7 Ways To Leverage Video In Your B2B Marketing Strategy

In recent years, OTT platforms like Netflix and video-sharing sites like YouTube have attracted billions of viewers around the globe. People spend more time on these platforms rather than any other web-based portals.

What is the common fact to find in both platforms? The common thing is, they both are video content hosting sites and provide video-on-demand services. The above fact makes it clear that people prefer to watch video content compared to conventional texts or images.

B2B Marketing Strategy

At present, almost 54% of consumers want to watch more videos than any other web content. Almost 95% of the web audience prefers to watch video content compared to text or image content. So in this article, We are going to explain 7 ways to leverage video in your B2B Marketing.

7 Ways To Leverage Video In Your B2B Marketing Strategy

This trend makes a golden opportunity for marketers and pushes them to create several video contents to reach their audience. According to data by Hubspot, almost 81% of businesses have started using video as a marketing tool.

Video content is known as the game-changer for B2B marketing, and almost 71% of B2B marketers use video marketing rather than any other marketing means.

Here are the ways to leverage video in the B2B marketing strategy.

1.  Making A Video To Create Awareness Of The Brand

The first phase of business is to create trust, and using video is the best way to build trust among the viewers. Videos are the best way to represent your brand and create a business narrative, mission, vision along with the purpose of the existence.

A brand video is an opportunity to directly connect with the audience because it enables you with an engaging way to transmit your corporate message and vision. More than half of the buyers will prefer to watch a video before making their purchase. This trend is increasing every year.

 2. Client Testimonial Video

To prepare a solid and loyal consumer base, you must implement several things. Video marketing has emerged as the most effective tool to meet absolute business requirements. To make others aware that you have clients who have already benefited from using your current product or service, invest in the client testimonial videos.

Client testimonial video

It would help if you created a video testimonial depicting the customer’s journey and the experience. This is one of the most powerful ways to convince others regarding your product. These testimonial videos can showcase the brand’s capability, which will prompt people to purchase the product. One thing is to keep in mind that people buy what others are buying, and making videos including B2B reviews, referrals, and testimonials will be the most impressive way to advocate the brand.

3. Case Study Video

In B2B, business strategists prefer the specific process that the clients have followed to come out from any problem. This is why case studies are considered the most effective way to build trust among the viewers. People will learn from these case studies how to tackle the issues they are facing currently using the product or services of the particular brand.

Case studies videos are mainly made evaluating the positivity of the product featuring the team and the client. In the entire case study video, the following process is displayed, including the client’s problem and the team of experts talking about how the solution has been delivered. This is like a documentary that pushes the viewers to become potential customers after watching the video.

4. Educational Videos

When you deliver more value, you will get more business in return. Therefore, education videos are considered a crucial part of inbound marketing. Educational videos made with an Online Video Editor helps to keep engaging with the customer by increasing the credibility.

Educational videos

Still, some B2B companies are engaged in creating blogs. These are different types of videos to educate the customers and nurture them. The best way to repurpose these blogs is to convert them to educational videos. This video will simplify and convince the viewers regarding the particular product. In this way, viewers will convert to hot leads.

5. Videos On Team Members And Work Culture

Most loyal consumers, even first-time viewers, are curious to know about your business. They want to know about the people behind the curtain and your work culture. Making a short video on employees talking about the work culture, the opportunities that the brand has to offer, and their experience will be an incredible way to fulfill the curiosity of the loyal customers.

Such types of videos create a positive image among followers and existing clients. In this way, these simple videos can positively and firmly impact the audience. Whether you are talking about B2B or B2C, in both business concepts, these types of videos play a crucial role in building trust among the viewers.

6. Live Streaming

Live video streaming is the fantastic and most powerful marketing tool that can deliver outstanding results to existing and new customers.

These are the videos where you can show your expertise on any particular topic. It is also possible to make these videos engaging by creating Q&A sessions where viewers can transparently get insights regarding the brand and its products.

7.  FAQ Videos 

Every viewer wants to get a clear perception regarding your brand’s product. FAQ videos provide a seamless experience to the viewers, and it is considered one of the powerful tools of video marketing.

During the video, the expert solves their long-term queries by slashing any doubt in their mind. For this reason, almost all brands include FAQ videos in their marketing strategy. These videos are also worth it!

Final Thoughts

Since trust is so important for a business to thrive, videos are effective tools for B2B organizations. By creating a pleasant impression on viewers, high-quality videos produce exceptional outcomes. As a result, businesses that want to achieve their goals without spending a lot of money can consider video marketing.

Above everything, make sure your content is supported with a strong video marketing approach. Follow the steps mentioned in this post to make sure your approach is solid, and start incorporating video into your B2B marketing strategy right now. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more informative guides.

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