AZ WhatsApp Mod Apk Download 10.90 (Official) Latest Version

Are you looking for AZ Whatsapp mod apk? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Get the AZ Whatsapp mod apk for your Android device and enjoy the latest features.

The WhatsApp Mod trend never stops right now, it’s even more exciting with the presence of the AZ WhatsApp variant. This variant was developed by a developer named Ai Al Zaabi from Oman.

az whatsapp mod

This WhatsApp Mod variant also provides interesting and cool features, even adapting to Yo WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. Now for those of you who are curious about the AZ WA application, let’s see the full discussion below.

What Is AZ WhatsApp Mod?

AZ WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp mods with an astonishing special highlight for removing repetitive media recordings. This WhatsApp Mod variant gives you twice the elements of WhatsApp on a portable.

You can use this app with official WhatsApp at the same time. This WhatsApp series also comes with all the new highlights of any Whatsapp mod. For now, this version of WhatsApp AZ is already at v10.90. You could say that WhatsApp Mod is the shiniest and most modern on the WEB.

Not only that, this version of WhatsApp will provide you with cool features that you won’t get on the official WhatsApp. For example, various files, videos, and photos in large sizes. Whereas in the original WhatsApp, sharing the file will be limited, if the size is large it will be cut and the quality will be reduced.

AZ WhatsApp Main Features

 az whatsapp 10.80 download

The features that will be discussed below will not be available on the official WhatApp, because the developer Az Whatsapp is adding more different features in it to give you a great and different experience.

Here are some of the features with a full explanation:

1. App Lock

Set app lock to this app to avoid missed use of your account. Passwords will secure and protect your data from other people who like to be nosy and irresponsible. You can lock this WhatsApp by setting a password without needing an external App Lock application.

2. Lock Chat

Set passwords on specific chats that you don’t want to show others. You can easily protect any chat in this WhatsApp Mod application. By protecting your chats, no one will interrupt or see your private chats anymore.

3. Beautiful Themes And Fonts

The specialty of this WhatsApp Mod is all its beautiful themes and fonts. All the themes are very nice in appearance and will completely change your WA UI.

This WhatsApp provides More than 3k beautiful themes and more than 30 fonts. These two things will completely turn your ordinary Whatsapp into a WhatsApp that can be adjusted by its use according to taste.

4. Manage Conversations

This WhatsApp Mod application embeds a cool feature. It gives you alerts for managing chats and allows you to schedule messages as you wish. It can also be used to manage your hidden chats.

5. Language And Translator

The next feature embedded in the AZ WhatsApp application is the presence of a language and translator. The application provides more than 15 languages ​​that allow you to communicate using your preferred language.

Not only that but the WhatsApp Mod application has also been integrated which allows you to easily translate messages or conversations from one language and another.

6. Do Not Disturb Mode

Do not disturb mode is a feature embedded in this version of the WhatsApp Mod application. This feature allows its users to keep away from instant messages when they need peace of mind by disconnecting the application’s internet network.

7. Download WhatsApp Stories

Downloading stories is one of the most coveted features of official WhatsApp users, but so far it hasn’t been pinned either.

Well if you want this feature, then the solution is to use AZ WhatsApp. Because this application already provides this feature, so you can download stories from everyone registered in your WhatsApp contacts.

8. Better Privacy

This app offers you better privacy options. So that it allows users to set it according to their wishes. such as typing status, playback status, recording status, and double ticks.

Even its use can also set a password for certain conversations so that other people will not be able to access the chat. That way, users can avoid people who want to be nosy or irresponsible.

9. Wallpaper GIF

One of the interesting features of the AZ WhatsApp application is the presence of GIF wallpapers. Where this feature makes the application more interesting and cool.

Download AZ WhatsApp

After reading a review of the features embedded in this application, of course, you feel interested in trying to use this WhatsApp mod, right? Go to the official website of AZ Whatsapp and download it right now.

How To Install AZ WhatsApp

To install this application is very easy. You just need to give permission in the phone settings. After that do the installation as usual.

But for those of you who don’t understand the steps, please see the complete guide below:

  • First, download this application at the link I have provided.
  • After that go to the Settings Menu on the phone. Then go to Security.
  • Please enable installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Then open the download file then click install AZ WhatsApp which was downloaded earlier.
  • Once successful, you can immediately run the application.
  • Then enter NO HP to log in or register a new account.
  • Later, a verification code will be entered from the number you used earlier.
  • Please enter the Verification Code in the column provided. Finished.

Az Whatsapp Anti Banned APK

You could say that the AZ WhatsApp application is one of the best variants of the WhatsApp Mod application which is claimed to be anti-banned. Even though there are such statements, you as a user should always be vigilant.

But don’t worry, this application always strives to be safe when used, including to avoid being banned. For a very easy method, you only need to regularly update this application to the latest version. Here are the steps:

  • First, open Yo Mods on AZ WhatsApp.
  • Then open updates and select Check for Updates.
  • If there is a newer version of this application, please press the Web Download button.
  • Then download the application that has been provided.
  • After that, you just need to install the application as usual. Finished.
  • When you update this application, you do not need to uninstall the previous application. Just download and install or overwrite the old app with the latest version of the app you previously downloaded.
  • In addition to avoiding being banned, regularly updating is also useful for adding new features embedded by developers.


How are you interested in using the AZ WhatsApp application, after reading the information above? Let’s just download the application and experience the cool features that you can’t get from the official WhatsApp. Keep visiting the Techrulz site for more informative guides.

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