Download KineMaster Diamond Apk Latest Version 5.2.9 (No Watermark)

KineMaster is the best video editing app for Android. Unfortunately, the regular (free) edition of this application limits the use of features and includes a watermark on the video editing results.

Luckily, there is KineMaster Diamond that you can rely on for unlimited free video editing. This Diamond Edition of KineMaster provides all features (Premium) and is free to use.

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But, how to install this application without paying any fee? Well, it is possible. It is not difficult and you can do it without having to meet any requirements.

What Is KineMaster Diamond?

KineMaster Diamond edition is a modified version of the original KineMaster. These modifications were made to make this most popular video editing application appear and work even better. The Diamond Edition also comes with features that you can’t find in the regular (free) edition.

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All premium features are unlocked and you can use them for free and without limits. No wonder, if the Diamond edition of KineMaster is the edition that is most sought after by anyone who really likes to do video editing on Android devices.

KineMaster Original Vs KineMaster Diamond Comparison

What is the difference between the original (regular) edition of KineMaster and KineMaster Diamond 2021? A comparison is needed to make you understand further the differences between the two KineMaster editions. Through this comparison, you can see if the Diamond edition is indeed better than the original.

The following is a comparison table between the original KineMaster and the Diamond edition of KineMaster.

Original KineMaster KineMaster Diamond
There are various types of ads Completely ad-free
The types of fonts provided are limited All types of fonts can be used
Chroma Key feature is not available The Chroma Key feature is active and can be used
Some tools, such as filters and layers cannot be used You can use all the available tools freely
All Premium features are totally locked All Premium features are unlocked and free
Watermark always appears 100% watermark-free
Does not support 0.1-second video cutting Support 0.1-second video cutting

KineMaster Diamond Features 

KineMaster Diamond 2021 It has all the features available in the regular and paid (Premium) editions of KineMaster. By using this application, it means that you can enjoy all the features of this application developed by KineMaster Corporation.

To be clear, here are the features that you can find in the Diamond edition of KineMaster.

  • No watermark at all.
  • There are multiple layers in the video.
  • Supports all video formats.
  • Provides 3D transition effects.
  • All Premium features can be accessed through this application.
  • Various themes available
  • Sharing to various social media can be done directly from the application.
  • Easy to use and light to operate.

After you know the features of this application, it’s time for you to know the advantages of this application.

1. No Watermark

The Diamond edition of KineMaster doesn’t include a watermark at all and that’s great for anyone looking to use a video editing app. Seems trivial, but very meaningful.

2. Record Live Video

No need to switch apps to record videos. This app provides a video recording feature. This allows you to quickly record and edit videos right away.

3. No Ads

Besides being unsightly, ads that appear at the wrong time will greatly affect your experience in using video editing applications. The Diamond Edition is completely ad-free.

4. Attractive And Visually Indulging Theme

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Editing videos with visuals and display settings that match your preferences can increase productivity many times over. You can find a variety of interesting themes here.

5. Quick Export And Direct Share To Social Media

Export speed is affected by quality (resolution, duration, etc.), but compared to other apps, the export speed here is better. You can also directly share videos to various social media from the application.

6. All Premium Features Unlock

All the features that you can only enjoy by subscribing in advance can now be enjoyed without any requirements. This app also supports the editing of all video formats.

How To Download And Install KineMaster Diamond V5.2.9

The latest version of KineMaster Diamond is version 5.2.9. It is recommended that you download and use this version. This latest version of KineMaster has improved performance and fixed errors that appeared in the previous version. Diamond version 5.2.9 will be released soon.

Download Kinemaster Diamond

The size of this Kinemaster app is 93 MB. Small in size and light in weight to use. KineMaster v5.2.9 is free to download and use without any limitations. For those of you who can’t wait to use this application, just click on the download link and get this app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About KineMaster Diamond

If you still have questions about this application, it’s a good idea to listen to the answers to common questions that are very often asked before deciding to download this application. The following are common questions and their answers.

Is This Application Safe To Use Or Not?

KineMaster is safe to use and does not harm your cell phone at all. There are also no reports of applications that make HP performance so heavy. There is nothing suspicious in this application.

This App Is Paid Or Not?

KineMaster Diamond is completely free and there is no trial scheme, subscription, etc. There are no feature limitations in this application. This means that you can use all the Premium features in this application.

Can This Application Be Used On IOS Devices Or Not?

This application is only released and developed for the Android operating system. So, this application cannot be used on devices with the iOS operating system (any version). It’s a pity indeed.

Does This App Require Root Access Or Not?

Kinemaster Diamond edition does not require root access to be installed on your cellphone.

Does This Application Require High Specifications Or Not?

Absolutely not, this KineMaster can be used on HP with low to medium specifications.

Can This Application Be Used To Edit Photos Or Not?

Photo editing can be done in this application. The results of the editing will be made in video format. KineMaster is not the ideal application for photo editing. Use another app if you want to edit photos.


We hope this article was helpful to know about the features of Kinemaster Diamond and also to download and install this apk on your devices. Get the KineMaster Diamond apk on your smartphone and start editing your favorite videos now. Keep visiting Techrulz if you want to get more updates about this app.

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