10 Scary Horror Games You Can Play On Roblox (For Free)

If you are looking for some scary Roblox games that can blow your mind, then this post is a must-read. Well, there can’t be a kid who doesn’t know about or hasn’t played Roblox at least once. Roblox is a phenomenon in the world of video games with more than 150 million active users every month.

Roblox is an online video gaming and game-creation platform where you can find more than 40 million games. Roblox allows the users to program their own games and sell them to the platform. This is how you can find a lot of interesting and unique games on Roblox.

scary roblox games

You can see a variety of games on Roblox with different themes like crime, mobs, horror, riddles, and much more. In this post, we are going to list out the Roblox horror games. If you like playing scary games, then start knowing the scary games on Roblox below.

Best Scary Roblox Games

These are the 10 most scary Roblox games of 2021. It is better if little kids stay away from such creepy and scary games. Parents should make sure that the children are not involved in playing too scary games on Roblox. Let’s start looking at the scary Roblox games one by one.

1. Alone in a Dark House

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The Roblox game “Alone in a Dark House” can be said the scariest game on Roblox right now. This is a classic horror game that can give you goosebumps with its unique and creepy music and the whole setup of the game. To start with, you will see yourself all alone in a dark house with clues. You have to gather the clues to reach the murderer. This game is the most suitable for teens and not recommended for kids. To play alone or with your friends, it is your choice.

2. Dead Silence

scary games on roblox

The next one on our list of scary Roblox games is “Dead Silence”. This game is actually a fan-favorite based on the supernatural horror film “Dead Silence” released in the year 2007. Just like Annabelle, this game involves a creepy doll. You will find a murdered body with a strange doll next to it with a clue “Mary Shaw”. You have to find the murderer with this single clue. This game is not suitable for small kids.

3. Roses

roblox scary games

Roses is one of the scary Roblox games. You will be taken to a situation where your best friend, Max goes missing out of the blue. The ultimate goal of the game is finding your friend no matter what you have to do. While searching for the friend, the player enters an asylum that reveals the mystery of the missing friend. The rest has to be experienced in the game itself. The music, graphics, locations used in this game are disturbing and scary.

4. School History

top scary roblox games

This is the darkest game you might have ever played on Roblox. With just a candle in your hand, you have to explore a dark, abandoned school. You won’t be able to clearly see what’s ahead of you in the darkness and you never know what you can come across in the dark suddenly. The more you explore, the more you will get to know the mystery of the school.

5. Stop It, Slender!

top 10 scary roblox games

Stop It, Slender is also one of the top scary Roblox games. Stop It, Slender! Roblox game is almost similar to the original horror video game Slender. The player has to try to avoid the creepy lore as much as possible in this game. Once you get in the monster’s eyes, you won’t be able to save yourself easily. This game is actually very scary and not suitable for children.

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6. Horror Elevator

most scary roblox games

If you have seen horror movies in which elevators play a critical role in taking people’s lives, then this game is the same as that situation. You will be in an elevator which is haunted. This elevator will randomly stop on any floor and you will face different scary monsters every time. You have to save yourself from the scary creatures and reach your destination. Horror Elevator is one of the top scary Roblox games for sure.

7. A Wolf or Other

horror games on roblox

This game can be played by the kids and teens both without worries. A Wolf or Other game has three different categories where you have to be one of them, which are innocent, hunter, or a werewolf. Innocents have to identify the werewolves around them and keep themselves safe from the wolves. The hunters have the power to eliminate the werewolves but the werewolves have to be killed before the full moon otherwise, you won’t be able to defeat them.

8. The Apartment

scary roblox games of 2021

The Apartment is the next scary Roblox game on our list. The player finds himself in an apartment in which he has to find his friend who is in room number 705. The journey starts with the first floor and with every consecutive floor, you will come across creepy and scary things which you have to cross. What is waiting for you in the 705 room will be revealed in the end.

9. The Mirror

scary roblox games to play with friends

The Mirror is a single-player game on Roblox. It is also one of the top scary Roblox games but this game is suitable for all ages. Even kids can play this game as it is not much disturbing. As the name itself says, you will only come across your own reflection in the whole game. You have to compete with your own reflection in this game.

10. Nightmare Mines

scary roblox games 2021

Nightmare Mines might not be the scariest, but it has some touch of horror and spookiness to it. Kids and teens can equally have fun playing this game on Roblox. Nightmare Mines game consists of Zombies and puzzles. You have to solve the puzzles and fight the zombies throughout the game. The mere existence of zombies can make the game scarier.


What are the top scary Roblox games?
The scariest games on Roblox available are:

  1. Dead Silence.
  2. The Apartment.
  3. Alone in a Dark House.
  4. School History.
  5. The Mirror.
Are horror games available on Roblox?
Yes. Roblox allows its players to have fun with some creepy and scary Roblox games. Some of the horror Roblox games have also won awards.
What is the number 1 scariest game on Roblox?
Alone in a Dark House. Many users who have played this game were scared the most when compared to other games.
Is Roses on Roblox horror game?
Roses is a Roblox horror game. The plot is set in a creepy environment and you have to find your friend Max, who was gone missing.
What is Dead Silence game on Roblox?
Dead Silence game on Roblox is a horror game inspired by the 2007 supernatural horror film “Dead Silence”.


So, if you are planning to play some scary Roblox games for fun, then do check out the ones that we have listed here. Pretty sure, you are going to love the games that we have given here. If you liked the scary Roblox games recommendations from this post, then share this post with your friends. For more updated information about games, apps, fixes, etc, visit the TechRulz website.

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