How To See Deleted Tweets on Twitter? 3 Easy Ways Explained

How To See Deleted Tweets on Twitter? Twitter Keeps all the tweets archived, even for the deleted ones. But for the privacy and security of the users, Twitter makes it available for the original one who has twitted it and can also access it. They can easily request for the archive and can view the deleted Tweets. You never find the tweets, of others who deleted them.

As well know the Twitter is one of the most famous social media App, with millions of users using it around the world. The famous social media platform, where you find the number of tweets, where the users share their daily routine. We also see the number of newcomers, this shows that there is a number of users added to Twitter every day.

how to see deleted tweets

Many of the people on Twitter would like to see the deleted tweets, but you need to use some third-party software or apps or tools and perform some of the innovative methods to view the deleted tweets. Let us start with a brief, to recover the deleted tweets, you might also wonder, which kind of tweets are searched and viewed when they are deleted by you and by someone else. Now we will show you few simple methods to see the deleted tweets.

How to See Deleted Tweets On Twitter?

Read this tutorial to find the tweets that you have accidentally deleted, for personal reasons or might be any other reason. There is actually a couple of ways to retrieve the deleted tweets from your own account. This can be done either by the native Twitter app or by any other third-party app. Now see how to see deleted tweets on Twitter step by step.

But using the third-party app or software mighty be Risky, where you are giving access to it to retrieve sensitive data. But it’s not to worry about the trusted third-party software or app that might know, about stealing your sensitive data or login info. Follow the below guidelines to retrieve the deleted tweets on Twitter.

1. Use Twitter Native Advance Search

If you would like to see the deleted tweets, use the native Twitter app for retrieving the basic info. Which is the safest for security and privacy. Use the Twitter Native Advanced Search to view the deleted tweets on your Twitter account.

  • Head to the Twitter Advanced Search Page.
  • Navigate to the People.
  • Under the “From these accounts“, enter your user name without the “@ symbol“.
  • Input your start and the end data search parameters, under the Dates.
  • Click search, Twitter will display all the tweets from your chosen date.

how to see tweets from a deleted account

Alternatively, under the “Words” subheading, you can also search for the tweet keywords. Under the words, you will find the following options,

  • All of these words (these will only display the tweets that match your search parameter).
  • This Exact Phrase (Will only display the tweets that exactly match the words or word placement of your search).
  • Any of these words (Will only display the tweets the should have at least one of the words).

This search has certain limitations, if you’re the one where you would not like to share your personal info to the third-party software, then using the Twitter native advance search is best to find the deleted tweets.

2. Request for a Copy Of  Your Twitter Archive

This is another method of completely viewing the deleted tweets, you have posted since the dawn of your account. Having an updated hard copy of your social media accounts is the responsible thing to do before you would like to just find and recollecting or recovering the depleted tweets on your account.

How to request and retrieve a copy of your Twitter account,

  • In the Twitter account, navigate to the “Account Settings“.
  • Head to “Content“.
  • From there, you find “Request your Achieve“, Depending on the volume of data your Twitter account needs to compile and your requested copy will arrive within minutes, hours, or even days.

  • If your requested archive data is ready and Twitter will send a notification, that leads you back to your Twitter account.
  • Now, click on the “Download Archive”  button.

Before doing this process make sure that, your email address is updated and verified by the Twitter account. Twitter usually sends the downloadable files to your email as a backup. When you request a copy of your Twitter Archive, it will be sent in the form of a “.zip” file contains the index.html file that allows the user to browse the archive files from your web browser and the “.csv” files to open your favorite spreadsheet.

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3. Find the Tweets Using the Wayback Machine

If the above two guidelines don’t show all your deleted files, and there are a lot of data to compile. But Twitter doesn’t have the data to retrieve that you need. Even if you are downloaded the Archived files using the Twitter Native Advance Search, but didn’t found the tweet that you need.

But, you can try this technique “Wayback Machine” to retrieve or download the archive deleted tweets on your account, this is another thing to do. Which is founded by the “non-profit organization internet archive”. The Wayback Machine is a digital achiever that checks the internet and takes screenshots of certain pages.

how to see deleted tweets on twitter

Wayback Machine, takes the random screenshots at random times and you have to notice that the screenshots, cannot access the full tweets, but you can see the deleted tweet from the deleted account. but no reassurances. Follow the given steps to do so.

  • Access the “Wayback Machine”  and type the entire URL of the Twitter page, that you want to view. Input this onto the search bar and click “Browse History”.
  • If the Wayback Machine visited the page before, it gives you the screenshot of that page, which is organized by day or year.
  • By choosing the year and day of the deleted tweet, you can try to find it out.

Make yourself notify that the Wayback Machine will only take the screenshots. So, you would never scroll the page normally and constantly, you won’t take screenshots. You won’t find the deleted files if it deleted before the archives are crawled. The Wayback Machine will only take the screenshots and it’s randomly at its best, but it may not give the results that you are looking for.


Twitter will never the one to how to see deleted tweets or the other deleted tweets, but it can allow viewing their own deleted tweets that are archived, as it is let the own user archive the tweets if their. As it is concern about the user privacy and security of their sensitive data. Hope this article will give you the information that you needed. If you have any more doubts regarding this text us in the comment section. Stay tuned to Techrulz for more informative articles.

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