Most Popular Cybersecurity Solutions Explained

Along with the advantages of remote working, its increasing prevalence in the business world carries companies to the top. The remote working system, which provides practical benefits to business owners and employees in many ways, also brings many difficulties. It can be said that one of these difficulties is ensuring cybersecurity.

To protect against cyber attacks and to ensure cybersecurity, companies resort to many solutions, tools, and services. The ever-growing cybersecurity market plays a major role in tackling malicious activities continuously increasing. According to research by NMSC, the global cyber security industry was estimated to be worth 163.53 billion USD in 2019. The market is anticipated to be worth 430.46 billion dollars by 2030.

Popular Cybersecurity Solutions

Although there are many cyber security solutions that are gaining popularity today, it is an essential step to take care in choosing the most effective and reliable ones. Implementing a Zero Trust architecture and adopting the SASE structure is one of these security solutions that can be quite effective approaches for businesses. This article, in which we explain these and other most popular cyber security solutions, will guide you through this process.

What Is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is a strong security solution that is one of the most important parts of remote access. Unlike traditional network security approaches, Zero Trust has a rigid structure that does not allow anything or anyone to access the network until they authenticate themselves. As an adaptive security strategy that leverages modern technology, Zero Trust has the power to stop lateral movement within the corporate network.

In such cases, you may need Zero Trust’s granular protection and extensive insight to defend your digital work environments against cyberattacks. Zero Trust acts with an IT security approach that removes implicit trust from the entire computing infrastructure. In order to grant access to a company’s IT resources, trust levels are openly and regularly evaluated and adjusted. Based on truly zero implicit trust, this system is designed to address the shortcomings of legacy networks based on the principle of “trust none, verify all”.

Why Is Zero Trust Important For Businesses?

Zero Trust security strategy is not always right to give unlimited access to corporate resources. It works to give access when necessary and to the necessary people. Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) are the basis for these access decisions, and they ensure that users only have the access and permissions required to carry out their job tasks successfully. 

Thanks to its strictness and policies in granting access, it has many benefits for businesses. This security strategy, which can have a positive influence on businesses, can reduce the impact on a business’s credibility and business bottom line in the event of a breach.

Why Is Zero Trust Important For Businesses

With Zero Trust, you can strengthen visibility across a network, set permissions for specific resources, gain more control over building teams based on the resources they need, group user access permissions, and much more. For reasons like these, Zero Trust is one of the most important security approaches for a business to take.

What Is Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)?

Another of the most important security solutions, SASE is at least as strong as Zero Trust. SASE is an approach to providing security to a distributed workforce that strives to protect users, resources, and business data on the enterprise network. The fully cloud-based SASE security solution works by combining a number of network security functions. 

SASE achieves this combination to ensure continuous monitoring of risk and trust levels, recognize sensitive data or malware, and have the ability to quickly decrypt data. As an impactful security strategy, it combines user-centric authentication, access management, software-defined edge networking, and seamless cloud connection to take the security of your company to a new level. 

What Is Secure Access Service Edge

SASE operates by providing SD-WAN technology and security as a cloud service directly to the connection source rather than connecting to the corporate data center. It also complies with security guidelines quite well. It offers connections for real-time authentication regardless of device, application, IoT system, or person regardless of the location of an application or data source.

Why Is SASE Important For Businesses?

For businesses that must deal with multiple performances, scaling, and maintenance issues, the future lies in the combination of SD-WAN capabilities with cloud network security tasks. SASE, whose importance and benefits for businesses are more than you can imagine, with its core capabilities, offers benefits that make it appealing for businesses moving to cloud architecture.

SASE offers a variety of advantages, however, its main strength is in the creation of a comprehensive platform that gives enterprises total security through protected visibility, data protection, and improved end-to-end security for all devices inside and beyond the network perimeter. These benefits are crucial for safeguarding the general security and network security of businesses.

However, it may seem difficult and complicated to adopt a comprehensive security solution like SASE, preparing a good action plan within the steps of researching, determining a roadmap, and obtaining the right solutions for this process and sticking to it will ensure your success.


Today, as companies switch to remote and hybrid working models, they access company resources and data with remote connections. Unfortunately, the biggest problem in remote access arises at this point. The fact that resources and data are not physically protected can put them at risk in some cases. Even if it is not physically protected, keeping, storing, and moving this data securely in systems is necessary for company reliability and enterprise network security.

One of the most effective efforts to ensure overall network security is to obtain a good cybersecurity solution. Among these solutions, we have explained the most popular and most effective ones above. With security solutions like SASE and Zero Trust, the process of achieving overall business success is one step easier for you. The importance you give to your customers, employees and most importantly your business is directly proportional to how safe you keep them. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more informative guides.

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