Fix “WiFi Keeps Disconnecting” Error – Step by Step Methods

Wifi Keeps Disconnecting: Either you might have used PC/ Laptop/ Smartphone/ Tablet/ any? And does the Wifi Keeps connecting? Struggling a bit on solving this issue? If you also do experience the same issue, again and again, do not get panic. Because I have come with the perfect solution to fix the issue. Without wasting our valuable time let’s go into the details also equally causes why we get or face this problem respectively.

Well, the common that go happen just like the Internet or wifi or hotspot strength getting slow. At times, the net might get overloaded. Other causes like the Wifi adapter gets overdated. Also, sometimes might face trouble due to internet service provider issues. Not only these but also there is a chance of happening internet connection disconnected when connected through Ethernet.

wifi keeps disconnecting

If all these happen randomly, can ourselves has an opportunity to fix? Yes, of course!!! We can greatly fix it without any fail. This is why because there are certain methods that absolutely deal with the issue and fix with high perfection. So noting down this point, let us straightforwardly look after every single method that helps us in fixing the issue in a quick and simple way. So, therefore, here we go.

Wifi Keeps Disconnecting!!! How to Fix?

Being straightforward, there is no exact reason why we see the problem saying Wifi keeps disconnecting. But well this varies from one system to another. Some get caused due to the system hardware and some due to the problems or trouble caused due to the router connected with our system. Whatever reason might be, let us now go and learn these easy understandable, and simple methods which in turn helps in fixing the issue successfully.

  • Forget Wifi Network
  • Try to get closer to the Router
  • Reset the Router and then Restart the PC
  • Be Sure the Network Adapter Driver is Updated
  • Try to Change the option called Scan Valid Interval.
  • Try to change the WIFI AUTOCONFIG service
  • Replacing with the new or better one

The above are the lists of methods. Now without making any delay, let’s go into each and every method one by one in detail.

1. Forget Wifi Network

This is the first and simpler method you need to check first. So go through the instructions one by one and implement or do the same to get rid of the problem caused by claiming Wifi Keeps disconnecting and reconnecting!!! So, now let’s get into the steps straightforwardly.

wifi constantly keeps disconnecting

  • Just go and tap on the connection name and then you are suggested to click forgot.
  • And if you observe now, the connection is no more saved in your system!!! Head over to the same again and enter the password so that you will be connected to the WiFi successfully solving the issue 100% successfully.

2. Try to get closer to the Router

This is another easy and simple possibility or solution when you face or struggle with the issue Wifi keeps disconnecting. This problem arises when your WiFi signal is short and thereby keeps disconnecting. When you move close to the router, start establishing a strong connection and solve the issue by taking only less amount of time.

3. Reset the Router and then Restart the PC

This is a very simple process. And when you reset the router and equally restart the system, fixes a lot of bugs successfully. So doing so, also there is a chance of fixing the Wifi constantly disconnecting issue.

4. Be Sure the Network Adapter Driver is Updated

WiFi Keeps disconnecting because due to the lack of a network adapter driver which results in the issue Wiki keeps disconnecting. So, in that case, you can perform one and the only action updating the Network Adapter. However, the update can be done in two ways manual and automatic. Let’s go in detail.

Manual Update

  • Initially, locate the corresponding network driver’s manufacturer’s official site.
  • Search for the needy drivers and try downloading the latest one.
  • Now move to the control panel and choose the option called device manager.
  • Try to locate the network adapter and perform a right-click over it.
  • Choose the option called update driver.
  • Thereafter, it asks you to select the option of whether to find updates or browse from your system storage.
  • Choose and locate the driver update over at the location where you downloaded it.

Automatic Update

  • Initially, go to the control panel, choose the option called device manager.
  • Locate the network updated and right-click on it.
  • Now choose to update the driver and then if any updates, display them on the screen.
  • Finally, click on the former and windows that search for updated drivers and allow them to do them automatically.

5. Try to Change the option called Scan Valid Interval

  • The very first, open the control panel. Select the option called device manager.
  • Now locate the network adapter available in the form of lists and then perform a right-click over it.
  • Choose properties and tap on the advanced tab.

driver updater valid interval

  • Click the option called Scan valid interval available in the form of lists and try to change the value around 60-120. Finally, click on the option called OK and then exit.

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6. Try to change the WIFI AUTOCONFIG service

When you try and change the Wifi autoconfig service, also does help in fixing the bug within a while. But to do so, you are requested or allowed to follow and perform certain steps which are however shared below. So, go through it now one by one without undergoing any other doubts.

  • Tap on the Windows+R key from your keyboard at a time so that you can see the Run dialog box appearing on the screen.
  • Now do enter the command called services.msc and tap enter.
  • And then you are allowed to locate the WLAN AutoConfig option, where you have to tap and open it.

wifi keeps connecting and disconnecting

  • Go to general tap and this is where you are going to locate an option saying startup type. Beside it, there is a rectangle box and that you need to change from manual to automatic appeared in the form of menu lists.
  • Tap apply and then ok to finish.

These are the simple steps however help to deal with the issue in a perfect way. So, take a chance and try it by yourselves now for fixing the issue successfully.

7. Replacing with the new or better one

If at all, you failed to fix the issue by implementing or applying the above methods, then remember it’s time to replace it with the new and better one. Because sometimes, doing so will definitely work and solve your issue.


Hopefully, the details and methods shared here were very simple and easy to understand. If still has any doubts, you can share them with us by mentioning them in terms of comments. We will help you anytime and explain it in detail. Also, do like and share these details with whoever you feel they are in need and looking forward to fixing the same issue. Also, keep connected with techrulz for learning more or new things that are going to be shared through here.

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