Download WhatsApp Mod IOS 11, 12, 13, 14 Anti Banned 2022

Did you know that the number of WhatsApp application users worldwide is more than 2 billion? A large number of WA users, one of which is because of its multi-platform nature. So, WhatsApp can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

Whatsapp mod iOS is an apk mod with a number of the latest features added to the original Whatsapp. In terms of appearance, of course, the Android version of WA is different from the iOS version.

whatsapp mod ios

This difference sometimes makes Android users curious to try the iOS version. Without buying an iPhone, you can do it just by installing WhatsApp Mod iOS only.

WhatsApp Mod IOS Brief Review

WhatsApp Mod iOS is an Android WA application that has been modified to resemble the iOS version of WA. Not only in appearance, but there are also additional features to provide a more exciting and enjoyable experience for its users.

Some people think that the iOS version of WA looks more exclusive when compared to the Android version. This is what makes them do various ways to be able to enjoy the WhatsApp version, one of which is by using the WA Mod iOS.

Just like the WhatsApp mod application in general, this iOS WA Mod also always updates to fix all the shortcomings that existed in the previous version. Starting from important features such as anti-banned to more detailed features such as bubble chat on the chat page.

Everything has been optimized so that its use becomes more comfortable and fun. This WhatsApp iOS mod is a development of the YoWhatsApp mod. So you no longer need to doubt its performance.

WhatsApp Mod IOS Features

All the advantages that are presented by this iOS WA Mod, are none other than the various features in it. There are even many new features that you won’t find in the original WA. For more details, here are the features of the WA Mod iOS.

  • Option to use a variety of attractive fonts that have been provided.
  • Can still see incoming messages even though they have been withdrawn.
  • Hide status when online.
  • Disabling message status in the form of a blue tick and a double tick.
  • Sending messages that cannot be forwarded.
  • Seeing other people’s WA stories without being noticed.
  • Make the WA Story appear on other homepages such as Instagram.
  • The changeable appearance of the main application page.
  • Can send messages without the need to save the destination number first.
  • Determine certain numbers that can call your WA number.
  • Deactivates the state when recording sound.
  • Deactivates the status when typing messages.
  • Knowing all the activities of friends on WhatsApp such as changing profile photos, adding stories, being online, and so on.
  • Can make WA stories in the form of videos with a duration of up to 5 minutes without being cut off.
  • Improved privacy for WA groups and contacts.
  • Option to use a variety of attractive themes that have been provided (more than 4000 themes from the YOThemes server).
  • The WA story theme will still appear and can be seen even though it has been deleted by the owner.
  • Turn off last online/last seen status.
  • Hide the microphone button that is on the chat page.
  • Provide privacy on the broadcast feature.
  • More complete font size settings than the original version of WhatsApp.
  • Can set the appearance on the chat page which includes chat bubbles, checkmarks, and so on.
  • Can send up to 30 images in one delivery via chat.
  • The maximum size of images sent reaches 18 MB and without any loss of quality when sent.
  • Enables DND Mode which means undisturbed mode.
  • Can hide WhatsApp contact names.
  • The presence of a proximity sensor.
  • Share videos in HD resolution.
  • The feature to delete cache files in the WhatsApp settings menu.

Download WhatsApp Mod IOS

Now you know, what are the advantages of this iOS WhatsApp mod? If you already know, are you interested in immediately installing and using the WA mod? Well, below is a link that you can use to download WA Mod iOS.

App Name WhatsApp Mod iOS
Size 47.2 MB
Version V 8.8

Features Of WhatsApp Mod IOS Version 8.8

As previously stated, this iOS WA Mod is always updating. The latest update, it’s on version 8.8. So what updates were made to that version? Here are some additional features that you will get from WA Mod iOS version 8.8.

  • WhatsApp groups and contacts with a new form.
  • Conversation pages and conversation entries are made to look more real or realistic.
  • Added many new interesting emojis.
  • More realistic massage counter using iOS interface.
  • Added Anti Blocking feature to maintain user account security.
  • Added some new themes to the messaging section like GBWhatsApp.
  • Longer expiry date, which is up to 1000 days after the application is installed.
  • Can apply color gradation model to app view.
  • New video recording mode display design.
  • There is a new DND mode that allows you to block notifications, turn off call tones, and so on.
  • More responsive settings button.
  • Update to Emoji One v.4.5 Glax.
  • Can hide and show the phone icon again in the WA group section.
  • The existence of a search field or search bar that is multifunctional.
  • Design to add lots of new emoticons.
  • A new look of bubble chat.
  • New text input box shape.
  • WhatsApp story mode can be displayed on the home page of other platforms such as Instagram.
  • Chat page, UI display, and various iOS typical button models that are compatible with various Android versions.

How To Install WhatsApp Mod IOS Version

When you have downloaded the APK file from the Whatsapp mod iOS from the link above, maybe some of you are still confused about how to install it? If you are also included, then you can follow some of the steps which will be explained below.

  • In the first stage, first, delete the original WhatsApp application that is still installed.
  • Then open the settings application or the settings on your cellphone.
  • After that, scroll down and open the additional settings menu.
  • Within the menu, you need to find and select the security and accessibility menu.
  • Well, then you need to enable the Unknown Sources option.

 whatsapp mod ios 14

  • If so, open the download folder where you saved the APK file of the iOS WA Mod that was downloaded earlier.
  • Then open and install the APK file by following the commands given by the system.
  • If it is installed, log in using your WA account.
  • Congratulations, you can now use the Whatsapp Mod iOS application and enjoy all the features in it.


Hope this article was helpful to know about the Whatsapp mod iOS. It can be said that this iOS WhatsApp mod is a unique WhatsApp modification application. The reason is, that this application allows you to feel how to use the iOS version of WA on an Android phone. So what are you waiting for? Directly download the WA mod iOS and follow the installation method correctly. Stay tuned to TechRulz for more updates.

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