Royal WhatsApp Transparent Android Download V5.60 Official

Add a transparent look to your Whatsapp application by downloading the Royal Whatsapp Transparent apk for Android today. Get the download link, and installation procedure, and also know the features of Royal Whatsapp in this article.

For smartphone users, of course, WhatsApp is one of the must-have applications. This is because WhatsApp is an important medium for daily communication. Because of its frequent use, many users feel bored with its monotonous appearance.

royal whatsapp transparent

Therefore, now many developers are making WhatsApp modification applications. One of the recommended WhatsApp mods is Royal WhatsApp. Well, before you start using this WA mod, here’s a brief review of the Royal WA mod.

What Is Royal WhatsApp?

Royal WhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp application that is considered lighter, more stable, cleaner, and also safer when compared to the original version of WA. Like most other mod applications, this WA mod also offers various interesting features than the original application.

The main feature of this WA mod lies in its appearance which carries a transparent theme. So that the WA you use will look cooler and more characteristic. When compared to other WA mods, this application has an advantage in terms of execution speed which is much lighter.

royal whatsapp download

Not only superior in terms of speed but this application is also relatively light and the file size is quite small. Of course, this will make the Royal Whatsapp application not burden the memory on your cellphone. So it feels very comfortable to use.

Royal Whatsapp is developed by Naeem Ahmed. Naeem Ahmed himself is included as one of the well-known developers. In addition to Royal WA, the developer is also developing other WA mods. One of them is GBWhatsApp Mini.

Features Of Royal WhatsApp

As previously stated, Royal WA is here to complete the original WA application. This is evidenced by several additional features brought by it. For more details, here are some of the features of the WhatsApp mod application.

1. Transparent Theme

The first and most important feature of Royal WA is the transparent theme. You could say that this transparent or see-through theme is one of the most preferred types of themes by WA mod application users.

Therefore, the developer prefers the transparent theme feature on Royal WA. Even activating the transparent theme feature is also not difficult. You just need to go into the settings of this application, then select the transparent theme in the list of available themes.

But make no mistake, even though the transparent theme is the main feature of this WA mod application, you will also find lots of other themes. So when you are tired of the transparent theme, just replace it with another provided theme.

2. Privacy Features

This WhatsApp mod application was created by bringing quite a variety of privacy features. One of them is being able to set who can see when you were last online or open the WhatsApp application.

In addition, you can also set who can see the story or WA status, and also turn off the double tick and blue tick. What’s even cooler is that you can hide the WA call button.

3. File Sharing Feature

This is a feature that serves to share various types of files such as videos, sounds, images, zips, and other files. Now, by using this application, you can share files with a size larger than the original WA, which is up to 256 MB.

Not only that, another advantage is that every video and photo that is shared will not be compressed. So the quality of the file will not decrease when it reaches the recipient. So it can be said that the files are perfectly shareable.

4. WhatsApp Data Backup Feature

Other WA mod applications, usually do not provide a feature to back up history. However, you can use the WA data backup feature with this one application. This is because Royal WA is not a clone application type, so it is not installed in addition to the original WA application.

5. Sending Messages Without Saving Numbers

In the original WA application, you need to save the contact number first so you can send messages, and make voice calls or video calls. Of course, it will feel quite inconvenient, especially if you are in a hurry.

However, if you use this WA mod application, you can directly send messages, and make voice calls and video calls without the need to save the contact number you are going to first. This is an interesting feature for those of you who want to communicate quickly without the need to save contacts.

6. Display Personalization Features

This display personalization feature allows you to change the font type, adjust the display size of your profile photo, change the shape of the bubble or chat box, and much more. So you can pour your creativity into the WA display that is used.

7. Anti-Ban Features

As is well known, unofficial applications or modifications are very vulnerable to getting banned. But don’t worry, because this WA mod application has brought an anti-ban feature. So you don’t have to worry that your WA applications and accounts will be banned or blocked.

Download Royal WhatsApp

After you read and know some of the features of the Royal WA mod above, of course, you can’t wait to use it right away, right? This application is not available on the Google Play Store. However, you can download the application via the link given below.

Name Royal WhatsApp
Version 5.60
Size 21 MB
Link Download

How To Install Royal Whatsapp

Because the Royal WA application is not an official WA application as downloaded via the Google Play Store, the installation method is also different. You need to make a few settings so that the application can be installed. Immediately, here’s how to install it.

  • The first step is that you need to first download the APK file from Royal WA via the link given above.
  • Wait until the APK file download process is completely finished.
  • When finished, do not immediately install the application. You need to delete the original WA application that was installed.
  • The next step is to open the settings menu or settings on the cellphone.
  • After that, scroll down, find and open the Security or Privacy menu.
  • Pay attention to the Unknown Sources option. Tick ​​on the option to enable it and the application can be installed.

fm royal whatsapp

  • If you have, then open the download folder or where you saved the Royal WA APK file that was downloaded earlier.
  • Tap to open the APK file, tap on the next option and install.
  • Wait until the application installation process is complete.
  • When the installation process is complete, you can open the application and register or log in with the account you have.


For now, there are indeed many WhatsApp mod applications that can be found on the internet. But Royal WhatsApp is one of the best WA mod recommendations. This has also been proven by a large number of users of the application. Install it today and start enjoying its features. If you have any questions related to this article, feel free to contact our Techrulz team.

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