6 Best Screen Mirroring App for Android & iOS {Latest Apps}

Screen mirroring app: Screen mirroring is one of the best techniques available for viewing or displaying the content on the tv screen. This is possible without reducing or compromising in terms of quality. One can easily access any number of videos, audios, games, photos on a big screen.

No more involvement in transferring files from one to another device. Instead, screen mirroring is far enough to do so. However, if you see nowadays, there are tons of apps available and compatible enough. Either it might be a PC, iPhone, or Android, one can get the best screen mirroring apps by navigating to the official store.

Screen Mirroring App

In order to access a bit easier and faster, we have come with a few top leading apps mentioned in the form of bullet lists. Just simply navigate to it by simply tapping on the provided link and get the top best screen mirroring app right immediately. Therefore, let us look forward to all the details mentioned here.

Best Screen Mirroring App for iOS and Android

Below are the lists of top screen mirroring apps. Just have a look and access any based on your choice with no second thought. By looking into the details, one can get a basic idea about the app and access immediately. Doing so can greatly enjoy viewing the content on the big screen successfully.

  1. ApowerMirror
  2. Google Home
  3. Chrome Remote Desktop
  4. Samsung Smart View
  5. TeamViewer
  6. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Well, by seeing on the above lists, it is time to analyze each and every app and pick one accordingly for further access. Here we go.

1. ApowerMirror

This is one of the best screen mirroring apps supported by both iOS and Android operating systems. Using this application, any user can view the content on a large screen like a Mac or also on a laptop having Windows OS without transferring files. And the control of the screen can be taken and used with the keyboard and mouse respectively. Not only on an entertainment basis, but the app can also be used professionally.

screen mirroring app iphone

Most of the colleagues who are looking for the best screen mirroring app for android or ios can choose this without any fail. All this means one can share their presentations through it without any fail. Also, the games like Clash of clans, and much more can be shared and played on a big screen using this particular application. Therefore, simply by tapping on the below link, try this wonderful app right away.

Download ApowerMirror App for Android Right Here

Download ApowerMirror App for iOS Right Here

2. Google Home

Through this wonderful application, one can control multiple devices like Chromecast and also home products like cameras, lights, much more respectively. No doubt as any user can manage and operate these by standing out at one single place. It is greatly supported by both iOs and Android operating systems. The most advantageous part it provides is creating different shortcuts for different functionalities.

screen mirroring app for pc

It means the user can operate with a single tap and enable very much easily. In simple one can say this as with a single app, performing tons of functionalities. It’s amazing!!! So, therefore, start using this wonderful screen mirroring app and live your home life very much happy and comfortable. Moreover, if you see it is highly rated and preferred by various users among various screen mirroring apps respectively.

Download Google Home for Android Right Here

Download Google Home for iOS Right Here

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

This is the most common and famous screen mirroring apps available for both iOs and Android operating systems. One can access your system on Android mobile with utmost security. But in order to do so, just simply set up the remote access on your system with the help of the Chrome Remote Desktop app respectively. Usually, this is an extension that could be added for your web browser to access further without any fail.

screen mirroring app for android

Once after adding this particular extension to your web browser successfully, take your mobile and open the app. Now simply tap on any of the systems that you like or prefer to connect right away. That’s all! Isn’t it simple! Finally, all set to access any successfully. While getting back to reviews, no doubt this is one of the best screen mirroring apps available even today.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop for Android Right Here

Download Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS Right Here

4. Samsung Smart View

Here while using the Samsung Smart View application, any user can have a greater experience with it. That means simply browse all your favorite live tv and respective apps in order to have a lot of fun very well. In simple words, the user can watch live tv and access your favorite apps with no interruption of tv playback. This is highly rated and access by several users even today.


Moreover, this has come with standby mode, a new game controller, and much more grasping every single user’s attention in a very short time. Either you might use an Android mobile or the iPhone, doesn’t matter!!! This is because the app is supported by both operating systems. Just simply by tapping on the below respective link, the user is directly navigated to the official store and can get the app for further usage respectively.

Download Samsung Smart View for Android Right Here

Download Samsung Smart View for iOS Right Here

5. TeamViewer

This is one of the great available among various screen mirroring apps. Using team viewer, one can greatly control all other devices without any fail. Also, can fix issues if any sitting at home itself. Wherever you are, doesn’t matter!!! This app provides remote access and if you see today tons of users were already accessing this application all over the world respectively.


In simple terms, one can control the system like Mac/ Windows/ Linux just by sitting before them. Not only the computers but also mobiles like iPhone, Android were remotely accessed without facing any kind of trouble. One of the special things it has sharing files in both directions. Therefore, get the app by tapping on the below respective link right away and start using it accordingly.

Download TeamViewer for Android Right Here

Download Team Viewer for iOS Right Here

6. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Looking for the top or highly rated screen mirroring app? Here it is. One can remotely access your PC, virtual apps, systems operated by admin to a greater extent. No matter where you are can access this app wonderfully. No single security issues claimed by even a single user. This is because there is greater security provided for all your data and applications respectively.

screen mirroring app android

The Microsoft Remote Desktop is however available for both iOS and Android operating systems. Moreover, if you go with the recent update carried down in the app, fixed various issues and improvements were done. It supports 16+ languages and used mostly for the business category. As a result, if you are interested in and like to access this amazing application, tap on the below link and navigate to get the app right immediately.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android Right Here

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS Right Here


Hope everything is clear about the apps provided here. For any specifications or doubts, you like to mention, drop down in the below rectangular box. So that we help and guide accordingly. Also, like this tutorial and want to share it with anybody, go ahead using through any of the social networking sites. Thank you. Keep in touch with Techrulz for more interesting apps available even today.

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