Twitch.Tv/Activate – Activate Twitch TV On PS4,Xbox 360 & Roku or simple activating Twitch account is very simple. All you have to do is generating a code in your PC/ Laptop which will be carried forward to be entered into the Twitch account operating on the device you use. Like either, it might be the PS4, Xbox 360, or Roku, you have to follow a simple process shared in terms of steps.

The process may vary from one device to another. But before entering into the activation process, you should know one aspect is creating a Twitch account initially when you are a new user. However, creating an account at Twitch is very easy.


But even though we had come up with the details related to how to create a Twitch account and how to activate it easily in detail over here. Just simply go through this guide and within a while, you will easily create the account. Also, one can easily activate without facing difficulties. This is possible when you follow the below simple steps.

How To Create A Twitch Account?

Well,  before we activate Twitch on your respective device, you need to have an account initially. The process of creating an account is very simple. Let’s go through such simple steps now shared here in a simple understandable language.

twitch tv activate

  • Open the web browser that you regularly use.
  • Enter the details like username, date of birth, registered email, and password.
  • Make sure the information which you have entered is absolute and valid too.
  • Finally, click on create to open the account at Twitch.
  • Alternatively, you have an opportunity to create an account by taking the help of Facebook.
  • If you like to create an account via Facebook, just simply tap on connect with Facebook.
  • Follow the complete on-screen instructions as it is and end up creating the Twitch account successfully.

These are the simple steps one must follow in creating an account either on a PC/ Laptop. But when you like to create an account via Smartphone either it might be Android/ iOS, follow the below instructions.

1. How To Create A Twitch Account Via Mobile

Follow these simple steps to create a Twitch account via mobile. Let’s begin!

  • The initial step is you have to go to the store.
  • If your Android user, open the Google Play Store.
  • If you use iOS, open the app store.
  • Once the respective stores get open, search for the twitch app.
  • Click on the install button to get the app into the mobile.
  • Launch the app.
  • Sign up by using either the registered email id or contact number.
  • After filling in the entire contents, click on the signup button.
  • Within a while, you will receive the 6-digit code.
  • Enter the same and within a while, the Twitch account is successfully created.

If in the case failed to receive the code within the time limit, then you are requested to click on resend code. Once after receiving the code, follow the same process.

Twitch.Tv/Activate-Activate Twitch TV On PS4,Xbox 360 & Roku

The process of activating Twitch is very simple. Just simply go through the below instructions and follow depending upon the device you use.

1. Twitch TV Activate Process On PS4 | Twitch.Tv/Activate Process

In order to active Twitch on your device, go through the below instructions now shared clearly one by one.

  • The very first open the Play station.
  • Search for the Twitch app.
  • Once the app is identified, click on install.
  • Wait for a while till the installation process gets done.
  • Next to this, launch the app.
  • Click Sign in.
  • You are now requested to visit https // either in your PC/ Laptop/ Mobile.
  • Make sure you are logged in to the device successfully.
  • You see the code generated on the screen.
  • Enter the same that has been seen in the app.
  • Click ok and start watching your favorite content.
  • If you failed to see the code, the internet access might get slowed down.
  • Hence either try restarting the router or try after a few minutes to generate the code.

These are the simple instructions to be followed for the activation process.

2. How To Activate Twitch TV/Twitch.Tv/Activate On Xbox 360

In order to activate Twitch TV on Xbox 360, go through the below simple instructions shared in terms of points.

  • Open the Xbox 360.
  • Search for the Twitch app.
  • Once it is identified, click on the install button.
  • Wait till the app gets installed successfully.
  • After the successful installation, launch the app.

twitch activate

  • Now Open on your PC/ Laptop/ Mobile.
  • Enter the code generated and appeared on the screen.
  • Click on OK to start watching your favorite content.

This way you can easily activate Twitch on Xbox360. Simple and easy to follow. Try these steps and connect now to enjoy watching the content.

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3. How To Activate Twitch Tv / Twitch.Tv/Activate On Roku

While getting back towards the Roku device, follow the below points to activate now itself facing zero difficulties. To learn the instructions, here we go.

  • Open the channel store.
  • Search for the app.
  • Once the app is identified, click on install.
  • Wait till the app gets installed successfully.
  • Once done, launch the Twitch application.
  • Go to the https // either from your phone/ PC/ Laptop.
  • Enter the code which is generated and seen on the screen.
  • Finally, select Ok to enjoy watching your favorite content successfully.

Twitch TV Activate Code Is Not Working!! How To Fit It Now?

When the code generated does not work, it’s time to apply the following methods.

  • Reactivate the Device
  • Change the HDMI cable
  • Switch into the dark mode.
  • Restart the device.

These are the things to be done if the code generated gets fail.


These are the complete details related to Other than these devices, if you are using another device, mention it in the comment box. We will update you on the steps related to process as soon as possible. To know further details, get back with techrulz for learning more interesting things.

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