Fouad WhatsApp Mod Apk Latest Download 2022 Anti Ban Version

For modified WhatsApp users, surely you are already familiar with the name Fouad WhatsApp, right? This WA Mod application is the main focus of Fouad Mods Official in developing the WA redesign application.

No wonder, the quality of this mod version of WhatsApp is always good. It is proven that this application has advantages in terms of features. Because many people are interested in using WhatsApp.

fouad whatsapp

So, if you are curious about Fouad Whatsapp mod apk, let’s see the full review below. Get the download link for this apk and also know the installation procedure.

Fouad Whatsapp Overview & Features

As mentioned above, this Fouad WhatsApp application has a myriad of interesting and cool features that don’t even exist on the official WhatsApp. So, instead of being curious about what its features are, it’s better to immediately see the explanation.

1. Security Features

For those of you who are the type of person who doesn’t like their chat or chat being seen by other people. Then using the official WhatsApp is not the solution. But if you use the WA Mod application, this is certainly right.

Because this application provides security features. With this feature, you can lock the chat, so it is not seen or read by others. Or rather, you can be more flexible in chatting with someone without worrying about being peeked at by other people or friends who like to be naughty and irresponsible.

2. Set Home Screen Wallpaper And Change Appearance

The next feature that you can’t find on the official WA application is that you can set the main screen wallpaper and change the appearance. By using the application, you can use both of these features.

Even the number of themes contained in the application there is a lot of around 100. Not only that, but this application also provides several types of emojis and stickers that you can add to your chats.

3. Anti Delete Messages

If you ask how to view deleted Whatsapp messages? Then the answer is in Fouad WhatsApp MODS. Because this application provides an interesting feature, namely anti-delete messages.

That way, you can still see the message even if it was deleted by the sender. No wonder many people are starting to use this application.

4. Online Status Feature

The next feature that many WhatsApp users want is the online status feature. With this feature, its use can hide online status from WA contacts. And vice versa, where users can activate this feature to look online even though WhatsApp is offline.

5. Hide While Typing

Although the status of being typed is actually a very trivial thing, many people want to be able to set it so that it is not visible. If it’s on official WA, it’s been confirmed that you can’t set it. But it’s different if you use this Fouad WhatsApp Mod.

Where this application already provides a feature to hide typing. So you can set it up. So even if you’re typing later it won’t be visible.

6. Anti Ban

For those of you who are afraid to use the WhatsApp Mod application because it is blocked, from now on that feeling can be removed.

The reason is that if you use the Fouad WhatsApp application you will not get banned easily. Because this application has embedded the Anti Banned feature.

So you can use this application in peace. Especially if you frequently update this application if there is an update, it will be much safer.

7. Changing Appearance

This WhatsApp Mod also provides several theme options and font types that you can use, one of them as you wish. That way the appearance of this application can be according to your wishes.

With this feature, it certainly won’t make you bored with the look of WhatsApp which is just like that. In addition, this application also provides several types of stickers and emojis that can add to your fun in chat.

8. Video Status Of 7 Minutes

For those of you who have a hobby of sharing long videos on stories, it will not be able to be done on the official WhatsApp, instead, the video will be cut off.

But it’s different if you use Fouad WhatsApp. With this application, you can share long video stories, even up to 7 minutes without being cut off.

9. Sending More Images

The next feature that can’t be done on official WhatsApp is sending images in large quantities. But by using this WhatsApp Mod, you can do it, the number of images that can be sent at once in one message is 90 images.

Download Fouad WhatsApp

 fouad whatsapp new version

Fouad Mods is one of the developers who are active in updating their applications. Now the Fouad WhatsApp version is the same as FM WA, which is 8.86. For those of you who are interested in using this WhatsApp Mod application, you can directly download it via the link below that I have provided.

How To Install Fouad WhatsApp

Installing this app is very easy. However, there are a few additional rules, because this is not an official application from the Play Store.

Here you have to give third-party permissions before installing. If you are still confused with the steps, please refer to the following guide.

  • Make sure you have finished downloading this application file.
  • If so, please enter the Settings Menu on the cellphone.
  • Then go to Biometrics and Security.
  • After that select Install Unknown Apps.
  • Later there will be many applications that appear.
  • Please select the My Files application, then enable Allow from this source.
  • After active permissions, the installation process should run smoothly.

Anti Ban Tips With Fouad Whatsapp

You could say that the Fouad WhatsApp 2022 application is one of the best WA Mod applications that is claimed to be anti-banned. Even though there are such statements, you as a user should always be vigilant.

But don’t worry, this application always strives to be safe when used, including to avoid being banned. For a very easy method, you only need to regularly update this application to the latest version. Here are the steps:

  • First, open YoMods on Fouad WhatsApp 2022.
  • Then open updates and select Check for Updates.
  • If you have the latest version of this application, please press the Web Download button.
  • Then download the application that has been provided.
  • After that, you just need to install the application as usual. Finished.
  • When you update this application, you do not need to uninstall the previous application. Just download and install or overwrite old apps with the latest version you have downloaded.

Note: In addition to avoiding being banned, regularly updating is also useful for adding new features embedded by the developer. Thus this application is not out of date.


Fouad WhatsApp is an unofficial WA application, but now it is very popular. The reason is that there are many cool features that are not in the official WA. After reading the reviews above, are you also interested in this application? Download and install the Fouad Whatsapp mod apk today and enjoy the benefits. Stay tuned to the Techrulz site for more informative guides.

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