Zolaxis Patcher APK Mod Download (Latest Version) In 2022

Recently, the Mobile Legends game, or what is often referred to as ML has become one of the most popular mobile games favored by the world community. Due to some paid items, many users are using Zolaxis Patcher Apk Mod.

Zolaxis Patcher itself is a modified application to cheat on the Mobile Legends game. With this apk mod, you can easily defeat your opponents and cheat them using the cheats available in this mod.

zolaxis patcher apk mod

Anyone would want to win in his or her game. Well, to find out more clearly about the Zolaxis Patcher mod application along with the download link, here’s the full review.

Zolaxis Patcher Apk Mod Review

Zolaxis Patcher is an application that is used to cheat or hack on MOBA games, one of which is Mobile Legends. With the Zolaxis Patcher apk, you can unlock items in the game that would otherwise be paid for free.

In addition, this application also offers many advantages such as a map feature, being able to fix bugs, and so on. You can also enjoy a variety of costumes or skins and heroes as you wish without spending a dime or free.

This modified version of the application can also be used on all types of Android devices by downloading it first, then installing it. Because of the many features and advantages offered, this mod version of the application is widely downloaded by ML fans around the world.

Zolaxis Patcher Mod Apk Featured Features

Just like applications in general, Zolaxis Patcher Apk Mod also offers a variety of features that you can use to win MOBA games aka cheats.

Not only is it needed to play Mobile Legends games but this application can also be used to unlock various premium features that cannot be used in the original version of the game application. Here are some of the features and advantages found in the Zolaxis Patcher apk mod.

1. Unlock All Skin Hero

The mainstay feature offered by the Zolaxis Patcher apk is unlocking all hero skins. This feature supports MOBA game players to use all available hero skins without paying a penny.

This hero skin can be used to increase the strength of the hero character in carrying out attacks on your enemies or opponents in the game. Hero skins are very important components in winning the Mobile Legends game.

The better the hero skin you have, the greater your chance to win. With this mod application, you are free to choose whichever hero skin you want to use. You can also try the hero skins one by one to determine which skin suits you.

2. Can Get All Heroes

In the original version of the Mobile Legends game application, you can only use a few hero characters. To be able to use several hero models, you must first buy them using diamonds.

To be able to get diamonds, you have to spend some money to top up. With the presence of the Zolaxis Patcher apk mod, you can try to use all premium heroes according to your taste and desire without having to spend a dime.

3. Drone View

Drone view is one of the features available on the Zolaxis Patcher apk which serves to see the arena of the match more broadly and clearly. This feature makes it easier for users to find hidden enemies or opponents.

 zolaxis patcher injector ml

By activating the drone view feature, you can aim and aim at your opponent precisely. This feature also supports you a bigger chance to win.

4. Unlock Emotes

For those of you who are users of the original version of the application, maybe you only have limited emotes. However, if you use the mod version of the application, you are free to choose and use the available emotes without limits and of course free.

With this emote unlock feature, you are free to express as you please. This feature can also make communication between players more exciting, attractive, and fun.

5. Bug Fixer

As one of the modified applications, the Zolaxis Patcher apk has undergone renewal and development so that various problems and obstacles that have occurred must have been fixed. This is the advantage of the Zolaxis application because there are no more bugs.


With the bug fixer, you can play MOBA games more easily and comfortably without being disturbed. You can also use this feature to unlock all available skin options so they can be used for free.

6. Unlock Recall Effect

In the original Mobile Legends game application, there are various kinds of recalls available that you can use. This recall effect itself serves to return to base quickly so that blood or life can be replenished before being killed by the enemy.

By using the mod application, you can enjoy the recall effect feature whenever you want. In addition, this feature can also be used to trick opponents or enemies.

7. Ad-Free

In the original version of the application, there are often ads that are quite annoying. However, you don’t have to worry anymore about the appearance of ads because this mod version of the application provides a high level of convenience that makes it easier for you to choose features without being disturbed by ads.

8. Easy To Use

In addition to having many benefits and being equipped with excellent features, this mod application is also very easy to use. You only need to download the application and install it to be able to play Mobile Legends.

The size of this application is also light enough so that it can be installed on various types and versions of any device. The effectiveness of the Zolaxis Patcher mod application has also been proven to be able to provide the best facilities and comfort for MOBA game players.

9. Free Of Charge

With the presence of the Zolaxis Patcher mod application, you can access it for free or free of charge. To take advantage of various premium features such as heroes, skins, and other features, you also don’t need to pay a penny.

All items in the game you can enjoy and use for free according to your wishes and tastes. You are also free to replace the desired game items easily and practically.

Zolaxis Patcher Mod Apk Download

After understanding the features and advantages offered by the Zolaxis Patcher mod apk, you are starting to be interested in using this one mod application, right? Because it includes applications from third parties, be sure to download them from trusted sources.

Download the Zolaxis Patcher mod application from a trusted source aimed at minimizing the risk of malware viruses that harm your mobile device. Well, here is the download link for the trusted Zolaxis Patcher Mod apk application.

App Name Zolaxis Patcher APK
Version 1.0.0
Developer Star Pro
Size 12 MB
OS Minimum Android 4.4 or above
Zolaxis Patcher Mod Download Link

Click here

How To Install The Zolaxis Patcher APK Mod 

To be able to enjoy all the features in the Zolaxis Patcher apk mod application, you must first install it on your smartphone device. The process of installing this application is also very easy and fast without the need for additional tools.

By installing the Zolaxis application, you can enjoy various kinds of skins, heroes, recall effects, and emotes for free as described previously. Here’s how to install the Zolaxis Patcher apk on your phone.

  • The first step you must do when installing the application is to make sure the internet connection is in good and smooth condition.
  • After that, you can activate the settings for installing from unknown sources so that the phone can read the applications that have been downloaded.
  • Open the Settings menu, then click the Security menu option.
  • Select the Unknown Source feature, then tick to activate it.
  • Go to the folder where the downloaded application is stored, then click the file to install.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete and check if the application icon appears on the main page of your phone.
  • Open the Zolaxis Patcher mod application and use it as you wish.

How To Use The Zolaxis Patcher APK Mod For Mobile Legends

As previously explained, this application has a simple interface with very complete features. Due to its simple interface, you will have no trouble using it even if you are a beginner.

After the Zolaxis Patcher mod application is installed, you can immediately use it to play Mobile Legends games. Here’s how to use the Zolaxis Patcher apk mod to play Mobile Legends.

  • Open the Zolaxis Patcher apk that has been installed, then enter the nickname you want and click Get Started to get started.
  • If a notification appears asking for permission to access files, media, and so on, you can click Allow to grant access permissions. By granting access, the app can provide the data you need.
  • Click Inject to activate various features available in the application such as emotes, recall effects, drone views, skins, and other features according to your wishes and tastes.
  • Wait a while until your hero changes skin automatically and the Mobile Legends hero character is ready to play.

How To Remove Used Mobile Legends Hero Skins

As an application developed by a third party (not an official developer), the risk of your Mobile Legends account being banned is quite high if you use the Zolaxis Patcher apk.

Although it offers many excellent features that are interesting to try, you still have to be wise in using this application. This Zolaxis Patcher apk mod can be deleted or banned by the system at any time because it is an illegal application.

Then, how to delete the Mobile Legends hero skin that has been used on the original hero character to prevent the account from being banned? Well, the way to return the hero character to its original form as in the original version of the application is very easy.

You just need to follow the same steps as when you installed the app. If you previously needed to select the Inject option when adding an item, then to remove an item you can click the Removed option.

By clicking the Removed option, the appearance of the hero character you are using will return to its original state according to the original version. To prevent things that are not desirable, it is recommended that you log in using a backup account.

Avoid using the main Mobile Legends account to minimize the risk of a banned account. By using a new account as a backup, you can still feel the sensation of playing Mobile Legends safely and comfortably.


The explanation about the Zolaxis Patcher apk mod above can be used as a reference, especially for those of you who like to play Mobile Legend. Even though it offers a number of interesting features, you still have to be careful in using this mod application because of the risk of your account being banned by the system. We hope this article was helpful. Stay tuned to TechRulz for more updates about this apk.

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