10 Best IPhone Photo Editing Apps

Are you looking for the best iPhone photo editing apps? If yes, then this article is for you. Get the best iPhone photo editing applications for your device from this article.

Currently, there are many iPhone photo editing applications that you can choose from in the AppStore. With various features in it, these applications promise realistic edited images that will beautify your photos or images.

iphone photo editing apps

As we know, this iPhone is a brand that carries quality above all else. The resolution of this smartphone is also very large. No wonder the image application is one of the most popular applications among its users.

IPhone Photo Editing Apps 

On the App Store itself, there are many best image editing applications that you can choose as a solution to produce cool edited images, but still, look realistic or like not edited. Surely some of the users have used one of these iPhone photo editing applications which we will explain below.

1. VSCOCam

The first application we highly recommend installing is VSCOCam. I think this application is the best application that is difficult to be surpassed other similar editor applications. Many professionals also use it.

VSCOCam is very popular. Not only among iPhone users, but this application is also very popular among Android users. The features are fairly complete for smartphone applications.

There are many options that you can use to maximize photos, change color, saturation, add elements, and various other interesting things. You can also combine one or two photos simultaneously with the trace feature in it.

VSCOCam is made by one of the world’s best App developers, Visual Supply Company. To install it on your iPhone you must have at least an iOS 12.0 system or later. The file size of this one application is quite large, 154.8MB. But of course, its function is comparable to its rating which has reached 4.4.

2. Snapseed

best photo editing app for free

Another recommended iPhone photo editing application is Snapseed. Has anyone ever used this application? Just like other applications, the Snapseed application is also very popular among android users.

This application was released directly by the giant technology company, Google LLC. You can download the application for free in both the App Store and Playstore. Using it, you can create the effect of a much sharper image.

There are also many filters that you can choose from in this SnapSeed application. Of course, these filters can make your image much more leverage. To install it, you must have a minimum OS of iOS 10.0 or later. The file size is also fairly small, only 95.8 MB.

3. PicsArt

photo editor

Another application that is no less popular among iPhone users is PicsArt. This application made by PicsArt Inc has been chosen because of its very easy-to-use interface and has many advanced features in it.

You can delete and change photo backgrounds easily using this one application. You can even make photos transparent but still realistic by using them. The effects in it can also make your photos much more interesting to look at.

This application is widely used by celebrities in countries around the world. To install it the Minimal iPhone OS you must have is iOS 11.0 or later. The file size of this application is quite large, 153.5 MB. On the AppStore, the rating has reached 4.7.

4. Prisma

Our other recommended iPhone photo editing app is Prisma. Has anyone ever used this application? Prisma is one of the most popular applications in the AppStore with all its advantages. How not, by using this one application you can choose many advanced filters for photos.

These filters can definitely make your photos much cooler. In addition, you can also do exposure and lighting settings manually in it. Of course, the edited photo will look more beautiful and fit to be displayed on your Instagram homepage.

Not only that, but this one application also provides 3D editing features for those of you who want different images from people. You only need to see some of the filter templates in this one application to try it.

Prisma is an app released by Prisma Labs, Inc. To use this app, the minimum OS required on your iPhone is iOS 12.2 or a later version. Currently, prism already has a rating of 4.7 on the AppStore. The file size of this one application is also quite light, only 58.7 MB.

5. Unfold

Unfold is an iPhone photo-editing application that carries a chilling or calm theme. There are many features that can make your photos more aesthetic. Not only that but there are also many interesting filters that you can choose from in it.

Unfold is also equipped with unique elements that you can combine with your photos. Not to mention with its auto-editing template, you don’t need to be complicated, you only need one tap to make photos more beautiful.

To install this app on your iPhone, Minimum OS required is iOS 10.0 or later. This application developed by Unfold Creative, LLC has a size of 168.7 MB and is very popular on the AppStore with a rating that has reached 4.9.

6. Afterlight 

 best photo editing app for pc

No less popular, Afterlight is one of the other best recommended iPhone photo editing applications that you can choose to maximize your photos. This application is a development of the previous application, namely Afterlight.

But it turns out that there are a lot of changes that occur in the application after it was developed to a higher version. Among them is a row of filters that are much more than the previous version.

Not only that, but this one application also allows you to get realistic images with the manual settings in it. The use of this application allows you to manually adjust brightness, exposure, sharpness, and others.

If you are an expert in this field, of course, the photos will be much more optimal. For those of you who want to install this application, Afterlight 2 is only compatible with iOS version 11.0 or later.

This application made by Afterlight Collective, Inc. is also quite light, with a capacity of only 162.9 MB, so you are free to use it on an iPhone with full memory. No wonder the rating of this application has reached 4.7 on the AppStore.

7. Adobe Lightroom CC

Another application that we recommend that you choose is Adobe Lightroom CC. As we all know, Adobe is one of the best design application developers in the world today. Of course, we have to give credit to this one application.

Adobe Lightroom for iPhone has a very simple interface. This of course will greatly facilitate you in operating the application on a smartphone. Besides being easy to operate, it turns out that this one application also has other features that are no less sophisticated.

Among them is support for RAW video format. So you can edit it using this application made by Adobe. Although the features and interface are still far behind the PC version, the iPhone version of Adobe Lightroom is quite attractive to users.

Not only on the iPhone, but you can also install this application on Android. For iPhone users, the minimum OS that can be used to install this application is iOS 12.3 or later. This Adobe application has an installation file size of only 215 MB.

8. Pixlr

For those of you who are already bossing around using Snapseed and VSCO Cam, this Pixlr is certainly another best option. This iPhone photo editing application is very popular among iPhone users because the interface is very easy to understand.

Even so, the features in this application are very complete. You can even make fun editing with various templates and effects in it. For those of you Instagram users, this application is perfect.

Because in this application there are various types of filters, effects, and photo borders that are interesting and worth trying. The results of this editing will certainly make your Instagram homepage much more attractive.

To install this one application you must first download it with a size of 134.8 MB. This app was developed by 123RF Limited and is one of the best-rated apps on the App Store

9. Camera360

The next recommendation is very familiar, Camera 360. This application was quite viral a few years ago. Maybe some of you have even used it. This camera has undergone various developments since it was first made.

The latest version of Camera 360 has many interesting features and effects that will make your photos even cooler. Not only that, but this application also allows you to get cool photo filters and borders without having to edit them again on a laptop.

If you want to install this application, prepare only 293 MB of storage space. Developed by Xu Hao, this application is quite popular in the APP Store with a rating that has reached 4.7 at this time.

10. Meitu

best photo editor apps

The last recommendation we can give is Meitu. This application is still relatively new, but the response from iPhone users to it is quite good. No wonder then that this application was booming in several areas a few years ago.

Rarely do people know, that there is a feature in this application that can edit real people’s characters into cartoon characters. There are also many features that you can get from using this one application. Among them are effects, templates, filters, borders, and others.

To install this one application, you only need to prepare an iPhone with iOS 10.0 OS or later. The size of this application is quite large, namely 284.5MB. Currently, Meitu has received a rating of 4.8 in the application.


There are many other recommendations that you can choose from the App Store. However, some of the iPhone photo editing application recommendations that we described above are arguably the best options to install on your smartphone. Especially for those of you who like to take pictures and display them on social media. Hope you liked this article. Visit the Techrulz site for more information.

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