How to Cancel Hulu Subscription – Step by Step Guide

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription? And what is Hulu? This is the American Subscription video that meant on-demand service. It is totally controlled and owned by the Walt Disney Comoany Inc respectively. Well, you can cancel the Hulu Subscription anytime and can undergo a new subscription without any fail.

But to make this happen, you need to move the account page first and do select the option called to cancel. The only thing you have to do is following the entire on-screen instructions without any fail. Once done, you will be able to receive the confirmation email. Even though you have canceled the subscription, you can access Hulu until the end of the current billing cycle respectively.

how to cancel hulu subscription

But what if you are accessing Hulu from third-party apps like Amazon and any other? Not a problem. Let us go into the details more clear so that we can successfully cancel the Hulu subscription easily and fastly too without facing even a single bug.

How to Cancel Hulu Subscription Through Third-Party Apps

Well, till now we have learned how to cancel Hulu subscription when done through it. But now when we do access through third-party apps? WE are going to learn now and the lists of third-party apps are however mentioned below.

  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Roku
  • Xfinity
  • Disney+
  • Spotify

Well, let’s go into each third-party app and learn how exactly to cancel the subscription without facing even a single issue.

1. Amazon

Are you subscribed to Hulu through Amazon? Then you are allowed to cancel a subscription through the one and only third-party app so-called Amazon. So, are you ready to learn the simple steps to help us with canceling the Hulu subscription? If your answer is yes, why delay, here we go.

cancel amazon prime video

  • The very first, you’re allowed to visit the subscription page.
  • Now do select the option called Actions available on the right upper side of the screen.
  • Tap on the option called auto-renewal option available from the drop-down menu lists.
  • Confirm again so that your auto-renewal option is got canceled successfully.

This way you can simply and easily cancel the subscription very well without facing even a single issue. That means in a very short time you are going to receive the confirmation email saying the subscription has canceled successfully. As a result, the Amazon account is not going to charge any on Hulu respectively.

2. iTunes

Well, if you have subscribed to Hulu at iTunes, go and follow the below simple steps mentioned in the form of bullet points. So, are you ready? Here we go.

Cancel Hulu Subscription using itunes

  • Well, if you have observed, within iTunes, you are going to locate or identify the option called to account. go and tap on it.
  • Just below the account section, you will able to locate another option called to Manage available next to the work called subscriptions. That means you are allowed to click or tap on it straightforwardly.
  • Thereafter the auto-renewal section will identify Hulu. And then tap on the off button.
  • Finally, click done so that it gets updated successfully.

In a very short, you will able to receive the confirmation email saying the subscription has successfully canceled.

3. Roku

While getting back toward’s Roku, just follow the below simple steps without making second thought. So, now here we go to cancel Hulu subscription!!!


  • Just straightforwardly, visit the account page initially.
  • And just below the subscription section, there is an option called the cancel button. do tap on it. And follow the on-screen prompts without any fail.
  • Finally, tap on the confirmation. That’s all!!

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4. Xfinity

Now when you come back to another third-party app so-called Xfinity, you have an opportunity of canceling the subscription anytime on moving to the section called apps and subscriptions area respectively. To do so, go and follow the below simple path.

  • Initially, you are requested to move to the option called settings available in the form of menu lists.
  • Now, you are allowed to say or provide the voice message saying manage Hulu by taking the help of its Xfinity voice remote respectively.
  • And in a very short time, you are going to get the confirmation mail and that’s displaying the Hulu subscription is canceled successfully.

5. Disney+

Are you a Disney+ subscriber and looking forward to canceling it? If the answer is yes, go through the below steps.

Well do remember, when you get subscribe with Disney+ separately can cancel it just by accessing the Disney+ account page.

Cancel Hulu Subscription using disney

But when you are a subscriber of Hulu and likely to cancel the Disney+, still you continue paying for the Hulu subscription. But if you like to cancel Hulu, then simply try to access the Hulu account page. This time, automatically disney+ also gets canceled as you are canceling Hulu.

6. Spotify

Hulu subscription can be canceled any time just by accessing the Spotify account page and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel Hulu subscription anytime.

Cancel Hulu Subscription using Spotify

These are certain third-party apps where you can easily cancel the subscription.


Hopefully, the details or information shared here were clear and understandable. If any doubts, you are allowed to share with us without any fail. I am going to help you. Also, like and share these details so that might help somebody else who is searching for the same. For more updates or new tutorials, you can keep in touch with techrulz anytime without any fail.

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