Smartwatch Buying Guide-Find The Perfect Smartwatch For You

Are you confused and looking forward to locating the Smartwatch buying guide? Worry not!! Wearables, as well as AIot devices, are getting popular. We all know that how these days Smartwatches are becoming more popular too! And so we’ve come here to learn its significance. If you’re thinking of buying a new smartwatch, then go through here to get or build some idea about the amazing smartwatches.

Because, once after reviewing here, you’ll know what you’d need to buy. And, you wouldn’t make a bad decision, that’s my guarantee! I’m going to tell you about everything in detail, so take some time & go through the entire content shared over here. You can share it with your friends/family if they’re planning on buying one too! Friends, first you’ll have to decide whether you want to buy an Android watch or an Apple watch.

Smartwatch Buying Guide

Because the Android watch has an open ecosystem, with some issues & you can buy it at a price ranging from Rs 3-30K. Also, you can buy according to it. Whereas the Apple Watch doesn’t have many options/variants. And you’ll have to spend more money. But you get more features! The activity & health features in the Apple watch are superior to Android.

Find The Perfect Smartwatch For You – Smartwatch Buying Guide

Well, now it’s time to take a look and learn about the Smartwatch buying guide which has been shared just below in detail. Let’s begin analyzing every single point right away.

1. Budget

Keep a set budget(Rs 5K/8K/10K/15K). With so many of them, you’d definitely get one in every price range. Why Are You Taking It? If you’re doing too many activities/exercises & need one to track them.

Or, you want some connectivity with your phone. Or because it’s just the latest trend! So make note of 2-3 reasons to buy a smartwatch, because it’ll make your decision easy.

2. Dial Type

Another basic thing is its dial type, round or squarish like the Apple watch. In Android, you get both rounds as well as square dials without a problem! We have already made videos on the 5 best “Under Rs 5K” & “Under Rs 10K” smartwatches. So now, it’ll be even easier to make your decisions after going through.

3. Build Quality

We often ignore it & if you’re spending Rs 5K/8K/10K, then the watch should last for about 4-5 years. According to my & so build quality is very important!

smartwatch buying guide 2020

If you’re buying a budget smartwatch, then you’ll obviously get a polycarbonate body & it won’t last that long. But in your budget, try to get a metal body smartwatch. Because it’ll last for more days.

4. Display

Nowadays, you get 1.3”-1.6” dials in Rs 4-5K watches. A bigger display is very important in a smartwatch. Because you consume a lot of information on a smartwatch. Like, the weather, activity, heart rate, steps, etc. So the bigger the size, the better for you! And just as important is the display type(AMOLED/IPS LCD), but here it comes to cost! If you look at smartwatches below Rs 5K, then you’d see IPS LCD displays, so keep an eye on resolutions.

The resolution should be good, about 350-450 pixels. If it’s less, it’ll look pixelated. If you look at it in direct sunlight, you won’t be able to see the texts. You won’t have a problem indoors. And it’s a smartwatch, you’re obviously going to use it outdoors so do keep an eye on the display. In case if possible, choose AMOLED displays, they’re better!. Also, I, personally, have an important point while buying a smartwatch!

5. Battery Life

It’s very important! I have an Apple watch, yet I don’t use it because I have to charge it every day! If I’m spending Rs 30-40K on a smartwatch, with only a day’s battery life, it’s of no use! And to charge it every day, you’ll have to take it out & charge. Hence it means sleep tracking wouldn’t be possible if you’re charging it overnight.

So keep these things in mind. But, the features of Apple watches are not compared with others. So you’ll have to understand that. Let’s talk about Android watches. According to my, there should be a minimum of 10-12 days battery life, it’s very important!

6. User Interface

I can’t talk about the Apple watch as it has beautiful & user-friendly but is a closed ecosystem. But that’s about it. Whereas in Android watches, there are different UIs from different brands. There are different watch faces that are developed by themselves. So keep an eye on the user-friendly UI. But, 80-90% of menus are very similar to each other because at the core it’s an Android watch! It is the most important thing!

best smartwatch in india

Try to avoid Google’s own smartwatch UI, the Android WearOS. Because, you do get more features like the Apple watch, but its battery life is less. Now, this is my personal opinion, you can differ from it. But in my experience, I’d recommend avoiding Google WearOS.

7. Looks-Wise

The strap quality is very important, they should be of good quality or else it’s a problem. As you wear it for 24 hours, the strap quality should be good! And nowadays, you can even change the straps of the smartwatch & it’s important. You’ve used a black strap for 6-8 months & now can change if you want a different colored one, So interchangeable straps should be there.

Along with that, to change the looks, you must look at watch faces as it’s an important factor. There are some smartwatches with limited 4-6 faces. Watch face is the screen that you see with the design & necessary information. There are many smartwatches where you get 100+/200-300 different watch faces. Here this is the place where you can customize it along with your photo as well. So as a benefit, you can have a new face every day!

8. Application

It’s important as we pair the smartwatch & the phone with the app. Also, it’s important to know if gives proper information, pairs with the phone, downloading watch faces, etc. So do look at it too & keep an eye on the features that it provides. 99% of people buy a smartwatch but cannot enjoy the watch experience with the app not being good. So the app is equally important!

9. Features

The basic features & sensors should be available! Like the heart rate & SpO2 sensors, sleep tracking, activities, step counter, different sports modes & you’d find all of these in 99% of the watches. But these 3-4 things are very important!

10. GPS Trackers

It’s important if you go outdoors a lot. Generally, while making a video, we say there’s no GPS. But many times you don’t need a GPS if you don’t use it outdoors much, so it depends on your activities.  There should be an accelerometer for outdoors/indoors. GPS consumes a lot of battery, so there are positives as well negatives to it.

11. Water Resistance

If you swim or it’s raining around, it should have an IP rating or it should be a water-resistant watch. It should be 5ATM or have some IP certification. Else, if you go out in the rain/wear it during a bath, and it gets ruined then what’s the use? There are 2-3 things that depend on you like I haven’t received any calls on this yet.

12. Speaker And Microphone

So a speaker & a microphone is needed if you make/receive calls on a smartwatch Else, it’s on you.

13. Storage

If you listen to a lot of music & want to store mp3 music files then it’s ok otherwise I’d say it’s optional. Do not go for watches with Bluetooth 4.0 now!


Well, these are the complete details related to the Smartwatch buying guide. Before you purchase, if you go through these details, definitely it’s going to help in choosing the right one which costs affordable. Anyhow to learn more interesting details, stay hooked towards Techrulz and try to learn many new things that were going to be shared over here.

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