Novuz APK FF: Features, Advantages, And Application Download Link

Are you looking for the Novuz Apk FF latest version? If yes, then this article is for you. Get the download link for the updated version of the Novuz apk FF in this article.

For those of you who like to play Free Fire games, you must have felt annoyed when you met other players who had download skills or cheaters. If you have experienced it, chances are that the player is using the Novuz APK FF VIP Mod.

novuz apk ff

Novuz apk FF is an application that can be said to be illegal, but it really helps make it easier for FF players to win. To know more about the Novuz FF apk, let’s see the following explanation.

Novuz APK FF Review

Novuz FF is a modified version of the application that can help you cheat when playing Free Fire. This application provides many features that support FF games such as ESP Box, AIM Target, and so on to help players defeat enemies easily.

Because the cheats in the Novuz apk FF are already embedded in it, you no longer need to install additional FF configs. Although very helpful, this modified application still has a number of risks if it is proven to be using an illegal program.

In addition, this application also supports the occurrence of game security system breaches that can harm other players. Players who don’t use cheats will definitely be easier to beat than those who play using cheats or cheats.

Advantages Of Novuz Apk FF Mod

Just like other modified applications, the Novuz FF application also offers several advantages. The following are some of the advantages of the Novuz FF application.

  • Can be installed directly without requiring additional files to be able to use the Novuz FF application so that it is more practical and not complicated when installing the application on your device.
  • Can support all Android devices from low, medium, to high specs.
  • Can be accessed for free without spending a penny.
  • Does not require a password the first time it is used.
  • Provides a variety of the latest features and cheats.
  • Compatible and supports to be installed on mobile phones with small storage space though.
  • Supports to be installed on all devices both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • It is the only application that uses scripts that are very easy and hassle-free.

Novuz FF Application Benefits And Functions

From the explanation of the advantages of the Novuz FF application, you certainly already have an idea of ​​the benefits and functions of this application, right? The main benefit of Novuz APK FF is to get wins easily and quickly.

Another benefit of this application is that there are no additional files that need to be installed, making it more practical and easy. This certainly makes it easier for those of you who have limited capacity mobile devices even with low cellphone specifications.

This application also has a function to make it easier for FF players to win because it is supported by many helpful cheat features. These various kinds of cheats allow players to play cheats, so the chances of winning are also greater.

Novuz Apk FF Mod Features

Just like mod applications in general, Novuz apk FF also offers a variety of interesting features that can be used for free. The following are some of the features contained in the Novuz Free Fire application.


 Novuz APK FF Download

1. Auto Aim

Auto Aim is one of the features in the application that can be used to make it difficult for other players who have been struggling to make war strategies. By activating the Auto Aim feature, you can shoot enemies on target without the need to make a strategy first.

This feature will make it easier for you to give shots that can penetrate the opponent’s defense even if the opponent is hiding behind a building or wall that is far away.

2. Headshot

Headshot is a feature in the form of precise shots to make other players or opponents get killed and lost faster. In order for the enemy to be killed quickly, you can use the best weapon when activating the Headshot feature.

3. Esp Health

Esp Health is a feature that can be used to quickly refill player health. If you are often shot while playing, the blood will decrease and over time the character being played will die.

With the presence of this feature, you can speed up the return of health without having to wait long so that the game becomes more exciting and comfortable.

4. Aimbot

This Aimbot feature helps you to shoot other players in close positions automatically. This feature will help you launch attacks and kill your opponent quickly before they attack.

5. No Recoil

No recoil is a feature that helps you make your shots well-directed and straight without straying anywhere. With the presence of this feature, your chances of victory will be even greater because attacks on opponents are more targeted.

6. Auto Headshot

This feature helps you detect your opponent automatically so that when an opponent is seen and approaching, the weapon will automatically aim at the opponent. The power of the resulting shot also depends on the type of weapon you are using.

The better the weapon you use to attack, the easier it will be to kill your opponent quickly.

7. Aim Scope

Aim Scope is a feature that makes it easy for you to direct a shot to the center of the opponent’s body. This feature can be used when the opponent is in close range.

This feature is also very helpful for you to have full control of the attacks that are carried out so that attacks can be right on target. To maximize the performance of this feature, choosing the right weapon must be done so that the opponent can be defeated quickly.

8. Telekill

Telekill is a feature that supports players to kill opponents from a distance, so the chance of winning is greater.

9. Unlimited Bullets

The unlimited bullet feature allows players to get more bullets, and faster. That way, you can carry out attacks using shots without fear of running out of bullets.

10. Wallhacks

Wallhack is a feature that can be used to see the hiding of opposing players, either behind walls or buildings in the game. This feature will really help you to do reconnaissance and see opposing players even from a distance.

11. High Damage

High damage is a feature that you can use to increase attack damage. The greater the attack damage, the greater your chance to defeat the enemy quickly.

12. Speed ​​Run

As the name implies, this one feature allows players to run at high speed to approach the enemy. With the presence of this feature, your chances of winning are higher because it makes it easier to outwit the enemy and makes it difficult for your opponent to kill your character. This feature also helps you avoid enemy attacks and can enter the safe zone to take cover quickly.

Novuz Free Fire Application Download Link

For those of you who have just entered the world of the Free Fire game and are interested in using a cheat application, downloading the Novuz Apk FF is the right choice. Even so, you will find it quite difficult to find this application on the Play Store or App Store because of the prohibition from the developer.

Even so, you don’t need to worry if you want to download this one application because many third parties provide download links. The following is the download link for the safe Novuz Free Fire application.

Download Link

Click here to download Novuz Apk FF

How To Install The Novuz FF Application And How To Use It

After the download is successful, you must first install the Novuz FF application on your smartphone device before use. The following are the steps to install the Novuz Free Fire application.

  • The first step after you have successfully downloaded the Novuz FF application is to extract the Novuz FF application file.
  • After the downloaded file has been successfully extracted, you can open the File Manager menu option on your cellphone and then enter the Android Directory menu options section.
  • Select Data, then look for a folder with the name “dts.freefireth”.
  • Rename the file to “com.dts.freefire0”, then return to the beginning of the File Manager.
  • Go to the Directory folder section, then select the folder named Android and click the OBB option.
  • After that, you can find a folder with the name “com.dts.freefireth”, then change the folder name to “com.dts.freefireth0”.
  • Don’t forget to delete the original version of the Free Fire application that you have used before.
  • Click install the Novuz FF apk that has been successfully downloaded, then wait until the installation process is complete and change the name of the folder that has been changed to the initial name or the original folder name.
  • The Novus FF app is ready to go.

After successfully installing the Novuz application, the next step is to understand how to use the application.

How To Use Novuz Apk FF

How to use the Novuz apk FF is also very easy, as follows.

  • Make sure that the Novuz FF application has been successfully installed on your phone and try running it by logging into the application.
  • If the initial application screen appears, select the Hack Team option to activate the cheats available in the Novuz FF application.
  • Select the cheat you want to use according to your wishes and tastes.
  • After selecting the cheat, the phone will automatically open the Free Fire game application that has been installed and try to play the game. Due to the large selection of cheats, you can try them one by one.

Is The Novuz Apk FF Free Fire Application Safe To Use?

As a cheater application, Novus APK FF is quite a dangerous application. If you are caught by the official developer using this cheat application, then you must be prepared to accept the risk of being banned for a while or banned forever.

Using Novuz apk FF can make your Free Fire account permanently blocked. However, if you still want to try this one cheat application, you are advised to use a new account as a backup so you don’t regret it when you get banned.

Because after knowing and using cheats on Novuz apk FF such as Auto Headshot, Auto Aim, and other cheats, the problem you might face is a banned account.

Compared to using a cheater application that endangers your FF account, it is better for you to try the Free Fire push rank strategy. That way, your skills and abilities in playing FF will be more honed and get lots of kills without the need for cheats.


That was all about the Novuz apk FF. You can use the explanation about Novuz APK FF above as a reference and consideration before deciding to download it. Although it is quite risky, you can try this one cheat application to enjoy the fun of playing games with complete cheat features. We hope this article was useful. For more related posts, visit Techrulz.

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