Download YCWhatsapp APK Mod Updated Version 5.1.0

There are so many users of the WhatsApp application, making developers modify the application. Of the many WhatsApp modifications or mod applications in circulation, one of which has proven its superiority is YCWhatsApp.

You could say that this WA mod has its own charm, namely in the UI display. The UI display on YCWhatsApp is considered very similar to the appearance of Instagram.


Curious about this WA mod? Follow the information that will be explained as follows. Download the YCWhatsapp apk from the link given below and also follow the installation procedure to start using it.

YCWhatsApp Brief Review

YCWhatsApp is a WhatsApp application that has been modified with the addition of several features. This will make the application have more sophisticated capabilities when compared to the original version of WhatsApp.

YCWhatsapp was developed by a developer named Sam Mods. Yes, as mentioned earlier, Sam Mods does provide a very clean interface design for this application, so it is quite similar to the Instagram interface.

ycwhatsapp apk

Not only that but YC WA has also been equipped with various features that you may not have encountered before in the original WhatsApp application. Even so, there is no need to worry that this application will lag when used. This is because the file size is relatively small and light.

Of course, with all the advantages it has, making YC WA one of the WhatsApp mods that are now widely used all over the world.

YCWhatsApp Features

Almost all modified applications are made to complement and add features that are not in the original application. This also applies to the YC WA mod. Can’t wait to find out the features in this WA mod? Here are some features that you will get if you use YC WA.

1. Hiding “Last Seen” Status

As is well known, the “Last Seen” status hiding feature is also found in the original WhatsApp application. Because it is able to maintain the privacy of each user, Last Seen is one of WA’s innate features that is widely used.

Therefore, the developer also provides this one feature on YC WA. But it doesn’t just hide the status in the form of the last time you were online, but the “Online” status that usually appears when opening the WhatsApp application can also be hidden.

2. Unsend Message

Have you ever felt that when you are chatting on WA, suddenly the chat partner attracts or deletes a chat that has already been sent? Even though you have not had time to read the incoming message.

In addition to making curiosity arise, of course, this can also lead to prejudice, right? Well, fortunately, YC WA brings a feature that functions to stay aware of incoming messages, even though the message has been withdrawn by the previous sender.

3. Seeing Friends’ Whatsapp Stories Without Knowing

Sometimes a feeling of prestige arises for certain reasons when you want to see a friend’s WA story. So we usually ignore the story, even though we are curious to know about it. Confused about how to outsmart it?

Don’t worry, by using this YC WA mod application, you can see your friends’ WA stories with satisfaction without fear of being found out by the story owner. You can do this by activating the “Hide View Status” feature in the YC WA mod.

4. Hide Blue Tick And Double Tick

Not only does it hide information about being “seen by” in WA friends’ stories, but YC WA also has a feature that functions to disable the double checkmark on messages. So, all message reports that go to your WA number will always have a checkmark on the sender’s WA.

But if you feel that the feature is too much, then there are other options that can be used. Namely by disabling the blue checkmark indicating that the incoming message has been read.

So when you have read an incoming WA message, the message mark on the sender’s WA will still tick two grays. This way, you don’t have to rush to reply to the message immediately, because the sender doesn’t know if the message has been read or not.

5. Sending Files With Larger Sizes

It can be said that the “File Sharing” feature, or sharing files, is an important feature that makes WhatsApp used by many people. However, in the original WhatsApp application, there are file transfer limitations related to file size and the number of files sent at the same time.

For example, when you want to send an image, the maximum number of images that can be sent in one delivery is only 10. As for sending files, you can only send files with the largest size, which is 16 GB.

Of course, this will make the use of the WA application very limited. However, you will find something different in the YC WA mod application, where the file sending feature has been improved again.

By using YC WA, you can send a large number of files in the form of videos, images, and sounds with just one send. In addition, the file size limit that can be sent via WA has also been increased to a much larger size.

6. Downloading Friends Stories

When you see an interesting friend’s WA story, have you ever wanted to download the story? Yes, you can actually use the old trick, which is to find the story file through the WhatsApp folder in the File Manager.

But this method is very complicated and will take a lot of time. Well, you don’t have to worry if you’ve used YC WA. Because there is a feature that allows you to download a friend’s story with just one tap.

7. Changing Themes And Fonts

In the original WhatsApp application, there are only two themes available, namely the original theme (green) and the dark theme (dark mode). Like an application that is used almost all the time, it will certainly feel very boring if you stare at the same display.

Therefore, the developer has added a feature that functions to change the WA theme. There are even tons of interesting themes ready for you to use. In addition to themes, the fonts used in the WA application can also be changed as desired.

Download YCWhatsApp

After you know some of the features that YC WA has above, are you ready to immediately use this WA mod application? If so, then you can download it via the link below because this WA mod is not an official application available on the Google Play Store.

App Name YCWhatsApp
Size 27 MB
Version 5.1.0

Maybe there are many more WA mod applications that have their respective advantages and advantages. However, YCWhatsapp has proven to be able to make the use of WhatsApp more functional with a large number of users currently.


We hope this article helped you know more about the YCWhatsapp application. It is a useful Whatsapp mod app that you can use for better features and functionalities. Download YCWhatsapp and start using it for more advantages. Stay tuned to the TechRulz site for more informative guides.

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