White444 Macro Apk FF Auto Headshot Latest Download

The popularity of the Free Fire game has made many creative developers create applications that can make this game easier. One of them is the White444 Macro apk which you may not have used before.

Basically, this application can be used to make it easier for FF players to win matches. Not a few get booyah by utilizing this application to the fullest.

white444 macro apk

If you also want to win all your FF matches and defeat your opponents or enemies, then download the White444 macro apk FF Auto Headshot latest version on your device.

White444 Macro Apk Review

Talking about the White444 Macro apk, basically, this application is not approved by Garena. So, this application is not official and is not provided by the developer directly. However, many still use this application to make the game easier.

FF games are played even more fun. Not a few who have difficulty getting booyah and getting a win. Many players are better at it, making other players look for other ways.

One of them is by utilizing the White444 Macro apk which is increasingly being used. This application can be the best choice because it provides the features that FF users are looking for. This application was deliberately modified by an unofficial developer.

So, what makes this application is a third party that provides a variety of tricks and cheats. Users can also use it further to hack the Free Fire game. With this application, victory can be guaranteed to be achieved.

This is what attracted the attention of FF players because they were promised an easy win. You just need to download and add this file to the Free Fire game. However, that does not mean the use of cheat applications like this is without risk.

If caught, the FF account used can be banned. Therefore, it is recommended to use this application carefully and wisely. Lots of FF players are interested in using this application.

Those interested in using it, also understand the slightly different installation process. In the following, we will review the interesting features that you can use in this application.

White444 Macro Apk Features

Basically, the features in the White444 Macro apk include many and varied. This application can help players get a definite win in the FF game. One of the famous features of this application is Auto Headshot and Aim Lock which are widely used.

white444 macro apk auto headshot

For more details, the following are the interesting features provided by this cheat application.

  • Auto headshot
  • Auto-aim
  • Auto hack
  • auto death
  • Esp health
  • Aimbot
  • Esp distance
  • Wallhacks
  • Anti-ban
  • Aimscope

In addition to the features above, there are actually other features that can be enjoyed. So, you just need to download and install it. The features in it are intentionally added to enrich the experience when playing the Free Fire game.

Download Latest White444 Macro Apk

After understanding the various features in it, you may be more curious to try this application. No need to worry, here is a download link that can be used to install this popular cheat application.

Name White444 Macro Apk
Size 12.86 MB
OS Android 5.0 or higher
Price Free

To be able to download this application, you just need to press the download link provided above. After that, wait until the download process is complete. As for how to install this application, you can do it through the steps below.

How To Install The White444 Macro Apk 

Make sure you download and install this White444 macro apk on your Android smartphone. This is because this cheat application can only be installed on Android. If the smartphone is having problems with the installation, it could be because access permissions have not been set.

Therefore, you should first set the installation access permission in the settings menu on the smartphone. Enable the unknown source option because this application does not come from an official source, namely Playstore.

Tips For Using The White444 Macro Apk

For those who have installed this application, you also need to know the tutorial on how to use this White444 macro apk. Then, what is the right way to use this cheat application? Here are the steps.

1. Select File Location

Find the White444 Macro apk file that has been downloaded from the link above. Usually, on Android phones, the download files are in the Downloads folder. However, this can be adjusted according to the directory of each smartphone.

2. Extract File

If you have found the downloaded file, then extract the file. This is because the application file is usually in zip format. You can use the ZARchiver application or the like.

3. Copy Folder

After the file is extracted, the next step is to copy the folder. Make sure you do this step correctly because it is quite crucial. The trick is to copy the com.dts.freefireth folder. After copying, then open the file on Android.

Click Android then select data and then paste it into the com.dts.freefireth folder in the data folder. Later there will be a description of the words Replace File. Click the OK button and do the application installation. Open the Free Fire game on your phone and make sure the application is installed properly.

The Risks Of Using The White444 Macro Apk Free Fire Application

Not much different from other cheat applications, White444 Macro apk also has the risk of being banned by Garena. Although in the initial review it was stated that this cheat script was safe from being banned. But if it is not used wisely, it can still be caught by the system.

This is because Garena is constantly improving the detection capabilities of its system. Especially for detecting the use of cheats, hacking, and so on. Not only that, but Garena also always announces bans for millions of FF accounts that violate the rules.

Even recently, Garena has banned more than 1 million FF accounts. In addition to being banned, the risk of using cheat applications also has a negative impact on the game ecosystem. Please note that the use of cheats themselves has been abandoned by many gamers.

Therefore, don’t let your favorite game be empty of players because many players use cheats.

Tips For Playing FF Auto Booyah

The use of cheat applications is sometimes viewed negatively. Therefore, you can follow the right tips to play FF ​​more pro and auto booyah. Maybe some players have been called badass when playing this one game.

If you are one of them, then this is not to be taken to heart. Just practice some of the tips below so that the FF game that is done can auto booyah.

1. Play Aggressive But Smart

The majority of players will think that an aggressive player means taking risks and just lunging without thinking. In fact, aggressive play is often needed in some moments.

Not only that, games like this basically require careful thought so as not to create “too soon” gaming. Then, what is the key to aggressive play? You have to know the exact timing.

In addition, also know when to return to playing conservatively. So, there’s nothing wrong if you want to play super aggressive FF games. This is because Garena itself actually supports this type of game.

It is also important to choose the right character to play aggressively. Make sure to choose characters that are OP enough, for example, Alok and Clu.

2. Recognize The Role In The Squad

For players who play in solo mode, they may not think much about what is meant by a role. But if you often play with squad mode, then the role of the role is very crucial. It can even be considered as the core of the game that is done.

Basically, there are 4 roles in the Free Fire game that are important to understand. The four roles are Breacher, Marksman, Sniper, and Support.

  • Marksman: This role has the main role of an assassin. What he did was kill every enemy he found in the game area. This role is highly recommended for FF players who like aggressive games. Likewise for those who have a well-functioning aim. So, you can consider using this one role.
  • Sniper: This player has the main task of shooting enemies from a distance. When Marksman plays aggressively, then this role is more conservative. Then he will wait for the enemy and shoot him.
  • Breacher: The task of this role is arguably very important. They are the first players to enter when the raid is trying hard to attack.
  • Support: This role has the task of helping friends who are in difficult conditions. So, the main task is to provide cover and provide the items needed.

3. Using Melee Weapons

When should players use melee weapons when running in the game area? There are still many FF players who don’t know the importance of using this type of weapon. In fact, there is one very important feature if the player uses melee.

Movement speed will increase dramatically compared to when using a gun or firearm. In addition, players can also do a good dodge movement. This way, you can escape from enemy fire faster.

4. Don’t Miss Using Grenades

Grenades are often forgotten by battle royale players in general. No exception for FF players who forget to use grenades. Even though this one item has a quite crucial function in FF matches.

You can use grenades to make enemies out of cover so they don’t get hit by an explosion. Not only that, but players also have the opportunity to take advantage of the Gloo Wall Grenade. This item allows a wall to withstand the enemy fire of as much as 300 HP.

To get a kill in Free Fire, the supporting item that can be used is the frag grenade. However, don’t throw the grenade carelessly without a strategy.

5. Take A Comfortable Position

Actually, this one tip may not be directly related to the FF game being played. However, it is still important for players to pay attention.

So, the thing that players have to do is play in the most comfortable position or place. With this convenience, you can take Brazzen’s chair. Logically, a comfortable position will make the game more focused.

That way, you will have no trouble getting the booyah you dream of in the Free Fire game.


White444 Macro apk can indeed be the application of choice for those who want to cheat on FF. However, you still have to take into account the risks if you don’t want to get banned. So, download the White444 Macro apk for the auto headshot feature and get an advantage over your opponents. We hope this article was helpful. Visit the Techrulz site for more useful guides.

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