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As the Corona Pandemic Strikes the world, everyone is stuck at their home practicing social distancing. As everyone is Habituated to hanging out, watching movies with friends. At this time we miss the group activities that we had before this. Now, the Netflix party is also known as the Teleparty.

In this Pandemic, Netflix introduced a Netflix party, a way where you can watch Netflix together with your loved ones online. If you don’t know this is? Do you want to know how? Netflix Party is a Chrome extension, that allows you to chat, and watch movies with your friends online at the same time.

Netflix Party

What do you need to do this? You just need to login and share the viewing link with your friends. A chat room will pop up on the right-hand side, once your chosen show plays out in the bulk of the screen. But before you go for it, remember that this is only available on chrome and it only works on computers, desktops, and laptops as it supports the google chrome extension.

How To Use Netflix Party

As you are bored on the Corona Pandemic and unable to meet friends, a Netflix party was introduced, to have fun and joy with your friends by watching the movies and shows on Netflix together online. Here is the step-by-step guide for you. But remember that you can’t watch Netflix on your Mobile devices as it can’t add to the google chrome extension.

1. What You Need For Netflix Party

For a Netflix party what you need is a Netflix subscription. Netflix party doesn’t cost anything if you have a Netflix subscription.  To join the Netflix party, every member should have a subscription. This means all your friends need to have a Netflix subscription.

This extension is available for the google browser. All you need to have is Google chrome because it works on the devices that have google chrome. Thus you can watch the Netflix party on Windows, Mac, and laptops without any problems.

Whereas you cannot have a Netflix party on your phone, it can’t add an extension to google chrome on the Android mobile. However, if you have the Smart TV, with Google chrome. If it supports the Google extension, then you can watch Netflix party on TV and enjoy it.

2. Can You Use The Netflix Party On The Same Account?

Yes, two people can share an account, and enjoy watching the Netflix party together. However, you can watch the Netflix party on multiple devices with a single account.  But you need to have a subscription that allows you to use it on multiple devices or screens. if you have a single-screen subscription it won’t work.

3. Is There Any Way To Use Netflix Party On TV

If you want to watch the Netflix party on the big screen of your TV. You should screen sharing or a similar method from your PC directly onto the TV. It will enable your PC screen to work with your TV. Connecting your laptop or PC via HDMI to the TV will also work. These two are the common methods that are used to connect to your TV to watch Netflix on the bigger Screen.

How To Install The Netflix Party

To use the Netflix party. first, you need to install the Netflix party. To do that follow the below steps.

  • Visit, to install the Netflix Party.
  • After visiting the site, click on the “Get Netflix Party for Free” or install Netflix Party.
  • It will redirects you to the chrome web store. Click on add to chrome to finish the final installation of the Netflix Party.

1. Open The Video On Netflix

  • Open the New Tab, enter the required credentials to login into your Netflix account.
  • Now, you choose the show that you would watch.

 2. Create Your Party

  • Click on the red NP icon, located next to the address bar, to create your Netflix Party.
  • After creating the party, click on the “Start Party” to get ready for the party.

How to Use Netflix Party

  • Share the party URL to the people with whom you would like to watch, and have a party.
  • Users can join the party by simply clicking on the link.

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3. How To Join The Netflix Party

  • You can join the party, by simply clicking on the party URL.
  • It redirects you to the Netflix page.
  • Click on the NP Button next to the address bar, and it let you join the party automatically.

You need to choose the one person who has the control can forward, pause, resume, play. It allows the joining of over 1,000,000 people.  You can link up your Long-distance friends to join the Netflix party and enjoy watching the movie nights and parties.

What Communication Options Are Available?

Currently, you can only chat and share reaction emojis. There is no availability of the Voice and Video Call feature. It still convenient, you can chat even the watching the video is on. Thus, you can get real-time reactions from your friends.

If the Video is paused by the hosts, even it is paused by everyone as your watching the movie together. Additionally, the Videos will be synced.  But you’re unable to view your friend’s physical appearance. But Netflix has done a Commendable job.

The Chats On Netflix Are Recorded?

No, Netflix party doesn’t have that feature. Netflix doesn’t store the data and uses it in any manner. So, you don’t need money. Thus, you can use the chat without any worry. However, you need to be cautious. As it is a google chrome extension, a third-party app on chrome.


By install and Adding the Netflix Party to chrome, you can enjoy watching the movies, shows with beloved persons and feel that as you’re on weekend. Hope this article will be helpful if you don’t know how to install &  use Netflix. The above guide describes in an easy and detailed way that you can easily understand. If you still have any doubts regarding this, text us in the comment section. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more updates.

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