Your Computer May be Sending Automated Queries [FIXED]

Did you receive a strange error message on your PC that says “Your computer or network may be sending automated queries“? No need to panic out thinking my computer is sending automated queries so what should I do now. We are here to help you.

Many PC users have been complaining about this issue a lot lately. This kind of error is especially more in the case of Chrome users. Sending Automated Queries error occurs when your device IP address is detected in unusual activity or is considered a threat.

Your computer may be sending automated queries

When tried to browse something on the internet, your device is identified as unusual and Google makes you fill the Recaptcha multiple times to make sure there is nothing wrong. However, all this Recaptcha process is frustrating when you have to go through it multiple times.

What are Automated Queries

Automated Queries are nothing but requests which are sent to your computer from an unusual computer software especially malware or virus related. If your computer’s IP address is detected sending or receiving any automated queries, then Google doesn’t let you browse on it easily.

Here is how Google Chrome shows the “Sending Automated Queries” error on your computer.

what are automated queries

How To Fix “Your Computer may be Sending Automated Queries” Error

Below are the best methods to get rid of the “Your computer or network may be sending automated queries” error on your PC. We have given the 6 best methods or solutions that will fix the automated queries error on your PC.

Starting with the basic and general solutions, if you are not able to solve the error with them, then try the other given fixes. Go through the steps given here one by one to fix the automated queries issue easily.

1. Restart the PC

First of all, when you are getting the error saying your computer is sending automated queries to an unknown source, restart your computer immediately. A restart can get rid of the IP address glitches and can help you resolve this issue.

how to fix your computer sending automated queries error

  • Restart your PC by going to the Power button on your computer.
  • Once the PC reboots, open your browser and check if the error is still showing up.
  • Most of the time, this single step can easily help you fix the problem.

2. Reset the Router

As we have discussed earlier, network and IP address play the important role in getting this error code. Hence if there are any router issues, then this can cause interruptions in your network and lead to the Network Sending Automated Queries” error.

how to fix sending automated queries error

  • Turn off the router and modem and unplug them.
  • Now wait for a minute and then plug in the modem.
  • After a minute or two,  plug in the router and let it boot.
  • Then, open your PC and try to browse on this network.

3. Switch to another Network

If restarting your PC and giving a reset to your router did not help in resolving the issue, and you are still getting the Recaptcha, then try to connect to a totally different network. Several times, Internet Service Provider issues can also cause issues on your PC.

computer sending automated queries error

  • Connect your device to a different internet source.
  • Open Chrome and try to browse on the internet.
  • If you are not getting the error code, then it means your ISP is at fault.
  • However, if you are still getting the error, try the next fix.

4. Clear Cookies and Cache on your browser

Since your browser is not behaving properly, there is a high chance that the corrupted cache files on your PC are behind this troublesome “Sending Automated Queries” error. Here, we suggest clearing the cache and cookies on your browser to get rid of this error hopefully. To do so, follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, open your browser and click on the three vertical dots located at the top-right.
  • Now, a drop-down menu will appear. Make sure to select the “Settings”  option.

how to fix your computer or network sending automated queries

  • Next, scroll down and click on the “Advanced” button.

what are computer sending automated queries

  • After that, find the “Clear browsing data” option and click on it to open.

clear cookies for fixing automated queries

  • Then, check the box for “Cookies and other site data”.
  • Also, check the box for “Cached images and files”.

how to get rid of sending automated queries error on chrome

  • Finally, click on the “Clear Data” button to erase all the cache and cookies.

After doing this, restart your browser or enter “chrome://restart” in your search bar to restart the browser. Then check if the “Your computer or network may be sending automated queries” error is fixed or not.

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5. Run a Scan for PC

You can also scan your device using antivirus software to detect any malware or virus lying on your PC. Most of the time your device doesn’t behave as it should due to virus issues. So, make sure to scan your PC. Avast, Bitdefender, Norton, BullGuard are some of the trusted antivirus applications available.

my computer is sending automated queries

  • Choose any third-party antivirus software and install it from a trusted source.
  • Scan your PC using this software and let it do its work patiently.
  • If you found there are any malware files, then make sure to get rid of them.
  • Then, open your browser and check if the “Sending automated queries” error is fixed.

6. Change the Browser

Ultimately, if none of the above methods helped to fix the issue, then just shift to another browser. Since you have this “Your computer or network may be sending automated queries” issue on Chrome, try changing your browser.

computer sending automated queries

  • Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, UR Browser, and many other browsers are available.
  • Just choose one of them and download it on your PC.
  • Then, try to explore something on the new browser.
  • You will definitely not get the “Automated Queries” message.


We have given the 6 best solutions to get rid of the “Your computer or network may be sending automated queries” error on your PC. Many times, these kinds of issues occur due to ISP or network provider issues, so it is better to connect to a different network. If you don’t ever want to get this error again, switching your browser is also recommended. Opera is the best browser out there that you can rely on. For more related articles, visit the TechRulz website. Hope you liked this information.

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