Is Advanced SystemCare Safe For Your PC? How Good is it?

Many of you all doubt that, Is advanced SystemCare safe? Yes, advanced SystemCare is safe. Indeed it improves your system performance. Moreover, it carries some utility tools within it. It also improves your  PC optimization, if you install its modules. Using different methods, Advanced SystemCare is a PC utility program that improves PC performance.

The primary goal of advanced Systemcare is to remove all the unnecessary files or junk files on your system. Moreover, it helps to rectify the windows error from the system to prevent crashes. It makes your system perform smoothly, faster, and even more reliable.

is advanced systemcare safe

Advanced Systemcare takes the essential care of your system to make your system works smoothly, efficiently, and more reliable. However, the PC optimization of the advanced Systemcare is not welcomed widely. Some users have their own opinions and suggest it as useless, which arises doubts in some users Is advanced Systemcare Safe.

Is Advanced Systemcare 10 Safe?

Advanced Systemcare is a great all-in-one PC utility that can scan, repair and optimize many aspects of your system. It aims to remedy the junk files and unwanted files that ails your computer but by giving your computer a boost to optimize your PC experience.

is advanced systemcare 10 safe

In this article, we will come to know if the Is Advanced Systemcare 10 Safe or not. Let us know what benefits does it serve and everything important about the Optimisation tool.

What is IObit Advanced Systemcare?

IObit Advanced Systemcare is the Product of the IObit software company. Since 2006, it has been available in the market and around 250 million users are using this product. As we discussed above the Advance Systemcare is a Pc utility program that improves the performance of the system. It is a free solid tool that is used for scanning and repairing issues of your computer.

advanced systemcare ultimate

System tune-up is the best part of the IObit Advanced Systemcare Ultimate with porous ransomware protection and fair to poor test scores. It also offers real-time optimization, a deeper windows cleaner, and several additional tools. In short IObit Advanced Systemcare is an effective optimization program which available both in paid and free versions. The free versions lack some features compare to the pro features.

Key features and Highlight of the Tools

Along with the basic optimization and cleanup features, it also comes with a long list of additional tools. Here are the key features and the Highlight of the tools that makes it more popular.

advanced systemcare review

  • Dusk cleaner feature to remove the junk files and unnecessary files.
  • System report-making tool.
  • A disk Optimusaiton engine improves the disk and performance.
  • It has a registry cleaner to repair the defective and corrupted Windows registry.
  • It consists of IObit deleted feature that supports the file recovery from as well as the external storage.
  • To prevent hijacking the homepage advisor detects the homepage and search engine changes.
  • The system weakness can diagnose and repair with the help of the Security Reinforce feature.
  • Internet booster will help you to improve your internet connection speed.

These are some of the features of IObit Advanced Systemcare, whereas the pro version consists of more features and tools that are lacked by the free version.

Is IObit Advanced Systemcare is safe for your computer

Yes, advanced SystemCare is completely safe for your computer. There are no threats that are posed by this tool, it is just a PC optimization and clean-up tool for your computer. In fact, it helps your computer to stay safe and secure and improves the performance of your computer.

These tools are involved in cleaning up the files and don’t harm or steal personal data and sensitive settings. There are no problems that you would face with it.

advanced systemcare review reddit

It is a Legit PC Optimiser. The advanced PC optimizer has won several awards and also has an average rating of 4 stars. The one and the only problem with the Advance SystemCare is that it may have the adware with a free version. Sometimes, the adware may install unwanted programs on the PC.

Is the Advance SystemCare a Malware or Virus?

No, Advance SystemCare is not Malware, viruses, or threat. It is an optimization tool that helps you to improve your system. However, some of the anti-virus programs, like Anti-Malware, report it as a Potentially unwanted program. This is because Many anti-malware programs get tougher on the PUPs. As it Functions it performs can be performed manually as well, they find the Advance SystemCare as the unwanted tool for your PC.

advanced systemcare review 2020

By ignoring this report, you can still go with this tool. It is always safe and doesn’t harm your computer. But, be careful of some of the malware which resembles the Advanced SystemCare, as they may harm your computer.

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Is advanced Systemcare needed for your Computer?

It is not much necessary to install the Advanced SystemCare for your computer. But Advance SystemCare is the best option to optimize your computer and make it junk-free. In a simple click, it performs the important optimization and cleanup methods. YOu can perform those actions by going to the File Explorer, Device Manager, and built-in Utilities. For example, you can clear your browser history and cache within the browser.

advanced systemcare pro review

YOu don’t need any third-party tool to optimize the tool, of you know well about your PC. This even saves some space and protects your system from Adware.

What People Think About it

As we have gone through many websites and e-commerce sites to have an overall review about what people think about it. We observed that the one who used the original Advance SystemCare, reported it as the best tool for optimization, clearing the junk which os afford less and stunning.

advanced systemcare pro review

But few reported that it is not so good tool, the system performs very slow and it hard to remove it, We also suggest that it is the best tool to use for best performance of your computer.


As we may be worried if the Advance SystemCare is safe, and did it contains any virus. From an advanced SystemCare review, we concluded that is a safe tool and can be used for the optimization of the computer. It makes your system work smoothly and fast. Hope this article gave you the information that you need. I Hope finds it helpful. Feel free to comment on us and stay tuned to Basictricks for more updates.

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