WhatsApp Prime Mod APK Download Latest Version 11.2 For Android

WhatsApp Prime Mod APK: Surely you already know, if WhatsApp is the best messenger application for now. WA itself is often relied on to carry out various kinds of activities, from making voice and video calls, sending messages, to sending files.

Even though there are a lot of features that WA has, many users still feel that each feature is lacking. Therefore, there have been many WA mod applications that offer more features than the original WA.

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One of the famous ones is WhatsApp Prime. WhatsApp Prime mod APK is a popular modified version of Whatsapp that is available in an apk version for Android devices.

WhatsApp Prime Quick Review

WhatsApp Prime is a modification made to the WhatsApp application. This WA mod is considered capable of providing a variety of interesting features, which of course you will not be able to find in the original WhatsApp application.

Of the many features that WA Prime has, one of the excellent and most sought-after features is sending Group Invitations. This feature makes the Whatsapp Prime mod one of the most widely used modified WhatsApp applications.

Not only that, but WA Prime also has a fairly small size. So its use will feel very light, anti-lag, and also anti-bug. You also don’t need an Android smartphone with high specifications to use this WA mod.

WhatsApp Prime Features

As is well known, many WA users choose to use mod applications, namely because of the features it has. Well, this feature of WA Prime is certainly no less interesting than other WhatsApp application mods.

1. Sending Group Invitations

Previously, it was mentioned that the main advantage of WA Prime is the feature of sending group invitations. You will find it easier to invite other people into a group with this feature. Only by sending an invitation in the form of a link to the group.

Later, the person who was sent the invitation-only needed to press the incoming invitation. They will automatically join the group you created. So you don’t have to bother to add contacts one by one to the group.

2. More File Transfer Options

If you use the original WhatsApp application, you may feel that the file sending feature is very limited. In one delivery, the original WA application can only be used to send approximately 10 files.

But not with the WA Prime mod application. This mod allows you to send up to 300 files in one go. This feature applies to sending various types of files such as videos, sounds, images, documents, and so on.

3. Preview Media Without Downloading

Download media first when you want to review it, of course, it will make the phone’s storage capacity full faster. That’s why this app has a feature that makes it possible to preview media without the need to download it first. So it will save more storage.

4. Disable Answer 

Have you ever felt like sending a message to someone, but didn’t want the message to be replied to? If so, then this mod has a very suitable feature. Yes, if this feature is used, then the recipient does not have the option to answer the message you sent.

5. Copy Friend Status

If you like a friend’s status and want to make it your own status, then you can use this one feature. You don’t have to bother downloading statuses or asking friends to send them first. Only by pressing one button, then this can be done immediately.

6. Sending Videos With Larger Sizes

The size limit when you want to send videos is one of the obstacles that WhatsApp users often experience. However, this problem can be solved through WA Prime, which is capable of sending videos up to 70 MB in size.

7. Anti Banned

It’s not a new thing if an unofficial modified application is prone to get banned by the original application. This also applies to the WhatsApp mod application. There have been many cases of WA accounts being banned for using modified applications.

To overcome this, the developer has produced an application using a valid code set protocol. So this application is still safe to use and will never be banned by the original application.

8. Maintain Photo Quality

In the original WhatsApp application, the quality of the photos you send will decrease when they are successfully shared. So a lot of details on the photos are lost because they are sent via WA, and you need to send them in file form.

If you don’t want a complicated way like that, then don’t worry. WhatsApp Prime can be used to send photos without reducing the quality of the original photos in the slightest, both in size and photo resolution. Every detail will be preserved.

9. Disabling The Call Button

Have you ever accidentally pressed the call button when opening a chat on WhatsApp? This of course will make you panic right? Moreover, the chat is your chat with important people such as teachers, bosses, or others.

Well, now the problem can be solved. Thanks to the feature to disable the call button in the WA Prime application. So you can turn off and reactivate the button at any time as you wish.

10. Number Of Characters Increased

The original WhatsApp imposed character restrictions on things like chat and status. Sometimes this makes it difficult for you to convey what you want. However, with this feature to increase the number of characters, you can more freely write anything you want to write.

11. Mute Chat

Actually, the mute chat feature is also available in the original WhatsApp application. Given the very high need for the mute chat feature, making WA Prime developers still include this one feature.

12. Fake Location

Of the several WA Prime features previously mentioned, this feature is probably the most interesting. Yes, with this feature, you can send a fake location to friends. This is especially effective when you don’t want other people to know your actual location.

Download WhatsApp Prime Latest Version

Various cool features from WA Prime makes many WA users have it. However, unfortunately, WA Prime is not available on the Google Play Store because it is not an official application. However, you can still get this WA mod via the following link.

How To Install WhatsApp Prime

Maybe many already know how to install applications from outside the Google Play Store. But if you don’t know, there’s no need to be confused, here are the steps for installing the Whatsapp Prime application that you can follow.

  • First, download Whatsapp Prime via the link above.
  • After that, open the settings or settings application on your cellphone.
  • Select the Security and Accessibility menu, and select the Unknown Sources option.

 whatsapp prime free download

  • Activate the option, then open the download folder.
  • Install the APK file from WA Prime according to the HP procedure you are using.


There are still lots of WhatsApp Prime mod applications that you can find on the internet. And WA Prime is included in one of the best WA mods that are widely used. So what are you waiting for? Just install it and enjoy all the features available on this WA Prime. To get more updates about your favorite apks and mods, visit TechRulz. Have a great day!

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