How To Increase The Number Of Instagram Followers In 2022

Instagram is an ideal platform for promoting a business or personal account. Despite the fact that it already has almost 2 billion active users, the issue of profile promotion remains relevant for many people.

Many questions like How to gain subs, how to keep your audience, how to increase reach, how to monetize your account, and how to properly manage it? are the many important things in Instagram promotion.


So in this guide, We will show you the best ways to increase your Instagram followers using a few tips and some methods. You need to make sure to follow all those tips to increase your followers. Let’s jump in.

Increase Instagram Followers In 2022

We will not say the well-known things that it is important to fill out the bio correctly, choose an avatar, and use hashtags, but we will immediately move on to specific facts which help to increase the followers right away.

Interact With The Subs Of Your Competitors’ Accounts

Find several accounts with blog topics similar to yours and be active with their audience — like, comment, subscribe to them, and so on. Since users are already interested in this area, they may be interested in your blog.

Increase Instagram Followers

Organize Various Contests And Giveaways For Your Audience

The terms of the contest may include comments, likes, and stories mentioning your profile or a friend’s mark. This way you will greatly boost the activity of your profile, and as you know, the better the statistics, the more likely it is that IG will recommend your publications to other users.

Promote Your Profile On Other Social Media And In Real Life

If you have your own youtube channel, Twitter, or profile on another social network, invite other users to subscribe to your IG profile. And you can also place your nickname or QR code on various brochures and other printed advertising publications.

Follow The Trends

Reels, hashtags, challenges — all this is constantly undergoing changes. If you are in the trend, then the chance that new users will find out about you is very high. This works especially effectively with regard to reels.

Follow the trends

Use The Secrets Of Popular Bloggers

Now no one hides that they are fully using the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers. After all, they increase activity on the page, inspire confidence and give a very good impetus to the development of the profile. This way of promotion works very fruitfully — the more viewers you have, the more likely it is that new users will also want to subscribe.

Stream More

You can answer subs’ questions, share news, show your expertise or collaborate with other bloggers. All this increases the loyalty of the audience and gives you the opportunity to advertise or sell your services and get new subs.

Create Masks

Ideally, it may contain a mention of your brand or something that will be associated with your page. If the mask goes viral and a large number of people use it, a lot of new people will find out about your brand.

Order Advertising From Bloggers

Bloggers are opinion leaders and have an audience that trusts them. Before you start cooperation, pay attention to the statistics of the blogger’s account, its target audience, and the style of presentation of information. It is best to find a blogger for long-term cooperation.

So these are the best ways to increase your Instagram followers in a quick time. All these methods work and you can see the best results instantly.


As you can see, promoting an Insta account is a large complex of various actions that require time, perseverance, and a little creativity. It may not be easy at the beginning, but over time you will be able to delegate some of these responsibilities to other people. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more informative Guides.

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