7 Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Collage

Gone are the days when collage creation was all about picking up relevant pictures and putting them in a single frame. Things have taken a significant change in today’s world.

As a result, a college has evolved into a work of art that considers more than just images. In the most basic form, a collage is made using materials collected from different resources and put together on a backing such as fabric or paper. The ones who understand this art will resonate with the basic description.

7 Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Collage

But today we are going to cover 7 things that you should keep in mind when creating a collage. Make sure to follow these 7 things to create a beautiful collage.

Things To Consider When Making A Collage

In today’s time, things are changing faster than ever and this applies to creating collages manually or using the video collage maker tool of the digital age.

Whether analogue or digital collage, here is a guide of must-haves things for your next collage to deliver an unusual yet impactful work of art.

1. Pick A Theme

This is the primary step to creating a collage. The representation of your thoughts can be best put forward once you decide the format to use.

Pick a Theme

  • A theme can also be helpful if your ideas are scattered over various topics, and you need to stick to one.
  • Something as simple as a theme can help you get the right inspiration and bring out the creative version around it. You might also think that it may put some boundaries, but it can work great if you decide to a point.
  • You can choose your theme, depending on either the client’s requirements or the feelings you wish to express.

With a theme in place, you can look for ideas, items, and contents resonating with it. The more you research the chosen theme, the better will the development of the concept and eventually the presentation.

2. The Rule Of Thirds

As simple as this may sound, it can be a total game-changer for your college.

  • The rule of thirds indicates that your entire image is distributed evenly using three equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines. The image/area is divided into 9 equal squares by doing this.
  • While your image as a whole will convey a unique message, with this rule, the same can be applied to the individual squares or 1/3rd distribution of the image as well.
  • The rule of thirds can also be presented as a composition guideline effective in collage making. Another application involves placing the subject to either left or right of the base area. It makes enough open space to create a masterpiece with compelling and serene shots or elements.

3. For Digital Collages

As the world is sinking deeper into the digital age, the art of collage making can also benefit from it. While the idea remains the same, the tools to create it are different.

Nowadays, various artists are moving towards the usage of video collage maker tools. The main reason is a wide room for experiments and trials. Even with digital art, you can use images, patterns, and cropouts and add something of your own as well.

4. Always Prefer A Range Of Resources

It may happen that you found all the relevant content for your collage at a single source. But the probability of this happening is very low.

Stating this, we suggest that you research as much as possible for the topic or theme of your collage. Your collage can be a combination of drawings, photos, and even magazine cutouts. Anything that relates to the theme inspires you and brings out the creativity.

Also, keep in mind that you are looking for inspiration when researching. Use the idea and develop an original version of yours regarding the same. Copying the contents from a resource is not the right way for collage-making.

5. Give Patterns A Chance

While patterns are generally seen in paintings and sometimes drawings, it does not mean that they can’t be a part of a collage. You can find inspiration from the power of repetitive patterns as well.


It is not a must, but a pattern can always add a different touch to your work. Another suggestion will be to crop the pattern if you don’t find the entire piece fitting in. After all, making things sit better is something you are good at.

6. Use Contrast And Cohesion

Contrast and cohesion are among the best application tools to maximize the effect of your final result.

One example would be creating a human face using different elements and putting together the entire picture. The whole image is unified to depict the face, and every element adds a different story to its source. It would be cohesion.

For contrast, an example would be to use white and black next to each other. While the contrasting colors bring out each other, they also draw significant attention for themselves. It may also be called putting up tension among pieces of the collage and presenting a detailed perspective.

7. Idea’s On Using Colors & Contrast

The idea is that the basic nature of cohesion and contrast can make your collage stand out from the crowd with proficiency.

  • Mix colours: First things first, this is not to be confused with contrast. A complimentary collage can be created with the selected theme and genre with the colours in consideration.

Idea’s On Using Colors & Contrast

  • The key is the use of colours and their different tones. Let’s take the green colour, for example – the darker shades resemble flora in the water bodies, and a lighter shade resembles a newly budding plant. The point is that, even on the same platter, different shades cast a different effect.
  • Using this fact can also add an incredible property to your collage and attract the viewers’ attention.

You may be able to incorporate all the tips in your next collage. It may also happen that you can create a magnificent piece of art by using only a few. The power resides in your hands and how you present the thoughts you behold. Access your picture again and again from the users’ or viewers’ point of view to create a commendable piece.


We hope you like this guide on 7 things to keep in mind when creating a collage & it will help you to create the next masterpiece college. Feel free to ask your questions and doubts in the comment box below. Share the guide if you like it. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more informative and interesting guides.

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