OGWhatsApp Mod APK Download (Official) Latest Version

Just like other WhatsApp Mod applications, OGWhatsApp also has cool features that you can’t find on the original WhatsApp. Surely you are not curious about this application? So let’s take a look at the full review below.

OGWhatsApp is one of the WA Mod versions that has a simple appearance and light size. In addition to cool features, there are also those related to privacy and security purposes. With OGWhatsApp you can control who can see your status, chats, profile photos, and more.

ogwhatsapp apk download

This is a modified version of WhatsApp that gives you a lot more features than the original version of WhatsApp like the customization features, privacy and safety, and much more. Read below to know full details about the OGWhatsapp mod apk.

OGWhatsApp Features

Given that WhatsApp is the most popular application today for communicating, OGWhatsApp is also worth considering. Even though it is a modified application from the developer (not official), it also has many features that are no less cool than the original WA version.

ogwhatsapp update

The following below are the features on OGWhatsApp that you can use, such as:

1. Anti Banned

Many users of the WA Mod application must realize that the risk is to have their account blocked or banned. But don’t worry, with the OGWhatsApp application you will be safe from being banned. Because this application is always updated the version is always the latest.

Even the developer also added features related to anti-ban on this application. So you can use it without fear of getting banned. In addition, OG WA also provides a guarantee that it can be used safely and all the embedded features can be used for free.

2. Create A Scheduled Message

Maybe some of you have wanted to send a message at a certain time, but were worried if you forgot about it? Don’t worry, you can solve this problem by using the OGWhatsApp application.

Because this WA Mod has a feature that can create scheduled messages, so you can schedule when orders will be sent automatically according to the time you made earlier.

All you have to do is set the message you want to send, the time it will be sent, and the contact that will be sent automatically. This application will do all that as long as the phone you are using is always connected to the internet.

3. File Sharing

Official WA also has a feature to share files. However, many users are not satisfied because they can only send small files. This is different from OGWhatsApp which is able to share files with a much larger size so that users are more flexible.

If you send photos or videos on official WA, the quality will be reduced. However, this does not apply to the OGWA application. This WA Mod will still maintain the original quality of the file you sent.

Even this application also allows you to send 90 images in one go the video size can reach 1 GB. Remember that on official WA you can only send approximately 10 pictures at a time.

4. App Locker

Privacy is an important thing that you must maintain. It’s the same as the content of the chats in the WA chat application. OGWA also provides a feature in the form of an App Locker. Where the function of this feature is to lock your WA application with a password. So that your privacy will be maintained from the hands of your friends who like to be ignorant or nosy.

5. Download Story

Have you ever been interested in saving photos or videos in WA stories? But out of shame in the end you give up the desire to ask for the photo or video.

So from now on, you don’t need to be confused, especially if you’re already using this OGWhatsApp. Because this application provides advanced features that allow you to download other people’s stories on WA without having to ask for it first.

6. Anti Delete Messages

The next feature that is not in official WA is anti-delete messages. But if you use the OGWA application, this feature is already embedded in it.

If you activate this feature, you can still see the contents of messages that have been deleted by your chat friends.

So that you are no longer curious about the contents of the message which was hastily withdrawn by the sender.

7. Hide Activity Status

When you use WA Original, statuses such as sending voice messages, typing and last seen are very clear.

But it will be a different story if you use OG WhatsApp. With this application, it allows you to hide the activity status as mentioned above.

That way, you can be more flexible when using WA, without reducing your comfort.

8. Customize Appearance

You could say that the original WhatsApp has a simple appearance. Namely, there are only two display themes dark mode and day mode. So if you are bored with both you can not replace it with another.

However, it is different if you use the OGWA application, which provides a variety of displays that you can customize.

In addition to having a large selection of themes, this application also has an eye-catching font size and design, so you don’t get bored easily.

Download OGWhatsApp

From the first time this application was officially released, OG WA has undergone several updates. And you need to know, if the application will not be found on the Google PlayStore, the article is not an official Android application. But don’t be confused, if you want to try using the application, I have provided the download link below.

How To Install OGWhatsApp

Maybe many of you have never used a modified application, one of which is OGWA. So it’s only natural if you don’t understand how to install it.

The reason is slightly different from installing the official application. But don’t worry, because how to install OGWA is very easy. Here are the steps:

  • First, download the OG WA apk file which I have provided the download link above.
  • Then you activate the Install Apps From Unknown Sources mode on your device.
  • Or go to settings, then go to Security and grant installation permission from Unknown Sources.

ogwhatsapp latest version

  • After that, open the file manager, then find the apk file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Please click on the apk file to install. Then the installation process will run automatically.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • After that, you can log in or register a new WA account as usual.
  • Now you can use all the features in this OGWA application for free.


OGWhatsApp is an official WA modification application that has a variety of interesting features and is no less cool than the original WhatsApp. This application is with an anti-ban feature, but it is not impossible if you are suddenly banned from the official WhatsApp. That’s why you have to be careful in using this modified WA. Hope this article was helpful. Visit Techrulz for more information.

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