywhere more easily? Maybe the novel reading apps are mandatory for you to download on the smartphone you are using.

Not only reading novels online, but there are also several applications that provide content downloads. So the contents of the novels that have been downloaded, you can read again without the need to connect your phone with internet connectivity.

best free novel reading apps

Very practical isn’t it? For that, see the following information and get to know about the best free novel reading apps that let you download novels on your smartphones.

Free Online/Offline Novel Reading Apps

For now, cell phones do not only function as a means of communication. But also various kinds of activities including reading novels. Well, for those of you who are looking for the best novel reading apps, here are some applications that you can try.

1. NovelPlus

NovelPlus is a novel provider application made by NovelPlus.co that can be used on Android, iOS, and Windows for free. For the mobile version, you can download this application from the Google Play Store and also the App Store.

In this application, you will find novels with various genres. Starting from fiction, romance, horror, fantasy, science fiction, and many more. You can also fill in the comments column available to discuss with other readers. This is one of the top novel reading apps of this time.

2. Wattpad

Wattpad is one of the most popular novel reading apps. In recent years, this application has managed to rank as the best-selling novel application. Users of Wattpad are also very diverse, from teenagers to adults.

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Just like NovelPlus, readers can also write works and publish new stories. You can also easily interact with fellow Wattpad users. Later, the stories that you choose most often will appear on the “What’s Hot List” list.

3. Storial.Co

Storial.co is a novel application that is widely used, especially by Android users in the country. This is because the application only displays readings in Indonesian. For iOS users, you don’t have to worry, because you can still access it through the www.storial.co site.

This app allows you to enjoy thousands of readings grouped into 40 genres for free. In addition to reading in the form of novels, the Storial.co application also provides various poems from legendary poets that are interesting to read, of course.

4. Amazon Kindle

When it comes to online novel reading apps, it won’t be complete if you don’t include Amazon Kindle on the list. This is because Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular novel providers, especially abroad.

To use this application, you can download it through the App Store and Google Play Store for free. With this free version, you can already read books from almost all available categories. But if you want unlimited access, you can subscribe.

5. Goodreads

With this application, you can find tons of books to read for free, although there are also some books that are paid for. In fact, Goodreads is one of the reading provider applications recommended by readers around the world.

It can be said that this application is actually quite old because it has been around since 2006. However, Goodreads was only widely used in 2013, after being acquired by Amazon company. You can access various types of reading, including novels in this application.

6. Google Play Books

As the name implies, Google Play Books is a reading provider application made by Google. Yes, Google Play Books is included in the default Android application. But don’t worry, iOS users can download this application on the App Store.

One of the interesting features of this app is that you can play around with the colors and font sizes. If you can’t understand the meaning of a sentence or word, then there is a translator feature that can help with that.

7. 50000 Books & AudioBooks

This one application is able to offer as many as more than 50,000 readings, which you can access for free. But you still have to download this application first, be it from the Google Play Store or the App Store. It is one of the top novel reading apps these days.

In this application, you will find several categories such as books, ebooks, novels, and audiobooks. So that means you can easily access based on your own preferences. This application also provides features to adjust the spacing, margins, text color, and much more.

8. NovelToon

If you just look at the name, you probably already understand, if NovelToon is an application that provides novels. For teenagers in Indonesia, this application is highly recommended. This is because NovelToon provides many youth novels with a wide selection of interesting themes.

free book apps for iphone

When you first log in to this application, you will be asked to enter your age and gender information. Later, NovelToon will provide recommendations for the most ideal types of novels to read.

9. WebReader

For those of you who like Korean dramas and Korean novels, then this application is a must-try. No need to worry about the language, because WebReader is equipped with a translation feature. So the story will feel very easy to understand.

If you want to switch to domestic novels, this application also provides novels that use Indonesian. So no need to bother downloading other applications. You also have the option to subscribe in order to use it to its fullest. This is one of the best novel reading apps that you must try.

10. Hinovel

Do you like romantic stories with happy endings? So Hinonovel is the most appropriate choice of application. Guaranteed, with the stories provided by this application, it is no less exciting and interesting than the Korean dramas you usually watch.

But don’t worry, this is another one of the best novel reading apps. This application also provides other genres besides romance. There are fantasy, horror, mystery, and many others. There are so many novels that are posted almost every day. Apart from that, you can also find premium novels written by famous authors.

11. English Novel Books

According to your guess, English Novel Books is an online novel provider application that only displays readings in English. So for those of you who want to increase vocabulary in English, then you can use this application.

This application also provides a download feature. So you can still read previously downloaded novels at any time without worrying about a slow connection. There are lots of novel genres that you will find in this application.


With some of the novel reading apps mentioned above, you can already read various kinds of novels with only a smartphone and an internet connection. Even for some applications, you only need a smartphone. Tell us which one of these is your choice to read novels for free. Stay tuned to our TechRulz site for more interesting and useful guides.

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